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09-26-2008, 01:31 PM
Faith did you get lost when the site went up and down....wondering where you are? Missing you...

I did submit my request for a rebate for Restasis..thanks for the info. $20.00. Mine was $93.00 for one month. I said, 93?..what did my insurance pay...like 400.00.

What if it doesn't work I uttered, she then broke the prescription down in so fashion and charged me $23.00. I use only as needed...seems to lube those potato chips for eyes. But such a bitter drain...

So what's new? Improved? It has been so long since we chatted..how was your summer?


10-06-2008, 07:18 PM
Hi Oluwa,

I know it's expensive; but girlfriend you got a deal. I pay $260, but I reuse them as long as I don't touch my eyes it's okay.

Do you find that it helps? I hope your eyes don't feel like potato chips.

Mmm, what's new? The Shark; it's the cheaper cousin to Willie. I love it. Mopping is painful. It weighs 3lbs and steams the floor.


10-07-2008, 06:32 AM
Hi Faith...

Shark? When it runs do you yell "Shark...shark, it is the pond?" while you point and stagger from shock? Jaws I. Can you use it on hardwood or too wet?

They have so many wonderful gadget outs their to simplify our lives...cool, eh? Wondering will they invent a hardwood floor polisher..that is painful on the joints too. So, I've learned to live with dull floors...

Yep, the Restasis helps bunches. As a whole my eyes are dry all the time, but when they crisp up and my vision gets blurred that is when I lube them.
I did get off cheap on the prescription. There were 30 vials, two weeks worth, two a day. Like you I recap and reuse it need be...or I toss.

Us, in 15 days, vacation time to the UP for the changing of the seasons...red, orange leaves, but I think they have already turned. My father said for two nights it was 20 degrees. Maybe they will still be crisp on the ground to crunch, and throw about...

For Halloween my sister and her family, my husband and I are going to dress up like the Munster Family. I got volunteered to be Lily. I love that holiday, well because of the candy. Actually, just the smell of fall, the colors, the pumpkin carving. It's the best....

Happy Tuesday, Faith.


10-07-2008, 01:28 PM
Hi Oluwa,

Actually, it's yelling "shark, shark" and it crawls from the deep end of the pool onto the patio and slurps my floors. lol. You had me cracking up. You can use it on hardwood floors. You add water and it steams the floor. I got it at Costo ($68.00) and it came with five naps to throw in the washer when your done. Love it. 3lbs and lavender, no bending, twisting, lugging, etc. She is now officially named jeanie; as in Jeanie in the bottle. lol.

I am happy to hear the Restasis works. My eyes get blurry even with the Restasis and Naturale Tears; I just thought it was the norm.

I am envious of the vacation; wow sounds like a lot of fun. I love the Fall; unfortunately here we might have it for 4 weeks at the most. It's 85 today; not bad at all. I love to hear the leaves crunch too. My children rake them and then jump in the middle of the heap.

I haven't even thought about Halloween. Hmm, something to think of soon. My kids love dressing up, and I dressed as Raggedy Ann least year.

Happy Tuesday Oluwa,

Head hugs,

PS-have you had any broken capillary's? Just curious.

10-07-2008, 05:04 PM
Faith, I don't have a Shark...but I do have a Mark! :lol: Hubby does all the floors, bless his hands and knees! Tile, wood, carpet - he's done 'em all ever since I got sick! Lucky me, huh?

I'm a terrible wimp - I just couldn't handle the Restasis. My eyes burned like fire and it just didn't seem to go away. (And, I couldn't get my insurance to pay for it....also not a motivator for taking it!) Interestingly, my eyes (which have been a serious problem for years) have been better in the past six months. No explanation, really. They used to be so dry, the eye doctor would see me every 2 or 3 months to be sure I wasn't getting corneal damage. He put punctal plugs in my tear ducts to keep what moisture I have inside my eye, and eventually cauterized the lower ducts to seal them permanently. I used a ton of drops and goop in them. Now...hardly ever use anything (except my glaucoma drops.) Weird.


