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07-29-2008, 11:55 AM
i recently had bloodwork done because i had gotten sick with a fever and rash for about a week went to the doctor and platelets were low about 80 ana pos. and then a week later went to the ruematologyst more blood work platelets went back up and ana still pos. but the anti dna was pos. a 12 the doc said he cant say i have lupus but he can't say i don't i have to go back and 3 month for more blds. but if your anti dna is pos isn't that a sure pos. for lupus?i'm scared i look back and now can make sence of it all hair loss,joint pain in my left wrist and knees,rashes. i know i have this disease,but can someone help me understand the pos. anti dna?thanks!kristen

07-29-2008, 01:28 PM
Hi BabyKrisyAnn...

I had the anti-DNA ds...(ds - double strand) Mine was a 144.

This is the range the lab used for my results....
* Negative: 0-99 units/mL
* Equivocal: 100-120 units/mL
* Positive: > 120 units/mL

It reads....Antibodies to DNA, either single- or double-stranded, are found primarily in systemic lupus erythematosus, and are important, but not necessary or sufficient for diagnosing that condition. Such antibodies are present in 80% to 90% of SLE cases. They are also present in smaller fractions of patients with other rheumatic disorders, and in chronic active hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis, and biliary cirrhosis.

In order for a diagnose you would need 4 of the 11 ACR criteria...not all at once. The symptoms can be accumulative, over years. If you are not aware of the criteria, I can post it for you...let me know...

Even if you don't have a "diagnose" are they treating your symptoms? Medications of any sort?

Make a list of all your symptoms, when they occurred, dates estimated intensity, possible related..like to the sun, foods and etc. And bring this to your next doctor appointment. Is the appointment with a Rheumatologist? Internist?

Don't be scared...it is okay to be concerned, but don't let the thought consume you.

Go the forum Lauri's Lounge...check out the "Sticky"'s and learn how to start caring for yourself with or without a diagnose. How to recognize flares and how to minimize their impact or how to avoid one...

Keep looking for your wellness, KrisyAnn...hugs,

07-29-2008, 03:09 PM
about 6 years ago i started gaining weight,feeling very tired all the time so i went to the dr. and said test me for anything that would make me feel like this. they tried talking me into depression meds i sain no way so they tested me for heps. aids,diabetes,thyrois,ect.my ana came back pos. said i might have lupus. sent me to a reumy and he said i just needed exercise.four years later i noticed my joints hurt mostly my knees,and wrist hair falling out periodicaly. went to reumy he ordered blds and i never went through with it. now since i got sick with the fever and rash for almost a week and with the platlets low they tested me for mono,heps,strep thyroid all these things and said i may have lupus once again. went to the reumy and did lots of blds all came back great except for the dna (ds) antibody being a 12 i guess 10 and over is a pos. so now i have to have another set of blds this month (3 months)i just thought that if your pos. for this dna test it pretty much means your pos. if i was neg, on all these other tests this means i pretty much have lupus right? kristen

07-29-2008, 03:15 PM
oh and no i am not being treated for anything right now. my symptoms are very minor (thank god)at this time i have joint pain(minor)in my left wrist,and my hair is falling out like crazy at this point of corse my family and friends tell me oh it's normal your hair is shedding.

07-29-2008, 03:30 PM
Krisy Ann,

You could very well have Lupus, but more than likely they are not diagnosing you is because you do not meet the ACR criteria which is their guideline before making a permanent record of a diagnose.

From the American College of Rheumatology (ACR)...Four out of eleven is needed. Not all symptoms occur at once...and spread out over years, so maintaining a journal will be helpful.

Malar Rash ...Rash over the cheeks

Discoid Rash ....Red raised patches

Photosensitivity ....Reaction to sunlight, resulting in the development of or increase in skin rash

Oral Ulcers ...Ulcers in the nose or mouth, usually painless

Arthritis ...Nonerosive arthritis involving two or more peripheral joints (arthritis in which the bones around the joints do not become destroyed)

Serositis ...Pleuritis or pericarditis (inflammation of the lining of the lung or heart)

Renal Disorder ....Excessive protein in the urine (greater than 0.5 gm/day or 3+ on test sticks) and/or cellular casts (abnormal elements the urine, derived from red and/or white cells and/or kidney tubule cells)

Neurologic Disorder ....Seizures (convulsions) and/or psychosis in the absence of drugs or metabolic disturbances which are known to cause such effects

Hematologic Disorder.....Hemolytic anemia or leukopenia (white blood count below 4,000 cells per cubic millimeter) or lymphopenia (less than 1,500 lymphocytes per cubic millimeter) or thrombocytopenia (less than 100,000 platelets per cubic millimeter). The leukopenia and lymphopenia must be detected on two or more occasions. The thrombocytopenia must be detected in the absence of drugs known to induce it.

Antinuclear Antibody ....Positive test for antinuclear antibodies (ANA) in the absence of drugs known to induce it.

Immunologic Disorder ....Positive anti-double stranded anti-DNA test, positive anti-Sm test, positive antiphospholipid antibody such as anticardiolipin, or false positive syphilis test (VDRL).

Lupus is a great mimicker of other diseases, so they should rule out others before diagnosing, which they seem they are doing...but you haven't meet the criteria from what you have posted... I would assume, why no diagnose.

We can have symptoms..symptoms differ from the criteria listed above..as we get many different aches, woes, pains, rashes are not in the criteria, but from the criteria if that makes sense. The symptoms is what indicates what criteria we fit into...like what happens when we get a reaction from the sun, photosensitivity and etc....body rashes, dizziness, weak...

I know a diagnose gives us a piece of mind...but I would be more concern with if they are treating your symptoms if you do have Lupus. Are you still symptomatic? They can treat you without a diagnose for Lupus.

I can not give you the answer you so want. Unfortunately it can take years to get a "diagnose" because it can take a while for Lupus to completely reveal itself. It maybe Incomplete Lupus...

A positive Anti-ds DNA is only one part of the puzzle..one of four. Without the other three more than likely they will not give you the diagnose...but again, they can treat your symptoms as though you do...

Hope this helps you to understand...having Lupus, trying to get a diagnose can be a long, drawn out journey that is frustrating.

Read about Lupus, either through books, online...learn all you can, so you can be your own advocate for your health care.

Did you go to the Stickys?

Keep looking...it will come, your wellness...

07-30-2008, 09:41 PM
thank you so much for helping me understand i feel so much better. i know now this all makes sense. i know i have three out of four.......pos. ana,pos anti dna,and joint pain in mostly wrist and knees the fourth i thought may be rashes on my scalp that would make my hair fall out,but maybe i was mistaken.as much as i don't want this disease i just want to be told i have it so i can move on.i did ask god if i do have this disease please let it be minor.my aunt has it she was diagnosed through a biopsy of a rash. i pray for her too and all that are living with this or any disease. i'm just thankfull for my health today so i can live for my family!thank you so much for making thing clear i was so depressed these past few weeks. thinking about the next bloodwork,my hair falling out (alot)it was so bad i cut it to above my shoulders when it was to the middle of my back.but now i can just relax and take notes! thanks!

07-31-2008, 09:26 AM
I too have positive ds dna. Every time I go, it increases. My last test results were 455. CCF is <30 = Negative, 30 - 74 is equivocal and >74 = positive. I also have blood and protein in my urine (however, not large quantities). From everything that I have read, ds dna can signify kidney involvement. So my doctor and I wait.
I am on 400mg Plaquinol, 900 mg Neurontin, Prilosec, 100 IU Vitamin D, lots of Advil in am, Darvoset in pm and still trying to get BP stabalized. Currently I am on 320 mg Diovan with 12.5HCT. It seems to me that everytime I go to the doctor's, I get a new prescription. Oh, I also work full time and then some.
My point is do not be afraid, chances are that the doctor will be monitoring you and will catch anything that comes next. I go to several doctors every three months and have constant bloodwork. I have faith in them to catch it before it gets out of hand.