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10-12-2008, 09:14 PM
I've had the strangest symptom that will not go away. One swollen foot and leg that is usually (but not always) worse at the end of the day. I've been visiting my rhematologist and nephrologist since January (now October) and still no luck in diagnosing the cause.

Blood clot was ruled out by a doppler scan (x3). CT scan of pelvic region and Xray of my foot showed nothing.

Kidney problems and spilling protein were tested by a biopsy and slight inflammation is being treated with 5mg/day of Diovan and 200mg/day of Cellcept. Blood tests show that my kidney function has improved and the protein spillage is almost nil... but still swollen. Kidney problems has been said to not be a probably cause because the swelling is not in both feet, or both legs.

Blood test show active lupus, but all other symptoms are under control - stiffness, soreness, fatigue, hairloss. 200mg/day of Plaquenil and 20mg/day of Prednisone.

The circumference of swollen leg is 2 inches larger than the other leg at the calf, lower and upper thigh.

I'm out of ideas and am frustrated with 10 months of visiting the doctor with no understanding of what is causing the swelling.

Any ideas? Similar experiences?

10-13-2008, 02:54 AM
Hi nadiboo

YEP! I have an idea. Has your doctor xrayed your knee joints? If you run your hand slowly up your leg to just below your knee do you feel a change in the skin temperature? slightly warmer? Down right warmer? A hot spot?

There are many reasons for swelling. For me, the swelling started in my right foot. Not my leg just my right foot. Then both feet and then both legs from the knee down to the tips of my puffy little toes.

I looked like an octoberfest sausage about to split. I have arthritis in both my feet and in both my knees. I am 48 yrs old. The arthritis hit out of the blue 2 yrs ago.

My doctor was confused because arthritis doesn't usually just "show up" one day. There usually some warning tenderness or an injury.

I woke up one morning swollen out like crazy and could barely walk.

The joints that are affected have a hot spot where the damage is. Your body will send all available fluid to the joint to protected it...hence the swelling. My body was sending soooo much fluid it filled up my legs. Very painful and very difficult to walk.

Some things you can do to help yourself out while your waiting for your doctor to sort you out:

- If you do find a hot spot apply an ice pack for no longer than 10 minutes frequently during the day.

- If it is your knee joint by a sports knee brace (about $15) from your local pharmacy. I prefer a soft (no stiff inserts) sided velcro wrap around brace. I do not wear mine all the time. I wear it when I drive or have to be on my feet for a while, or doing house work.

- Do not sit or stand for to long. Move around every 20 minutes or so. Your joint will stiffen up if you dont give it some gentle movement.

-For the swelling if you can by diabetic compression socks. ($25 at the pharmacy) Dont let anyone suck you in to buying the type you need to be fitted for that can cost up to $200. They do not work very well and are frustraiting to wear.

The socks I'm talking about come up to just below the knee and are thick cotton (look like a fancey gym sock but dressier)

Put those on before you even swing your feet out of bed in the morning.

I am fairly well controlled for my swelling now. It took along time to find the right combination of drugs to help me with this.

I do not know for sure if it is joint issues causing your swelling. There could be other things at play i.e. medication or other conditions.

Hope this helps

Let me know if you find the hot spots.