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08-21-2008, 02:04 PM
So I have been posting about the troubles I have had.. my Guurrr growling post covers a lot. Anyways, today I had another MRI (2nd this week) it was on my neck (c-spine) which the doctor ordered because of an abnormal x-ray. SO basically I have had 2 shoulder MRI's and a C-Spine in the past 5 weeks. I know 2 were abnormal, waiting for today's results but pretty sure this is abnormal as well. But my real problem is I want to ask for one on my lower back. But I am afraid to. First I am not sure which of the oh so many doctors I have seen to ask. Second- I feel like they are going to think I am nuts, even though out of all of the tests this is the only one I am requesting. My lower back is in so much pain. I figure if I tore my shoulder and have a neck injury and never really complained too much- and I am complaining about this back, I am thinking this could be serious. I know it sounds silly to say I am afraid to ask for a test, but I am! I don't even know which darn doctor to ask, I have seen so many. I see my GP tomorrow, I think I am going to ask him but his motto is: "if we stop running so many tests on you, we won't have these problems." So I think he will be against ordering it. But even in the MRI machine I could not lay down without awful pain. And that was with my pain medicine. They have me on perks, now they are trying to reduce the pain meds to Vicodin. But after seeing my MRI and x-ray, it is very clear to them I am in pain. Has anyone else been afraid to request a test or do I need to just get tough?

08-21-2008, 02:26 PM
Hey Jen -
No, you are not the only one....I am ALWAYS afraid to ask for anything...I think it stems from our feelings of "not being believed" which comes from years of having an "invisible illness". THEY made us feel like that....
But, Im learning more and more that the squeaky wheel gets the oil today...Just tell them, "Listen, I know you are looking at my neck and shoulder, but I really think the biggest problem is my lower back...I really need to address that as soon as possible"....maybe?
Maybe others will have better ideas, but we really need to stop letting things go because we are afraid our docs will think badly of us...Youre being prescribed pain meds already, so they wont think youre looking for that (thats half the problem ususally), and they know you are not a complainer, so...I say go for it...

08-22-2008, 04:59 PM
Hey Jenfrombill

I've been at this for almost 2 yrs now. I still donít have diagnoses, I've only been sent for blood tests and eye exams.

Till last week I finally had an ultra sounds cause I've been complaining for over a yr about abdominal pain.

I just keep going back and saying hey guess what ... I still feel like crap.

Keep at them, write down all your aches and pains and symptoms, tell them you want answers....keep at it.

You are your best advocate.