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10-19-2008, 10:37 PM
Hi to all,
I have a question that perhaps you can answer. Even though I am a former RN, I still don't know alot about Lupus. I am having problems that I can only describe as my skin feels as if it's too tight for my body. It's a very uncomfortable feeling, and my joints don't have very much mobility. I also have rheumatoid arthritis. I am awaiting SSDI approval and am not working and don't have health insurance. I currently use the Family Health Care Clinics, but have had to wait up to 18 months to see specialists. At this time, they have requested an appointment with UofL rheumatology. It will be sometime next year before I can get in. Are these new symptoms related to the Lupus? I am so overwhelmed and depressed with these diseases, they have severely limited my activity and have almost made me homebound.


10-21-2008, 09:05 PM
Hi Terri...

I was thinking after doing a little research for you...tightening of the skin, causing immobility....maybe related to Scleroderma. It isn't unusual to find other autoimmune diseases with scleroderma patients or vice versa, as in Lupus.

Are you being treated for your depression...or is it the blahs, falling into a hole for a few days, then finding your way out again?

Have you talked to any doctor about your depression....having a chronic illness sets us on a vicious circle of depressed, pain, drugs, side effects can cause depression....lack of sleep.

How is your sleep? Are you managing your pain? Receiving any treatment for either? Sllep does affect our pain greatly, for me the pain leads me down the path of depression. So, for me it is important I get my insomnia under control...I use Lunesta currently.

Changing our lifestyle..careers, or to no career is also very depressing, but there are ways to combat it.

In the Lauri's Lounge forum you will see Stickys..read them to help with home care for Lupus if you are unable to see a doctor soon....

I would love to continue a conversation with you but I am going on vacation tomorrow. When people, friends..you.. are depressed I become very concerned, depression is very real...it hurts inside and out...

Please stick around, talk with the family here...you will find much support in all areas, suggestions to alleviate your symptoms..just conversation how to find a bright spot in your day, to look forward to tomorrow...help you to get out of the hole till you get in to see a doctor.

They helped me get out of my hole about 18 months ago...my very first post. And I've been here, home every since. I never talked to anyone with Lupus before, till I came here...

I still fall in the hole, but I am better equipped to get myself out sooner...

But do talk with someone....here, somewhere...we care, we really do, we understand, we know.....

Hope to read you when I return...November 3rd. Be well, I will ask of Him, Terri.

Head hugs..squuueze.
Sweet Dreams...

10-21-2008, 09:21 PM
Thank you for the info. I too have been worried about scleroderma. I go to the "reduced fee" clinic here, and it is taking forever to see specialists because so many of us are caught between the cracks of "no insurance" and "awaiting SSDI". The doctor I had that was great to me had to stop working because she has MS. :( I guess that is why she would listen to me and understand my pain. I miss her tremendously! I don't sleep, they give me Elavil for depression and sleep. Doesn't work. I stay depressed. I take Ultram for pain, Vicodin if needed. My skin gets so tight that it turns white. I am now having vertigo with falling. Scares the heck out of me, and tonight my son witnessed an episode. I just wish I could keep the symptoms under control. You are right about the cycle of pain and depression. I get depressed because my house is a wreck, try to do things but can't because of the pain, immobility and fatigue. The fatigue is horrible! I could sleep for hours if I could just get the pain to subside.

Hope your vacation is great! Have fun!