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08-06-2008, 09:47 AM

My wife has been diagnosed with SLE. She is on Plaquenil, Prednisone and Imuran. She is actually doing great right now, thank God. I was wondering, while her WBC and Platelets have normalized I have seen changes in her RBC and wbc components? Everything seems much better, but there are some things out of range?

While the medications are helping most things, could it be causing the other values to go out of range? Is there other causes I should be worried about with these numbers?

Thanks in advance for any comments!!!

Currently her CBC is?

WBC 6.4 Range 4.8-10.8
Granulocytes 91.8 Range 42.2-75.2
Lymhocytes 7.2 Range 20.5-51.1
Monocytes 1.0 Range 1.7-9.3
RBC 3.86 Range 4.2-5.4
Hemoglobin 12.7 Range 12-16
Hematocrit 38.1 Range 37-47
MCV 98.8 Range 81-99
MCH 32.9 Range 27-31
MCHC 33.3 Range 33-37
RDW 15.4 Range 11.5-14.5
Platelet 247 Range 130-400
MPV 7.4 Range 7.4-10.4
ESR 6 Range 0-20
CRP 0 Range 0-15

Antibody Tests

ANA always at 1280
C3 and C4 always low
RNP Sometimes Positive
SSA SSB Positive
Rhuematoid Factor Positive
DSDNA Normal 2.7
Anti-SM Normal

Color Yellow
U-Bilirubin *1+
Character Cloudy
U-Urobilinogen 0.2 E.U./dL
U-Ketone *1+
U-Glucose Negative
U-Protein *2+
U-Occult Blood Negative
U-PH 8.5
U-Nitrate Negative
U-Leukocytes Negative
U-Spec Gravity 1.02