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08-18-2008, 01:05 PM
Hi everyone -
So incredibly happy the site is back up!! Oh boy, I could have used some people who understand around lately. I am currently in a bad flare and the prednisone is not working as fast as it has in the past. I was on 20mg daily - for maintenence - and was trying to taper down to 15mg. Well, I gave it a few days, and not only did it not go well, but I got really worse. I did as the rheumie said to do if that happened (hes on vacation) and went back up to 20mg. Well, that did nothing, and I went into a full flare of sympotms - swelling, pain, really bad fatigue, severe brain fog...All of it!! So, I went to see my GP, and she said we had to up the prednisone (start a taper) to get the flare under control, so Im on 40mg right now and have been for 3 days. Nothing. Not a bit of relief....OMG, you guys, the pain Im in is INSANE!! She did give me Ultram, which worked a little, but all the Nsaids were doing a number on my stomach (she felt my belly and said it appeared my intestines were inflamed).
Sooo, needless to say, the past few weeks have been really tough. Any suggestions on what to do about this flare? Ive stayed out of the sun, tryijng to rest - but the guilt is KILLING ME...I hate this disease so much - I really do....
Sorry to whine - I missed you guys so much - and I hope everyone is doing well!!! Can we do a check in to see how everyone is doing?

Love and prayers to all

08-18-2008, 08:32 PM
Hi Lauri, here too. So sorry you are in so much pain, wish I had words for you. Doesn't it seem when the docs away, the symptoms do play (lol). Hopefully the meds will kick in, sometimes it just takes more time. Seems the worse the flare, the longer meds take. Relax and eat properly and light exercise is what I do. Its worse when we stay still to much, feel better soon my dear :) .

08-19-2008, 11:02 AM
Hey, sorry uoi are in this boat with me. I have been in a minor flare that flared into a major one. Arms, legs, back,shoulders all muscles and joints affected, skin real rashy and itchy. I am trying to get good rest and less stress. We moved a couple of weeks ago to a more accessible house. No more stairs for me. Feelin a bit better in the last day. Stiil hard tho. I can get up and maybe take a shower then down again for awhile. Having some trouble with gettin winded. Now that I dont have to do the stairs Im hoping getting our of this flair will go quicker.

The kids started back to school last week. Seems to be going good so far.

Oh I did discover something that is helping with my IBS. I started to take acidolpholus and Im eating a yogurt w/fiber in it each day. Slowly I am seeing improvement. It is not by any means complete but I do think Im seeing some improvement.

You may remember I had surgery a month ago. Thought that all my issues would be done. NOT I started it today. I thought that I wouldnt get it or at least it would be lighter. NOT Told HubbyMan he can go ahead and pick me up some tampons this afternoon.

So anyway a bit about me......come on ya'll fill us in. :)