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11-12-2008, 12:39 PM
Am finding it really hard to do my shopping. Tried to go today as running out of food at home, got a taxi there as I can't walk very well.

Got a taxi back as well as I couldn't carry the bags, but got stuck in a traffic jam and he dropped me a short distance away from home. I found it really difficult to carry the bags and walk at the same time and had to stop about ten times.

Even when I am well, I find it hard to walk and carry things. How do you lot manage or do you drive if you want to buy things?

11-12-2008, 01:08 PM
I don't drive, so lucky to have a hubby or neighbor take me. I have to work myself up to it, tell myself that I will go. I have too, almost boss myself right out the door, or else I would just sit there. I try to eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies to keep good energy, juices too. I drink deluited juice, half-n-half, and eat a banana. In my book about helpful and harmful foods, its what some bicyclist and few runners have to keep going while competeing. Drinking water really does help too, not exactly sure why, but it does help a lot. Been cutting back on caffine and using certain foods and drinks for help. Like an apple can wake you up more than a cup of coffee, they did studies. They give you a boost in the afternoon. Also, this can be hard, keep walking. Even at home, pace back and forth for a little bit if no tredmil. Doc says it keeps oxygen to the muscles and helps with fatigue and the ability to walk when needed in most cases. Although for arms, I haven't found how to gain more strength yet. I do try to do arm lifts with light weights, but very hard.I try to do 10 reps a day, figured better than nothing. Hope you feel better soon. Hopefully next time will go better.

11-12-2008, 01:13 PM
I drive. BUt only when I have that flash of good feeling. If I know Im not too well I opt for the closer more expensive stores. I live atleast 15 mins from the walmarts and other cheaper stores but if I really need something I just have to pay a little bit more. Now going in the store is my problem so sometimes I find a close cart and use it to walk into and around the store. I have alot of pain but I try to walk as fast as I can to get the things that I need because I sometimes will fall when Im up too long but I can tell when its about to happen so as soon as I get that feeling Im headed straight for the registers. Stores that have pharmacies are good because they usually have somewhere to sit just incase you get tired or painful while still in the store. Ive made alot of adjustments when ot comes to going shopping. And when putting bags into the car I try to put the cold stuff inside the car and everything else in the trunk. I can take what needs to go in the house first and either someone else can get the rest or I get the rest later on when I have recovered from my shopping trip. Hope this gives you some ideas. Dont drive when you are not feeling well especially if you have some dizziness its not worth it. Sorry you had to do that walking I would drive whenever its physically possible.

11-12-2008, 02:25 PM
I wasn't planning on walking, just that the traffic was so heavy and we were completely stationery in the taxi.

I can't believe that I am having trouble shopping at my age :( . Should be something that I start talking about in 30 years time :(

11-12-2008, 05:49 PM
Awww Furrydog

K you need a little fold up, wheeled pull along shopping basket. They fold up flat and are not heavy. That would have been perfect for you today with the unexpected walk home.

The ones I've seen have a soft nylon bag over a folding metal frame with two wheels and long rounded handle bar.

I've seen lots around. If you go to google and search by "wheeled shopping cart" you see exactly what I'm talking about. They cost around $30. there's even a little seat on some of them that flips down if you need to sit for a minute.

I know it sucks, but you do what have to do to get by.

11-13-2008, 01:25 PM
I do like Jaideni. I only take up the stairs what is perishable and really needed that day. The rest can sit in the trunk of my car until I feel like carrying them up the stairs.
The hard part for me is taking up the gallons of water, since I use about 6 of these a week. Can't have the Sparkletts delivery because they would have to set the water outside and everything gets stolen where I live. You dare not close a window or you would come home to a ransacked house.

11-13-2008, 03:14 PM
thanks, but don't those shopping trolleys make people look like they are really old?

11-14-2008, 04:58 AM
I dont drive. Okay I can drive but am not allowed to by my docs. I dont have the stamina. HubbyMan does all of the shopping here. If I want to go sometim he will take me. I havent been up to going tho. too much pain and not enuf stamina. The flourescent lights make me ill also so while I would live to be able to get out and go It is not worth the pain and exhaustion afterwards.

It s so hard to use aides to help us especially when we are young. I had to wrap my head around using the mobility scooters at WalMart. It made the difference betwwen being able to go shpping and not. I then had to wrap my head around getting a cane. When I finally did it gave me so much more stability and independence. Now I am needing a wheeled walker. I am working on wrapping my head around that. When I used one at OT I was amazed at how much more stable I felt. 4 points of contact with the ground as opposed to just onewith the cane. I was able to walk about 200 feet before needing to sit down. With he can I can onl do about 45 feet before I need to sit.
I guess what I am saying is I do understand the reluctance. We have to choose. Choose what will make life more manageable as opposed to how will it look, what will people think. I also need a tub bench and atoilet seat raiser.

From all that I have described you probably think I am really old Im not I am only 47 y/o. Before my diagnosis I was very active, running, swimming, walking 3 miles nearly ecvery day. Playing ball with m kids....now so very limited.

I know that this is a mess but my brain skills are not what they used to be.