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09-29-2008, 08:36 AM
It has been a while since I visited the site however I would like to receive an answer to the new pain I am dealing with. I am taking Plaquenil @ 200mg twice a day, quinacrine @ 50mg once a day, Lyrica @ 75mg 1 to 3 times a day, ambien @ 10mg @ bedtime, Norvasc @ 10mg once a day, Colchicine @ 0.6mg once a day, and Zoloft @ 50mg once a day. Quite a handfull I know, I see my rhume next week however I am getting ready to make a 5 day trip for a funeral and am some what concerned, over the last week I have been feeling mild pain in what I believe is the region where my kidny's are, this morning I woke up around 2:00, I could not sleep, every bone, muscle, and joint in my body hurt, this kind of pain is new to me, after taking some tylenol and then my Lyrica a short time later, most of the pain has subsided, however my kidny areas still hurt pretty bad, could this be from any of the med's that I am taking or is it just the lupus doing its thing on my kidney's? I have also been feeling tired again during this last week which has been better up until then since I started on the quinacrine. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

09-29-2008, 08:52 AM
Hi scubagramplit

What ever the source of your pain and given the medications you are on, hope over to see your doctor ASAP.

I was having abdominal pain for a while and let it slide :oops:

Don't make my mistake; after being tuned from my doctor and an ultra sound and blood work later, turns out I have a cyst on my ovary. Goes to show you, you never know till ya find out lol.

High tail it off to the doctors and let us know how you are doing.

10-06-2008, 01:05 AM
I agree with SITC, get to your doctor ASAP. It could be your medications, it could be dysfunction in your kidneys. In any case, you should see your doctor to find out exactly what is going on!
Let us know how you are & what you find out.

Peace and Blessings

10-06-2008, 07:34 PM
I did start feeling better later that same day, I did call my rhume however they did not respond until after I had left on a trip to Idaho for my grandpa's funeral, all went well, returned yesterday, after working today I do feel a little bit of discomfort on my right side, I will call my rhume back tomorrow and see what they have to say, thanks for the support.

10-07-2008, 01:22 AM
Welcome back scubagramplit

I hope you find your answers soon and it is nothing serious. Keep us posted :)