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09-27-2008, 03:57 PM
Hi my name is Terri, I am 49 years old and I was just diagnoised with Lupus. I suspected this for years because of my on going problems and strong family history but the Dorctors would not agree until my lab work proved it. I am sickened by the thought that I could have recieved treatment before now, hopefully I will get some relief now.

09-27-2008, 04:32 PM
:) Hi Twiggy and welcome

I'm reversed from you....my doctor refuses to acknowledge lupus but she is treating me with plaquenil. I have seen a big improvement in myself so I'm happy for now.

I hope now that you have your diagnosis you can start on the road to feeling better.

What medications have they put you on and what sort of symptoms are you dealing with?

09-27-2008, 04:59 PM
Hi Twiggy,
My name is Kathy. I can very much relate to what you are saying. The Rheumatologist that I see believes that I have had Lupus since that age of 5 years old, yet I did not get diagnosed until I was 36 and darned near died. I am doing ok with the medications that I have been on for the past 14 years. I will be 50 in December. I am serious, it took the doctors years to finally diagnose my Lupus and that was not until it clearly presented itself in my bloodwork. I have had nearly all of the 11 criteria needed for a diagnosis of Lupus long before I finally got diagnosed. I have a large family history of this illness big time. For years the doctors would just tell me that I was stressing and worrying needlessly. They treated me like I was a Hypochondriac big time and it was sickening. I am glad that they finally correctly diagnosed youa nd that you are now on the medication that will help you. Please keep posting. There are a lot of good folks that come in here and a lot of us have gone through very much what you have gone through.


09-27-2008, 05:13 PM
Hello Terri,

Welcome to the site. It's been a real battle for most of us here to get a proper diagnosis. Many people here have yet to be diagnosed, although they know something is wrong, they cannot find a doctor or rheumotologist who will listen. I was diagnosed with SLE back in 2004. It was odd for me because as a guy, lupus is one of the last things I considered. And, doctors told me that only 10-15% of all SLE cases are male. Well, guess what, I'm one of those ten to fifteen percent.

Like you, I'm positive I had lupus long before I was diagnosed. The important thing for you is that now you have an answer, and you can start doing what you need to do to get IT under control. Lupus is indeed a serious disease, but it is also something that can be managed, and many, many people lead fulfilling lives despite it. Managing lupus can require some lifestyle changes, and the treatment can involve various medications. One of the common meds is Plaquenil, which I, and most of the people here take. It's pretty effective stuff, and the side effects are usually minor. Threre are other options which I'm sure your Dr/Rheumo will discuss with you.

You'll find some great people with solid advice here. Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions, or if you just need to talk, there are some great listeners here as well. Once again, Welcome!


09-28-2008, 04:50 AM
I am so glad I found this site there is a lot of support here. As long as my fingers will keep on typing I will be spending a lot of time here. The muscle and joint pain is the worst. I keep working full time because it gives me a reason to get out of bed every morning. Staying awake for eight hours is also a big challenge. I have to plan everything even my housework. I give myself 3 goals everyday sometimes I even meet those goals. Yesterday it was wash the dishes, do a load of laundry and vaccum. I got them all done. Today I am going to a ballgame, I already know that will exhaust me but I love the outdoors.

Thank you for listening. :D

09-28-2008, 07:05 AM
Hey twiggy,

Sounds like you have a good attitude towards pacing yourself.

If your fingers get to be a problem with typing, there are voice programs you can get.

I know rob uses one, he could probably give you some more information on them.

Enjoy the ball game :)

09-28-2008, 07:50 PM
I love all of you already! I feel that I have finally found people who know my struggle. And yes I do have a good attitude, I will work until retirement no matter what it takes. I know the support here is very important but I also know that I need to be strong for my family especially my precious grandaughter Angel, her mom has lupus also. Angel was not supposed to be born but was given to us on Valentines day 3 years ago. One miracle deserves another and I know I can do this. I will pray for each and everyone of you tonight.

P.S. I got to go to a St. Louis Cardinals/CN reds game tonight, Cardinals won 11/4. I am exhausted but I was able to relax and had very little pain.

Sweet dreams, rest peacfull, think positive!

09-29-2008, 01:27 AM
:D Glad you got to the game.

Hubby and I have company coming from germany this week. I took a few days off work so I could take my time cleaning the house.

Hubby has been wonderful with helping me. (I'm shocked) I still have two days to clean and orgainze, but I dont feel rushed.

Congradulations on being a grandmommy.

My mother had lupus and so does my sister. She has two teen age boys now. They are wonderful kids.

She had a long hard struggle for both of them. Children truely are a blessing. They have been her main motivation to keep going no matter what. She's a very strong lady and I admire all 4 ft and 11 inches of her :lol: