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10-26-2008, 07:45 AM
Ok, here goes. Went to the Jacksonville Air Show yesterday, by the way the Blue Angels were AWESOME!!!! Well I knew the long drive and sitting would cause my fibro to act up. It took about 90 minutes driving there, not bad only little sore. We were there 6 hrs. Got up and walked when I felt stiff, wasn't doing to bad. About half way thru the show, they jets of all sizes were out flying (so wish you could have seen the stunts and the flying up-side down :o ). Well my upper back started hurting a lot as well as upper arms. Thought the low back chair I had was the colprit, so got up to stretch and walk some. They were so close the car alarms in the parking lots were going off, even ear plugs could not suppress the sound. Well by that point my legs started to hurt bad. By the time the Blue Angels were out for the last hour, I thought I was going to cry from the pain. It was intense and pain in every inch of my body, head to finger tips to toes. I have NEVER had pain that severe in my life. The birth of my 3 kids and the shingles a few months back seem not as painful as I remembered. Thought I could go thru that again better than this. Don't know how I walked back to our van. Fought tears on every turn and bump on the way home. So much pain, I thought I'd throw up for sure. Had my pulse to 120, took 4hrs to lower it. I had nothing for pain. Took 2 epson salt baths, that finally eased a lot of the pain. Got up this morning still sick to tummy and headache and low body pain. Lost 3lbs since yesterday morning.

Can the loud sound waves and the booms of the jet engines penetrate to the bones and muscles? I've gone to beach and long rides with fibro before, and never this much pain. Like I said, nothing has ever caused this much pain before. I was so scared I wanted to run to the ER, but couldn't afford it. If this can happen, maybe going again next year might not be a good thing.

Has anyone ever experienced such a thing?

As dumb as this may sound from all I said, it was still worth it. The Air Show was FANTASTIC!!

10-26-2008, 12:15 PM
Hi Cheryl,

In my former career I did alot of work in the area of acoustics. Mostly in the area of firearms and finding better ways to quiet them down, and eliminate the noise for tactical reasons, as well as practical/safety reasons. The main goal was to minimize hearing damage in people who shoot alot, like police and military personnel.

It's a fact that sound waves can, and do penetrate the human body, and not only through your ears. Ultrasound imaging is a common example. The way the sound is calibrated, and amplified affects what it does to the body. Ultrasound is basically benign. There was a project a few years back where an acoustic "weapon" of sorts was considered. It was like a giant bullhorn, and when directed at a person, or group of people, it caused blurred vision, nausea, disorientation, and bone/joint pain. The idea was to use this for crowd control like a riot, or inside a prison. It worked quite well. It would put a person on the ground immediately, yet the physical effects went away rapidly after it was shut down, with no permanent harm to the person. And earplugs made absolutely no difference.

It worked, but it was not practical nor was it economical, so the idea was shelved. When I was in the Army, I was a crew member on an Abrams tank like you see on the news over in Baghdad. An Abrams has a 120mm main gun. In layman terms, it's a huge, deafeningly noisy cannon. In training, we would line our tanks up next to each other for gunnery practice. There were people on the ground behind us observing, grading us, or just hanging out to watch the "fireworks". If those people stood right behind us while we fired, they were fine. If anyone walked out from behind and tried to walk up along the side of the tank, within 2 or 3 shots they would almost immediately get symptoms that mimic motion sickness, and lose their lunch every time. The sound level and the concussion were significantly less, right behind the tank. To either side, it would rattle your bones it was so noisy.

The gun is so loud it can break windows 1/4 mile away. So extremely loud sounds, be they momentary like a cannon, or persistent like a jet engine, can and do affect the human body. Sometimes rapidly, and severely. And earplugs, in many cases make no difference. They will protect the the actual eardrum and various structures of the inner ear, but they do nothing to stop sound from penetrating the body. Look at it this way, wearing earplugs would have no effect on an ultrasound image.

