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10-20-2008, 10:57 AM
Hi Everyone,

I've been away for a while so its lovely to be back on familiar turf!

I've been feeling quite good lately, joints not too bad most of the time and just sporadic bouts of inflammation in thumbs or knees or hips or wherever. (is this how you spell it)

However over the last week I've developed a roughish patch of skin on my cheeks, quite close to the nose. I've drenched my face in creams and even went so far as to use Vaseline (petroleum jelly). All this has been to no avail. Although the rash isn't dreadful it has deteriorated slightly. Is this the malar rash referred to in the books or is this rash something else.

I'm loathe to go to the doc for something that isn't really worrying me but by the same token I'd hate for it to get out of control. Please, if anyone has experience of this, tell me about it.


10-20-2008, 12:08 PM
Hi Colleen...

Hey you...how are you. I am happy to know you have been feeling quite good. The best reasons to be away...

I have the malar...mine looks like a light pink, mild sunburn when not flaring. I can cover it pretty well with make-up.

When I flare, feeling worse than my norm..it gets red, with some dry raised spots. Feels tight when it is at its worse. When I first would get it, I thought it was a cosmetic allergic reaction...it would come and go..one day it never left.

My rash... layout is just like the book. Mine is over the nose...and on my cheeks. Not under the nose, nor in the folds. How and where a sunburn would occur.

But I have seen snaps online that show it on the forehead, chin too..

Rosacea?...It reads... the difference between rosacea and the malar is rosacea involves the areas of the outside of the nostrils and the folds between the nose and the outer part of the lips. The malar does not go into the sides of the nostrils or down the fold between the nose and the outer part of the lips. These areas are always spared and look white in contrast to the red..pink rash of the cheeks and bridge of the nose.

Sometimes the rash is flat, and sometimes it is elevated. It may be in the form of red blotches or may be completely red over the area. The rash may be itchy, especially if it looks more like a rash than a blush.

In the web link forum there is a post that contains links for snaps of skin disease I posted. Graphic, but informative...

Enjoy this day..

10-20-2008, 04:39 PM
Hugsss ColleenT

Great to see ya on the board. Glad you've been feeling good.

I have Rosacea and it can spread like crazy. It will fade off and seem to be gone, just to come back with a very very painful vengance.

What ever it is that's bothering you...best to go see your doc and find out for sure. If you don't it could get much worse. Which is what happened to me.

By the time I got my behind in to see the doctor I was in sooooo much pain it wasn't funny. If it is Rosacea ... it can get extreamly painful. So please go have it looked at. Okie dokie artichocki?

10-21-2008, 01:24 AM
Thanks for the info Oluwa and SITC. I have this annoying little irritation in the crack just around my nostrils too. Didn't even mention it because I thought it would be insignificant....... and it is. The rash i have isn't pink most of the time, more like a flaky rough area that hasn't seen much moituriser.
I'll mention this to my doc next time I visit.

You are both so good about posting and are always out there to support and help others so honestly ,lovingly and kindly. You deserve a HUGE HUG each. Thanks

Have a lovely day day,

10-21-2008, 06:33 AM
Hugging you back...Colleen

SITC is always there for us, loving us all with her humor and support...hugging her too.

Hey, Colleen, regarding the nose crack..maybe try a bit of Neosporin till you get into to see the doctor, preferably a dermatologist if you can.

Enjoy your day too..

10-21-2008, 03:21 PM
Hugs ColleenT

Rosacea is lumpy bumpy boily itchy sore burning hard painful...dry cracked and flakey it is not. You should have your doctor take a peaksee at it and maybe shuffle ya off to a dermatologistTypePerson.

Graps Oluwa is a serious head hug :lol: