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11-07-2008, 04:00 PM
I know with lupus if you are in the sunlight you can develop a rash on your skin.

But what about other problems...

When I was a child I always ended up with a fever and a monster migrane if I spent the day in the sun playing. My mother would always called it sunstroke, because my nose bridge and cheeks would get bright red and my blue eyes would get real light. ( though no butterfly rash I can remember, or at least the photo's i have seen what it should look like, it wasn't raised or have pimples in it, just red and warm to the touch like a sunburn would be.)

She said I was fair skinned and should stay out of the heat, but now I wonder if it wasn't the light instead of the heat. To this day sunlight makes me sick to my stomach and light headed. If I go fishing I go in a wide brimmed hat and if I go to the beach I am good for maybe an hour, two tops before I need to run away or become ill. I can't see how others sit out there so long.

I never really thought of it as a symptom of somethig till recently.

11-07-2008, 05:41 PM
Hi Dave,
What you are describing is sun sensitivity. This is the types of reactions a lot of us with Lupus experience. You don't always have to get a rash from it. When you describe the redness across your nose and your cheeks it is the malar rash. Not all the malar rashes look like the pictures, it depends on the person. I could not tolerate the sun as a child either. It sounds like you do have Lupus. I hope that I have answered your questions here.

Have you seen the Rheumatologist yet?


11-07-2008, 06:39 PM
Hi justdave

Yep that sounds pretty lupusy to me.

I feel like all the energy has been sucked right out of me after only 5 minutes in the sun. Sick to my stomack, rashs on my face achey headache.

So I just don't seek the sun. If I cant avoid it then I cover up with a big ol hat and long but light clothing.

Mostly though I hug the shadows :lol:

11-08-2008, 09:00 AM
Hi Kathy,

I was going by the pictures I could find and this deffinitiion

The malar rash of lupus is red or purplish and mildly scaly. Characteristically, it has the shape of a butterfly and involves the bridge of the nose. Notably, the rash spares the naso-labial folds of the face, which contributes to its characteristic appearance.

I don't remember any purple or that it was scaly, nor do i remember it looking like the shape of a butterfly so much. It was mostly the top of the cheeks and bridge of the nose. (oddly not the bottom of the nose, the widest part)

To this day, when trying to figure out if I have a sunburn I always touch the top of my cheek to see if it is red by pressing my finger against it and pulling away looking for a white spot. because that is the first place it shows.

I have my Rhuemy appointment first thing Monday morning, I am praying for some answers, It has been many long years of symptoms with shrugging shoulders or condesending looks like I was nuts to have this much wrong with me.

You hear that enough you start to wonder if they are right. My wife has no bones about going head to head with a doc, (she is a nurse) and she pushes me out of love, to figure this out. I am grateful for the support, when your tired, sometimes fighting seems too much. I do feel it is finally starting to make sense.