Did the jet engine noise cause your sudden pain and flare? It's possible. Let me put it this way, could we know for sure? No. Is it crazy to even think sound had something to do with it, absolutely not. It is very possible. Lupus, for me, has caused me to be overly sensitized to a bunch of things. Certain sounds make me feel like someone is scratching a chalkboard in my head. I look around me, and nobody else is holding their head cringing. It has to be me. I used to eat the spiciest of spicy food. Mexican, Thai, any of it. Now, even the mildest stuff burns. I can't tolerate hot water. anything over about 85 feels like its scalding hot. It seems Lupus makes many of us hyper-sensitive to everyday things that we used to pay no attention to. Are you doing Ok today? I hope so. Been a couple of rough nights for me. Anyway, hope you have a good Sunday.


PS, The Blue Angels are awesome. Some of the finest pilots I've ever seen. Glad you had fun despite what happened to you.

10-26-2008, 02:10 PM
Thanks Rob. Today I'm just sore everywhere, but tons better than yesterday. The noise and vibrations were so strong. I did feel sick, almost did get sick. Couldn't eat a thing or hardly drink. Today managed a sandwich and some juice, tummy only a little ill feel. Bones still ache, but not as strong. Like I said, have never had so much severe pain all at once. I figured it would be impossible to know for sure, but thanks for all the info. I enjoyed learning what you had written. Funny how immune problems seem to change one so much.

Hope your days get better. Thanks for serving this country, glad you were able to come home. You are very helpful, glad we didn't lose you you over there.

The more I think about it, the more I think I'll go again anyways next year. Yes they are great pilots. Glad they take the time to entertain us so :D . I still have no regrets for the joy of seeing them.

10-26-2008, 07:33 PM
Hi Rob. Thanks, I do feel better after another hot shower. Still no appetite, but I'm sure that will come back soon. Hope you feel better and sleep well.

I didn't mind the technical info, I'm use to it with hubby's work. I love tools too. I get into a debate who's tools are who's. I always tell hubby if we split, the tools are mine :lol: . I have binoculars too, use them too keep an eye out on kids walking around. Some people here let there kids roam no matter what there age. Can't help but keep an eye out on them. I have a chainsaw too, its called "wild thing" and its purple and yellow. Got it at home depot, and that's the brand name. Although these days hubby has to use it. My favorite tool is The "saws all" as my family has always called it, forget what hubby says its really called. It saws everything, metal, wood, etc..... kinda how it got the nickname :lol: .

Well I better go, I got a little carried away talking about tools. Can you tell I'm a tom-boy? No girlie-girl here as my mum says :D . Rest easy, hope tomorrow's a better day.

By the way, how would you handle a severe pain attack? I'm normally a quick thinker, but the pain fogged the brain and took so long to even think of a bath. Maybe some ideas if you have any. I would mention it to doc, but its passed so nothing they can see or do. Thanks for listening :D .

10-26-2008, 07:36 PM
Uh-Oh, where's the post you just had about your tools and binoculars? Wierd :? .

10-26-2008, 08:08 PM
Uh-oh, looks like I accidentally deleted my own comment. Sorry. Grrr. Anyway, I do get into technical "guy stuff" from time to time here. I joke with my neighbor down the road about lawn tractors and who has the coolest, shiniest socket wrench set. It's pretty funny. We do the Tim Allen laugh from time to time. For the record, I do have a much larger collection of Makita cordless drills than him.

Anyway, I hope you are doing OK tonight. I'm having another long sleepless night here. I see my Gp in the AM, hopefully I'll be able to sleep tomorrow night. Can't sleep, and it's getting to me. Have a good night Cheryl.


10-27-2008, 08:21 AM
Hi Rob, how did the appointment go? Well I hope. I don't sleep well either. Doc gave mea med for it and pain, but had to stop. It caused such a stuffy nose I still couldn't sleep :roll: . Then got a new script, but to expensive to fill, annoying. May you get some sleep soon.

Today is much better, almost back to my so-call "normal". I'll take that, tons better. The pain I feel now is dull compared to this weekend. Let us know how it goes today.

10-27-2008, 08:45 AM
Hi Cheryl,

Glad you are feeling better. I haven't gone to the Dr. yet, I see him this afternoon. So, you have your own chainsaw, and you named it too. And your favorite tool is a saws-all. Wow. Do you have a sister by any chance? Seriously, that's pretty cool. Nothing wrong with being a bit of a tomboy.

I bought myself a Husqvarna chainsaw. Runs like a champ. It's funny, over at my Dad's house, he has this fancy gun rack type of cabinet on the wall, it has doors that slide open and it has a fluorescent light that lights up when you open it. It looks like something from a James Bond movie. What's that guys name, Q I think. The fellow who makes all the cool gadgets and guns for 007. Anyway, you open this thing up, and instead of a bunch of high tech weaponry, it has just about every size, shape, and brand of cordless drill ever made hanging in it like a gun collection. It's great. We joke with him about it. Whenever the boss lady sends him on a highly dangerous and secret mission, like drilling holes to hang a picture, he goes to his special cabinet, and chooses the proper weapon. Usually it's the 12.2 volt deluxe Makita I got him last Christmas. Very deadly!

I'll let you know how the Dr. visit goes. Have a great day!


10-27-2008, 06:25 PM
Hi Rob. That's actually the name that came with the chainsaw. Kind of what drew my attention in the first place, that and the bold color. It has lived up to its name, very good tool. Almost all my tools are Ridgid brand. Great power and love the extra cord length they have over the other tools. The cordless tools in that brand I have are long lasting power. I use them the most, makes all tasks and projects easy. I also have a morter saw, had hubby teach me how to use it. Still learning, love the angles it can do. I would so love to see that collection of drills. I would probably be as bad as your dad :lol: . Only thing I love more than my tools are my books. I have over 200 in my collection, dating back to 1912. With day-care I have over 150 books, trying to encourage the kids. I'm a bit obsessed with books :oops: . More so than anything. With the tools, only a little. I do have a hard time not buying a new one when I pass. Keep chanting "no, no, no". The guys get a kick, pick and say can you rub off on my wife :lol: .

Well, I hope the doc gives you a solution for sleep. Hope its goes good for you. May you sleep peacefully tonight :D .

10-28-2008, 04:47 AM
Hi Cheryl,

Saw my Dr. yesterday. My BP is pretty high, and we talked about monitoring it and getting it back down. Got some sleep last night. Still exhausted though. Going back to bed shortly. It's a cold rainy day here, and the ocean is this dark steely grey color. Kinda foggy too. Winter is definitely on it's way.

I thinks it's really cool that you are a book collector. I am too to a certain extent. I have a medium sized collection of books, maybe 50 or so. Mostly they are hard cover and history related. I read alot about WWII, and that's what most of the books are about. I have quite a few books that are biographies, and they are autographed. They are all by various aviation pioneers. I have Chuck Yeagers autograph, Buzz Aldrin, John Glenn, there's a bunch of them. There's something really neat about picking up my Autographed Buzz Aldrin book, knowing that the second man to walk on the moon actually signed it. The only fiction books I own are from a fellow who lives here locally. He lives near my parents in Bangor. He's written a couple of books in his time. Scary stuff. (Can you guess who?)

Anyway, I love books, but my passion for collecting is toy trains. I have a large collection of Lionel stuff dating back to pre WWII to present day. I also collect a brand from Germany called Marklin. I have about 100 locomotives in all shapes and sizes, and I think I have around 400 cars. Almost all have their original boxes. I have a permanent layout to run them on, and a big display case to display my favorites in. I love the nostalgia, and it makes me think of simpler, happier times. The smell of the smoke, and the air horns take me back to my grandfathers house when I was a kid. He always had his Lionel trains ready for us kids to run. I have a "Garden Railroad" that I have yet to setup. It's a large weatherproof set that you can run outdoors, and the engine is an actual live steam engine, fire and all. One of these summers, I'll get it running.

What genre of book do you collect Cheryl? Is there a specific author you stick with? Is the book from 1912 the oldest in the collection? You have over 200. Wow. Very cool, and facinating. Anyway, I'm off to get more sleep. Hope you have a good day. I'll talk to you later.


10-28-2008, 06:12 AM
You have trains, that's so cool. I just love trains, so wish I had the space and money for those. Wish I could see that collection. I used to go to my hubby's old barber, before he retired, just to see his train. He built a shelf up on the wall, about a foot from the ceiling, and ran the track on it. Love watching it go around. love to see what figure or new cart he would collect each month. Always something new to show me each visit. I miss him and his train.

