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09-11-2008, 07:23 AM
The good news is that this site is up and running again. Also, the good news is that I went to the Dr. and the results of my biopsy said no skin cancer.

The bad news is that I fell again over the weekend on a concrete step
downstairs on my way to the car Saturday evening. No more going out at night. This is the third fall I have had in two years, plus a car accident. I have aggreviated by neck and shoulder again. This time on the opposite side of my neck, as opposed to my prior neck injuries. Originally, I had whiplash. I was devastated. Took the skin off the palm of my hand and it is taking a long time to heal. I am trying to keep it from getting infected, as it is painful.

Then a couple of days before the fall my foot was stepped on accidently and I had to ice and elevate it for a couple of days, as it just kept booming and booming. Lucky, it was just a bad sprain or stretched ligament. Thank god for ibuprofen.

I have been looking into retirement and found out because I am a widow there is a possibility I might be able to retire a couple of years earlier that I previously thought. This may be a good idea for me. Especially with all the slips and falls, and the aches and pains.

Update on my daughter, since moving to Oceanside. she has found a job in her field. She is an MFT. Her husband had a car accident. He is o.k. His car has been in the auto repair shop for over three weeks. Hopefully, they will have it fixed soon. Kelly fell while walking over a curb she didn't see. I guess she was too busy talking to see it. She says she is ok now. Then she was in Atlanta with her hubby and their rental car was broken into. Luckily, nothing extremely valuable was taken. Unfortunately, with this economy, I think we will see a lot of burglaries and robberies taking place.

The storage units where I live were broken into a couple of weeks ago. My next door neighbor lost $2500 worth of tools and he didn't have insurance to cover their loss. They were his tools-of-his-trade. My unit wasn't broken into and I didn't have anything of value in it anyway.

Well, I wrote a book, and will say bye for now.

09-11-2008, 06:48 PM
Im so sorry that you have had a fall and another injury. I have been falling too.
You , Rob and I should start a Club. :wink:

Im glad to 'see' you again.


09-12-2008, 06:59 AM
We should start a club the object being--no more falls! Because everytime we fall, it takes so much out of us.

09-12-2008, 04:53 PM
I agree. You come up with the name and I'll bring the treats. Rob can just come. We'll put him to work later. :lol: