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Rafat Imtiaz Muqbil
09-24-2008, 10:38 PM
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Greetings from Bangkok, everyone. i am a new member, 52 years old, mother of two children, aged 27 and 22. Diagnosed with discoid lupus for the past 20 years or so. Now losing all my hair. scalp has become really itchy with lesions. hurts/burns constantly, especially after a bath. if anyone is facing a similar problem and would like to offer some advice, it will be gratefully accepted. with love and regards to all fellow sufferers. May a cure for this dreaded disease be found soon, God willing. -- Rafat Muqbil

09-25-2008, 01:21 PM
Hello and welcome Rafat Imtiaz Muqbil

Yes there are others who are suffering from scalp lesions. The long term answer is to go on plaquenil. This drug takes a long time to build up in your system before it will start to work for you. But it will take care of a number of symptoms that affect people with lupus.

Hopefully some one will be along with some short term answers for you. I have not had the lesions, but I do have some hair loss. It's just getting to the point now where it is noticable. I have no answer for that either.

I get mouth lesions, I'm not sure if this is available where you are, but it's called fletcher's liquid sore-mouth medicine. It takes the sting out and heals them up pretty quickly. If I start getting lesions on my head I might be tempted to dab some of this on and see how it does.

What medications are you taking for the lupus?

This is a very friendly and supportive sight. I'm glad you found us. The others, I'm sure will be along soon to welcome you. :)

Rafat Imtiaz Muqbil
09-25-2008, 01:52 PM
hello Sitsinthecorner

many thanks for your kind reply. most appreciated. God Bless.


09-25-2008, 02:45 PM
Hi Rafat..how are you today? I am Oluwa. We haven't met, so, I would like to say welcome to this site. A site filled with friends who care...a special family in cyberspace....

This is what I researched and found..hope this helps. I have SLE so I do not have personal experience...


It reads....
People with DLE tend to be quite sensitive to the sun. They are more likely to get a sunburn, and the sun is likely to worsen their discoid lesions.


Treatment of DLE primarily involves the use of a variety of skin creams. Sunscreens are used for protection. Steroid creams can be applied to decrease inflammation. Occasionally, small amounts of a steroid preparation will be injected with a needle into a specific lesion. Because of their long list of side effects, steroid preparations taken by mouth are avoided. Sometimes, short-term treatment with oral steroids will be used for particularly severe DLE outbreaks. Medications used to treat the infectious disease malaria are often used to treat DLE.

Alternative treatment

Alternative treatments for DLE include eating a healthy diet, low in red meat and dairy products and high in fish containing omega-3 fatty acids. These types of fish include mackerel, sardines, and salmon. Following a healthy diet is thought to decrease inflammation. Dietary supplements believed to be helpful include vitamins B, C, E, and selenium. Vitamin A is also recommended to improve DLE lesions. Constitutional homeopathic treatment can help heal DLE as well as help prevent it developing into SLE.


DLE cannot be prevented. Recommendations to prevent flares of DLE in patients with the disease include avoiding exposure to sun and consistently using sunscreen.

For your hair, if available for you try these, that I have research. I suspect if the protect you hair they will protect your scalp, if not there is always a hat....hugs.

Hair products with listed SPF factors that are designed to penetrate the hair cuticle (like leave in conditioners)nwill serve you well is daily short periods of sun exposure. If you are going to the beach or will be out in the sun for an extended period of time it is best to supplement your sun protection product with a full blown SPF type of product or a product designed specifically for heavy or prolonged sun exposure.

The surface of the hair can grab a leave in conditioning product for an extended period, but it may be best to supplement for added protection. An example of a supplemental product would be the Phytoplage Sun protection oil.
Hair Care Products Designed For Summer Sun

Phytologie's Summer Hair Products were specifically designed to protect against sun, salt and chlorine. They offer several that work in conjunction with each other to give complete sun protection coverage. The Phytoplage Sun protection oil, oil sprays and rehydrating jelly can all be applied to either wet or dry hair as needed for extended or heavy sun exposures.

Listed below are the Phyto Summer Care Product Line for use by both men and women:

PHYTOPLAGE (Sun shampoo for frequent washing) Restores, hydrates and lubricates hair exposed to damaging conditions. Eliminates salt and chlorine. Size: 5.3 fl oz -- Approximate Retail Price: $17.00 USD

PHYTOPLAGE (Sun protection oil) Moisturizes and protects hair from dehydrating effects of sun, salt water and chlorinated water. Smoothes the capillary fiber, gives shine and softness. Apply on dry or wet hair before sunning or swimming in salt water or in chlorinated water. Put a small amount of oil in your hands and spread throughout hair. Size: 3.3 fl oz -- Approximate Retail Price: $19.50 USD

PHYTOPLAGE (Sun protection oil spray) Moisturizes and protects hair from dehydrating effects of sun, salt water and chlorinated water. Smoothes the capillary fiber, gives shine and softness. Apply on dry or wet hair before sunning or swimming in salt water or in chlorinated water. Spray on the hair from a distance of about 8 inches during few seconds. Size: 3.3 fl oz -- Approximate Retail Price: $19.50 USD

PHYTOPLAGE (Sun rehydrating jelly) Rehydrates hair. Protects hair from sun, salt water and chlorinated water. Leaves hair silky, without making hair oily. Apply throughout the hair whenever needed. Will eliminate with brushing. Size: 5.3 fl oz -- Approximate Retail Price: $19.50 USD

Rafat Imtiaz Muqbil
09-25-2008, 03:38 PM
Hello Oluwa. so very nice of you to provide all this wondeful information. many thanks to you, too, and God Bless. i am already beginning to feel better knowing that there so many wonderful people ready and willing to help each other. it is so amazingly uplifting. many thanks to you all. Rafat.