I have been battling high bp myself. Decided to stop meds due to side effects each time. First low pulse (in 40's), then severe dry cough on next first day of taking it. Decided to monitor it and contol it myself since only little high lately. SITC has been giving a few ideas to help. You should read it, some good pointers. Maybe it'll help.

My favorite books are scarey novels, then suspence. I read different kinds though, except romance novels. Not my cup of tea. My 1912 is a book I recovered my mum was throwing in the trash. William Shakespear, single play, cloth cover bound. Most my books are paper back. I have 5 bookshelves. Almost all full, 2 are the kids collection. I have my dad's old books I was given when he died, Louis L'amour- Leather bound. My favorite author's are John Saul and Dean Koontz. I have a lot of them two, and Stephen King as well. I go to flea markets and yard sales. I have Tale of Two Cities, Moby D., and Treasurre Island. Some of my favorites from school. I'm always recieving them as gifts, everyone has learned my 3 favorite gifts: books, plants and music. Took many years to convince I was not the typical girl wanting jewlery and candy :lol: .

Did you go to the docs? I hope your sleeping well today. Have a ggod day. On the note of what this post was on, I still can't believe the pain I had. Almost feels like a dream now, so glad its gone. Cold here too, wet cold. Makes my feet hurt severely. Love that steel gray the ocean turns on cold winter days with storms and fronts. The oceans only a little over an hour away. I can't live far from it, it would depress me. Still my favorite place in the world, being at the seashore and just staring out over it. Check back Later.

10-28-2008, 09:55 AM
I just slept for almost 6 hours strait. It was as satifying as cool water in the desert. That's quite a collection you have! I've read some John Saul, I've read alot of Dean Koontz. "Watchers" is one of my favorites. That "fellow" who lives down the street from my parents, is none other than Stephen King. He's been a family friend for many years. He's a really nice guy, and does so much for the community. I see him at the grocery store from time to time. He's just another regular joe.

I was going to build a shelf around the ceiling for my trains to run on, but I decided to put a small addition on my house to use as a train room. Got a super deal on a pre-fabbed addition last year. A local company makes these things for use as sheds, and guest house/bungalo type buildings. Very affordable. My layout is a work in progress. part of it has houses and trees, and part of it is still bare. Of course, that doesn't stop me from running! So far it has a working crossing with lights, and I have "mainstreet" and the buildings on it lit up as well.

I read the post about natural ways to lower B.P., there's some good ideas there. I guess the most effective thing one can do is to lose some weight. Of course that won't help if you don't have any weight to lose, which I don't. More exercise is something I can do though. I certainly need it, somedays there's no way though. Pain, fatigue, you know what I mean.

I hope you never experience pain like you did at the airshow again. That's scary stuff. Well, I hope you are having a good day today. Gotta run for now. Talk to you later.


10-28-2008, 11:08 AM
A train room, you are so lucky. I bet it will be something to see when your done. Bet its still a sight now though. I'm so glad you slept well. I get the sleep that feels like you blinked and the alarms going off, hate those. Its like I never slept.

Your lucky to live near a writer. To me they're more famous than actors/actresses. Acting is something you learn to do, writing is a gift you were born with. A great mind of imagination to share. Its nice to know he's a regular style man, than those who want to be "known" everywhere. He was the first author I ever read, its how I got hooked on those style books. I loved "watchers" as well, own it. Reading Koontz's book "the face" now. My favorite would have to be "midnight" by Koontz, "comes the blind fury" by Saul, and with King its two: "desperation" and "insomnia". I loved them both, could never decide between the two. Of course I keep what I read, can never bring myself to give them away. Love walking along and seeing the full shelves. People pick and tell me my house will look like a library soon :lol: . I could live with that :D .

With my bp I could stand to loose 20lbs. Since I'm not as outdoorsy as I used to be, it kind of snuck up. Exercsing is hard, I start and some weight goes down. Then pain and sore and just can't do it, the weight sneeks back. I understand all to well how hard it is. I try a little everyday, good for the heart.

Back to the daily grind, bye.

11-10-2008, 01:12 PM
Well I've up dated all my other post, might as well this one too. The pain that I had then has not come back. I've had pain, but nothing similar to that pain. I guess for me sound waves did effect and cause pain. At least it didn't come back. Going to mention to the np on Friday, just to see what she says. Although I do use the epson salt in my baths more now, it so helps.