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11-08-2008, 11:17 PM
It would seem that I have a disease. That I really and truly have something that I need some health aides, mobility aides to function. I cant just keep making things work or not be able to do something because I am not capable on my own. That was hard to take. I had been just making do, accepting the limitations and doing things differently but none of what I was doing was making my life easier. I was thinking that I could get a scooter and go on my merry way pretending that maybe someday this disease will go away. That it wont someday kill me.

Yeah I ave this disease called lupus. It has kicked my butt hard. I cannot shower when my hubby is not home because I am afraid of falling. Many days I cannot walk from here to there. I need help getting my socks and shoes on. Jst a lot of things that make me dependent.

I will be getting a tub bench so that I can get in the shower by myself and not wait for my hubbyman to be home. Probably a toilet seat riser also. Oh and this nifty little thing to help me get my own socks on. Im only 47 years old and Im going to be using things that someone 30 to 40 years old than I am should be using.

I was wanting a scooter. Took me along time to get to an acceptance of needin one. Something I had to wrap my head around. Im not getting a scooter but a walker with wheels. Its called a Rollater. It has a fold down seat and hand brakes. I did feel much more secure and stable when I used one while I was there than I do with my cane. Something about four points of contact rather than just one.

Guess one more thing to wrap my head around.


11-09-2008, 02:22 AM
Hugs NoodleMom

I've had the same reaction. It started with the extened shoe horn. The great long beasty.

Knee brace for walking and driving.

Cloth laundry bag for me to drop down the stairs to the washing machine because I can manage the stairs and the laundry basket.

And the list goes on. I'm 48 but there are times when I look around me and feel like I'm living the life of an 80 yr old.

Who knows what the future holds. Take each day as it comes, cause really there's nothing else you can do about it. :lol:

At least there are these aids available. If they weren't my life would much different.

Even the raised toilet seat is worth it. It really does cut down on the knee pain.

11-09-2008, 08:25 AM
Oh sitc, thanks for replying. I am thankful that there are aides out there to help us. And thankful to those who thought them up. The OT person was very nice and really wants to help make my life easier and me more independent.

I really am thankful for this stuff and not at all in the zone of feeling bad that I need this but more of its there to help me. kwim?

Its snowing here today. Just teensy little flakes that you have to look hard to see but never-the-less still snowing. Grrr. The cold hurts me but my HubbyMan is in so much pain. Knees, wrists, ankles all things that I complain of to him. Tables are turned a bit here today. Trying to remember to be nice :lol: :wink:

So there ya have it


11-09-2008, 09:05 AM
Hi NoodleMom,

I know how you feel. I am quickly getting to the point of needing some form of mobility aid myself. I'm 40. If you could see me, you would never suspect I needed anything. I've always been very active, and physically fit. I still look like I'm in OK shape, even though I'm not. I still refuse to get any help. I won't use a handicap parking permit, even though I know I should get one.

I go to the store, and my joints hurt so badly that I'm miserable by the time I'm finished shopping. There was an elderly lady in front of me the other day. Out of courtesy, the bagger asked her if she needed any help taking her groceries out to her car. She said no. I was hurting badly at that point, and I wondered if they would ask me if I needed help. Of course they wouldn't, I don't look even remotely like someone who needs it. I know they would happily help me if I asked, so should I ask them? I decided no, and white knuckled it like I always do.

I go out, and see my truck, and it looks like it's a mile away out in the parking lot. I think like you, I need to accept the fact that there are items I can use to make my daily activities much easier, and in many cases, safer as well. I guess my problem is my pride. I'm being vain. Just a few short years ago, a bunch of my hiking buddies and myself planned a hike across the Grand Canyon. We get to the trailhead, with this immense abyss in front of us, and we look at each other. We all gave each other a dismissive, shoulder shrugging look, and we just said, this is nothing, just a walk in the park. At the time, for me, it was just a walk in the park. Today, that walk to my truck seemed to be far more difficult than the canyon. I was such an unflappable can-do kind of person. Now I cower in pain and doubt at the smallest of challenges.

I'm glad you decided to talk about this, because it helps me to accept my own situation. I need to just get over it and use the things I need to make my day easier. Pride be damned. Thanks.


11-09-2008, 10:24 AM
We have a parking permit. I use a scooter at Wal-Mart. I have even used a wheelchair. And I have a cane. It took me a long time to get to the point that I could accept the fact that I could use them and that I really needed them.

I keep thinking that I am really not that ill. Not that disabled. That others must be worse off. But the fact that I cannot walk more than 60 feet before I am about to pass out from pain and exertion and lack of stamina using my cane opened my eyes. I cannot even go for a walk with my son. We are stuck at home because I am not allowed to drive anymore.

I am accepting that when I am out away from home that I need these things to be able to be out which I can only tolerate one hour before I need to go home. But accepting that I need aides at home....well I am working on wrapping my head around that.

My life like your Rob has changed drastically. I talk about what used to be my normal function to my new normal. I used to walk at least three miles a day. Swim, play ball, soccer and stuff with my boys, cook my families meals, clean....blah blah blah you know it all. Now I sit and watch, a spectator. On a good day I am responsible to put the veggies in the microwave.

Its not fair, but it is what it is.