10-07-2008, 07:47 PM
Hey Jody,

How are you doing? Awwww, you are soooooo lucky!!!!! What a guy; he's a keeper!!! My hubby helped sometimes before my Jeanie; more especially when I bent down and had vertigo. I love Jeanie the Shark; she takes a bite out of cleaning. lol.

You aren't a wimp by any means. Restasis is not fun; I explained to my husband that it burns and is how it creates tears. I am sorry your insurance didn't pay for it; it's very expensive and my insurance doesn't pay a lot either. Ouch, I am so sorry to hear about the 3 month check-ups for corneal damage. Yikes! What have you changed in the last 6 mos? How did the punctal plugs work? Was it better or worse? It has been suggested; it's just really expensive and I heard they don't stay in. Do you suggest it? I am glad to hear you are doing better with the eyes. Are you also extra sensitive to the sun and light?

It's good talking to you.

Faith 8)

10-08-2008, 06:53 PM
Hi, Faith. Yup - my hubby is a keeper! Nope, the plugs did NOT stay in. I was always losing them. That's why he ended up cauterizing my tear ducts shut. That doesn't always work, either, but it did in my case. They're sealed tight! My upper ducts are not sealed shut, and I still have a plug in one of them...the other fell out and I just haven't had it replaced. Having my tear ducts sealed helped so much...but I still had some trouble with dry eyes. Now, I have very little trouble at all. I haven't changed anything, but I expect my Sjogren's has improved for some reason. My eyes used to be so dry, I could hardly see to drive home at the end of the day. And in the winter, forget it! Once the heat came on I was using eye drops every half hour all day long, and nothing helped. Felt like grit in my eyes all the time (potato chip eyes, like Oluwa says.) I'm just glad I don't have that now. If your eyes are bothering you, you might ask about cauterizing them. It really didn't hurt and it healed very quickly.


10-12-2008, 01:48 PM

$68.00..that is a bargain. I'll have to investigate. I think there is a Costco here...

Gosh, I am so behind on replies...how does it spin so fast...

I too though the blurry was the norm, like a thick gel then a second of sting Faith, but you know, Faith and Jody, I think anything more than a second sting one needs to find something else. I thought it stung because my eyes were irritated. My Auntie used Restasis, burned like you and she was prescribed something else..humm forgot.

Oh, Jody..I had my eyes exam by an Optometrist Saturday..my eye pain is from my glasses are too strong. My vision is getting stronger and not weaker. So, new contacts and glasses are on order. I just bought new glasses in August.

I had her check the prescription if it was an error, but it was filled as written from my last exam....

I also told her of my glaucoma test, where the tech popped my eyeballs like grapes she puff and I didn't bat a lash...

Oh, BTW..you are not a wimp...

Faith...our vacation will be fun. I miss the smells of the UP air, the food...The farm where my Momma grew up, where my Auntie lives. Always smell linen fresh. Authentic saunas....I am half Finnish...10 more days...

Today is an ugly day in the south. The skies drizzle...the leaves are yellow brown. The grass is brown with a fungus in the back.

Tomorrow Green-O yard rescue is on its way. I've never had to call a lawn doctor before but some gunk choking my Magnolias, Crapes and shrubs....Spittle bugs, brown fungus, mold and scale to name...just all happened in these last 6 weeks. All our hard work.

After we treat it will jump to our neighbors on the left as I think it came from our neighbors on the right, after they had landscape service...and then to the next and the next.

It is really cruddy and buggy here...I'm still doing my morning frog rescue from the pool. Two today..

Enjoy the rest of this Sunday you two...

11-13-2008, 04:14 PM
Faith, Faith...Hello..hello...

Where are you...chasing your shark. We bought a Kenmore canister last month. Willie was too much work, tracking it down...Ah, oh...ah, oh...ah, oh..always complaining it was stuck in the drapes.

Lupus has made me lazy or exhausted...I think a bit of both.

How goes life...missing you..


02-03-2009, 09:19 AM

Wondering how you are....

Eat too much Turkey? L-Tryptophan and Turkey coma still?

Ran off to the North Pole with Santa?

Still celebrating the New Year?

Miss you..big hugs.