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07-25-2008, 05:59 PM
I'm not exactly sure where to start! A couple of years ago I started having numbness and stiffness in my fingers, followed by chest pain. Sometimes it is dull, sometimes sharp. It can last for months, then go away for months. I have been to the doctors numerous time, only for them to tell me there is nothing wrong. They do x-rays and once an ecg??? (not sure if this is what is actually called) and can't find anything wrong. I have had periods when I will loss patches of hair, (bigger than a quater) then it grows back, and the doctors don't know what causes it. I get rashes on my hands, kind of scally! My finger and wrists are sore almost all the time. My hands are starting to look like an old womans hands, I'm 29. I do feel tired alot, but haven't got the time to rest, (i have 3 kids), so I push through it all day. Then at night it is usually hard to sleep. I have been doing some research myself, and have seen the lupus sites, and see alot of my symtoms. I am really scared. What do you think? What can I expect if I do have lupus. I mean I know it can be life threatening. If I have had it for years without treatment, what can happen! Please help me, I'm so scared and don't have anyone to confide in.

07-25-2008, 09:04 PM
Hi Travrush...

First, take a deep breath..Hugs...you now have a place where you can confide into someone, me...and the rest of my family here.

Your symptoms could be a myriad of things. Lupus is a great mimicker of many diseases and all of them have to ruled out or ruled in....

You do have symptoms that I have had, as well as others have had...

I would schedule an appointment with your primary. Tell him what you suspect. Request the following test...
1. ANA,FANA (Fluorescent)-Anti-Nuclear Antibody
2. Anti-DNA
3. anti-Sm antibody-_Antibody to the Smith antigen
4. anti RNP-Antibody to the Ribonucleoprotein
5. anti-Ro,(=anti-SSA(=anti-Ro))
6. anti-La,(=anti-SSB)
7. Complement,CH50,C3,C4
8. aCL, aPL, lupus anticoagulant
9. BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)
10. Urinary protein, proteinuria, albuminuria
11. Platelets- blood cells that aid in clotting.

He may refer you to a Rheumatologist depending on the results of you tests.

Make a list of all your symptoms over the years to...leave out nothing. Obtain copies of your other test results and records from past doctors to have at your appointment.

Have you been treated for the hair loss, joint pain or rashes? If so, bring that information to your appointment too.

Know many of us had Lupus for years without treatment as it is hard to diagnose and like you, they couldn't find anything, or diagnose it as something else.

It is a hard disease to pinpoint...

Know they should be able to treat your symptoms regardless of a Lupus diagnose. He should be able to prescribe topical creams, anti-inflammatories, pain relievers and etc....

Don't worry, lets just get you in the right direction in seeking care for your symptoms first, okay...

Monday call and make an appointment...gather you medical info, do the best you can....just having a list of your symptoms should be sufficient enough.

Tomorrow is Saturday, enjoy the day...Sunday too..try not to stress, or push yourself so hard. Just have a great weekend with your three children. Monday will come soon enough.

Hugs...relax...read, but don't panic. Just absorb the info as knowledge to know. Read the sticky in Lauri's Lounge, about Home Care and etc. It is really basic care that everyone sick or not should follow.

Worry not...hugs and welcome..

07-26-2008, 01:24 AM
Hi Travrush,
Welcome to the site. Oluwa has given you good advice. My name is Kathy and I have had Lupus for most of my life. This is a great site.