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01-30-2005, 08:58 AM
Hello all, My name is Jacquie from Canada and I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus with SLE. For years I've had kidney problems and fatigue however no doctor could figure out why. I finally have the diagnosis and am happy to say I'm not a hypocondriac I knew something was always seriously wrong!! However the weird thing I have been struggling with for 10 years since this started is the situation of hives! It's awful, everytime I start exercising, running or any serious movement that breaks a slight sweat I get hives all over my legs. It's very painful and itchy as hecK!!! It's mainly in my legs. As a runner this has always been a serious issue to deal with.
I have found one thing that helps, lots and lots annd lots and lots of drinking water along with electrolytes. I suppose it helps me avoid water retention and dehydration. I have good days of course and have been able to run 3 marathons but only if I am extra careful and over induldge on water. I'm guessing this has something to do with my kidney damage and lupus as it all started at the same time.
Has anyone else had this? It's so frustrating as people think I'm nuts!
Any info!? No doctors seemed to ever have heard of this condition!
Although even after 10 years no doctors even thought of testing for Lupus so I suppose they're not the ones to ask, No better people to ask then similar people like you.... any info? Thank you so much!! JACquie

pink butterflies
01-30-2005, 09:25 AM
hi JacQue,
Lupus in and of itself is still perplexing to most of the best doctors. I would think that if this condition manifests each time you run, and logically it has to do with your auto-immune system, as annoying as it is it's probably Lupus related.........
as far as the running...YOU GO GIRL, that's totally awesome

May I ask your age,
Connie- pink butterflies

01-30-2005, 09:33 AM
Hello, Thank you for your email, I have been doing more research online and found another disorder called Cholinergic urticaria which apparently is common from running, it's a release of toxins out of the pores. SOunds like it but then I have done some research on Google groups and found others with similar symptoms too. I'm just happy to see that I am not the onlyone out there! I have fought with this for 10 years! I had to quit running 10 years ago and only just decided to fight it again started struggling with it 3 years now and it seems I've found something to help it. I'll have to tell the doctors it's something they should know about.

Im 27 years old, however since my last marathon in Dublin I got really bad joint pain in my knees and hips so it looks like I'll have to hold off on the running. I'm scared that it's the lupus giving me arthritis or something. WHich isn't good especially considering my just so young still but the pain makes me feel like an old lady already. Which makes me especially nervous considering having babies - yikes!

Thanks for the support!

03-03-2005, 02:47 AM
yep! It used to happen to me after exercise, esp. if I walked briskly in cold weather. I would get big itchy welts on me. I would have to go home, take a warm bath, and pop a couple of benadryl. I hope you can do the same. Benadryl is dirt-cheap --diphenhydramine--and it can't be topped for staving off allergic reactions. I wouldn't be without it.