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07-30-2008, 02:26 PM
Hi everyone,
Im going to tryto put this together but please bear with me as Im not doing to well these days. I am in another flare. Not as bad as last winter but enuf to cause problems. I am seeing a doc tomrrow who ca hopefully refer to the lupus clonicnin Indy. I undersand that there is one.
im afeeling so exhausted. I am having trouble keeping my eyes open so if the tpye is off thets the reason. I got hurt the other day and am tryinhg to heal from that. Saw a chiro today. Stress in my house has been astronomical
gotta kid just feel off his bike.


07-30-2008, 02:35 PM
Im sorry Kasey!! That really stinks (and thats not the word I wanted to use). Oh...so tough with children. Are there any good neighborhood girs around who could be like a "mothers helper"? Maybe watch a movie with the kids while you got a little rest in the afternoon?
Im sorry, I know you having trouble writing, but what is lupus clonicin Indy? If you cant reply, thats fine...Im just curious...
Until then, please take care. Can your doc put you on a pack of prednisone to try and get the flare under control? This may help make your flare at least managable.
Keep us posted when you can, honey, and hang in there...it will get better!!
Love Lauri

07-30-2008, 04:58 PM
Dear NoodleMom:

When I read your blurb ( hope I am using the right word) I realized, more than ever, that I am not alone in the stress department. I am sorry that you are having so much stress. Hang in there! I am trying to hang in there with the stresses I have. Take care. I hope you have more of a support system in place than I do.


07-30-2008, 05:58 PM
thanks girls.

Oh LOL!! That was supposed to be Lupus Clinic in Indy (Indianapolis)
Thought I was speaking a foreign language huh?


edited to add: HubbyMan is home . He doesnt start teaching until Sept so I get to nap anytime I need too.

07-31-2008, 06:19 AM
I dunno Kasey, I think a lupus clonocin might be helpful... :wink:

So sorry to hear you're not doing well at the moment, if you can take Lauri's suggestion and find a 'helper' to get the kids occupied and wtched for a half day (or heck, for a week if you can ship 'em to a camp or a grandparent, or a loving aunt in the next state....) do so.

We're all sending loving gentle hugs - and have hope that the clonocin/Clinic is in your future as well.


07-31-2008, 12:55 PM
I went to the new doctor today. They are changing my arthrotec to mobic/mobioc/ Moby Dick and changing my previcid to protonix and talked of adding methotrexate.

The most interesting thing is that while I had noticed that I had a cough I didnt think to much of it because I always cough due to smoking(I know :( ). Right lung very weezy,
pneumonia. Got an antibiotic.

I am being referred to a rheumy in town also. This doc is very good, she didnt talk down to me or not believe me(something I was a bit anxious about after hearing some of the others stories of Docs from H*ll) Its hard to change docs but seems so far so good. I go back in 3 months for blood work (diabetes)

I came home and took like a 2-3 hour nap. Still tired, but Im thinkin once we are moved and the antibiotic kicks in I should maybe start to feel better.

We pick up the truck tomorrow and are keeping it thru sunday. We have help coming sunday to get the big stuff, fridge, washer, dryer, piano stuff like that. We will get all the smaller stuff ourselves. HubbyMan and kids have been very vigilant in not letting me do anything. Hope everything gets there in one piece.

Having an ilness like lupus that so severely limits you is very humbling.

Hatlady~ a clonocin sounds good just about now. Wanna join me?
When I came onto wearelupus today and saw this post....too funny how words get so messed up. I surprised that the post police didnt get me for typing under the influence. LOL!!


08-02-2008, 12:05 PM
All moved in? How did it go? How are you feeling?


08-02-2008, 04:25 PM
Holy smokes NoodleMom

wow...I don't even know where to begin nagging you! LOL so I wont. HUGS

You BEST start taking care of yourself. Stressed out, flaring, sick with pneumonia and MOVING. Sweet mother macKurdy.

Thank goodness the hubbyman is home. You get lots of rest when ever you feel need it. With pneumonia you have to have a careful blend of moving around and resting when you need to. If you lay around too much the fluid builds up in your lungs. If you move around to much and dont rest when you need to...you stress your heart.

Nag nag naggity nag.

Waggin my finger at ya and hugging your head off.

One more thing....watch out for the side affects of the medication they gave you. This is important....you should start feeling better NOT worse. If you start feeling worst get your A ss in to the doctor right away and get something else.

When I had pneumonia 10 yrs ago, it was at christmas time...I spend christmas eve at emerg cause I put off complaining that the medication they gave me seemed to be making me worse.

Temp was 105, vomitting, diahrea, I was a mess and it was all the medication. Not sure of the spelling but it sounded like Areathromiacin.

I had a bad reaction to it, as soon as they took me off it WOW I started feeling much much better...so just keep in mind you are supposed to start feeling better, not worse.

Gawd I'm gabby lol

K shuttN up now :lol: