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10-08-2008, 02:46 PM
Do they help joint pains? have no effect or are they harmful?

I know that they have no role in the disease process and don't affect prognosis and are not a substitute for conventional medications etc.

10-08-2008, 03:09 PM

I would say the rule is if it doesn't hurt, stress your muscles or joints do it...common sense is best.

If you wake up in more pain, too much. If it hurts while doing it, stop...

I believe all doctors condone exercise is some form...

Exercise, especially pilates... yoga builds a strong core, longates muscles...supports joints, can control inflammation, edema...exercise is just wonderful in any form...

I prefer swimming or stretching. We just dusted off our bikes and we have been pedaling every other night....

Exercise doesn't have to be 30 minutes...five minutes, or movement throughout the day is fine..

Movement helps the spirit I believe, helps alleviate stress...

It is just good all around. May seem awful at first but if we start small you will see the difference...and know what is too much.

Massage can prevent the use of pain relievers, muscle relaxers....no pain, no inflammation in the joints the muscle no need for them right.

Acupuncture may help too...

Not all people who have Lupus are on prescribed drugs...some of us, may have it mild, be in remission...but know, remission doesn't mean drug free....

The disease is crazy, no rhyme or reason...it affects everyone different and thus our regime through medicine, conventional or not, exercise or not will be different...

Before I became very ill, before my first back surgery I use to avoid anything in a pill form, doctors. I believed in homeopathic regimes...through foods and vitamins. Now it isn't enough.... I need the modern day written out prescription drugs and surgeries.

I eat healthy, balanced... non processed food..I exercise...seek fulfillment spiritually and dose with capsules and tablets...and toss in a Hershey's Bar Plain and that is my healthy way of living...

I've used massage therapy, acupuncture, mental control to alleviate symptoms....

I wouldn't throw it out either that they don't affect the disease in a good way..again we are individuals...yoga, massage may relieve the stress bringing the disease to a manageable level...ya never know...common sense is the best gauge...

Read about, see what others have used...it may work for you...

Keep looking for your wellness, as I say, in a book, in a friend, in a pill, in religion..it all helps...

10-08-2008, 06:05 PM
Hi Furrydog. Oluwa has given excellent advice again. It is different for everyone. Someone here (wish I could remember who :? ) recommended tai chi over yoga. I am going to give that a try.

A little of any you do does help body and spirit. Somedays I can do 30 min on tredmil or exer. bike, others not at all. Sometimes I swim, or go walking, or dance around, or yard work. Basically whatever I can handle for the day, at least try. I think its what's improving my mood again. Being down in the dumps is physically and emotionally exhausting. Exercise has got me going again, now even smiling sometimes.

Take it slow and pace yourself, they're be good days and bad. Good Luck :D .

10-10-2008, 03:35 PM
Hi Furrydog

When I started with my joint pain. It hit fast and hard. Walking one day, and barely walking with a cane the next.

I spent close to 6 months in agony. One thing I know for sure is if I do not work out every day...my joints seize up.

There's a fine line and only you can find where it is.

For me, I wear tensor knee braces when I work out. They are soft sided wrap around with velcro straps. (one size fits all) nothing fancey.

I do some very simple stretches. I have a reclining stationary bike. For the first month I left it on the easiest setting and only peddled for 10 minutes a day.

I encreased as I was able.

Now I have a treadmill. I do 15 minutes on the tread mill and 15 minutes on the bike on a moderate setting.

I also do tai chi ... it's gentle and moves all the important bits, it's also very calming and is good for your resperatory system.

Easy does it when you begin what ever you choose todo. Your body will let you know pretty quick when you have gone too far :)

10-10-2008, 09:28 PM
Aaahhh!! Your the one who suggested tai chi SITC. That was so bugging me. Hoping to pick up the dvd this weekend.

10-11-2008, 02:33 AM
what sort of massage though. I have tried a few types once, the shiatsu person knelt on my back and I couldn't breathe ( I couldn't tell him I couldn't breathe cos i couldn't talk).

The aromatherapy person just smothered nice smelling oils on and made my skin nice but it didn't help.

So I dunno...

10-11-2008, 03:45 AM
Hi Furrydog

I've tried three typse of massage.

- Swedish (OUCH) not good

- physical therapy (ouch) but it helped my neck and it's covered by my medical

- Aroma Therapy at a health spa. Cost was $75 very gentle and soothing, you need some one to drive you home cause you'll be zonked. I really really really enjoyed this massage. Did I meantion I really enjoyed this massage?

10-11-2008, 11:38 AM
I did the physical therapy thing before I found out about the lupus. SITC is right it helped my neck loosen up a bit, but boy was it a pain!