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07-24-2008, 04:53 PM
Does anyone have any problems with their esophagus?

I was reading one source that said it could be a more uncommon symptom of lupus.

I often get what feels like maybe indigestion, it feels like my food is stuck in my esophagus. Twice in the past month or two it has led me to vomit.

I asked my primary about it (it was actually the nurse practioner that I saw for a work physical) but she just said we'll keep an eye on it.

07-24-2008, 05:05 PM
Hi Jax812,
I'm sorry to hear that.

I have had reflux that is lupus related. I have also heard that difficulty swallowing is also part of lupus. Hopefully someone with more experience with this will be along soon to provide more answers.


07-24-2008, 06:09 PM
Hi Jax..

Yes, I have Gerdie...Gastric esophagus Reflux Disease...GERD.

My food used to get stuck. In short...Went to the ER I thought I was having a heart attack but my food was getting stuck. It happened often, but this one day it never moved. Early heart disease runs in my family..I was patched with Nitroglycerin, treadmill test, the whole ear ball of wax and the next morning it was determined it was a food ball and it was still lodged.

My advice, ask for a referral to a Gastro.

I had H.Pylori, dysphagia or difficulty swallowing, and still have gastritis...and was on and I still am Protonix, acid pump inhibitor for almost two years now.

Because my swallow, my esophagus and stomach were not in sync could also have been the cause. When we swallow it triggers a sequence of events in our digestion, mine was off because my food was sitting in my stomach, even 12 hours after I ate...burp. I now also dose with a medicine just prior to eating to empty my stomach faster, causing more contractions as I didn't pass the emptying test after eating a scrabbled egg with nuclear medicine in it..

I was also prescribe Miralax, once a day in the AM after my Upper GI to keep my intestines moving...they have gotten lazy waiting for food to come down....

While I was having my Upper Endoscopy the Gastro dilated my esophagus, it was a small opening..my food no longer gets stuck.

I don't know how common or common it is, but it does happen, and to many of us here. Follow the link... http://www.balf.org/OnlineLibraryHome/Gastrointestinal%20(GI)%20Involvement/079b.pdf (copy and paste)
and http://www.sma.org.sg/smj/4208/4208cr2.pdf and http://www.lupuswa.com.au/aboutLupus/gastroIntestinal.html

Me, I don't understand the phrase doctors use..we'll keep an eye on it...huh. I would say to that, I would like a Gastro to keep an eye on it.

I went through months of chest, back and neck pain because of my stomach, the inflammation radiates. Then constipation to diarrhea, vomiting...I wouldn't want to see you have to wait till that happens...as I complained at first to my Primary.

I told my RheumBA the pain radiating, lovely blank stare was my reply. I had seen my Primary again and ask why isn't the Protonix working and about the pain being so horrendous, in my chest and back...off to Gastro I went.

I am so thankful for my Gastro...he took so much of my pain and grief away...

Also, with GERD you don't always get the traditional heartburn...

Chew you food smaller...drink with each bite, no eating before bed...a few suggestion till you see a Gastro...

Be well,

07-26-2008, 08:09 PM
just got a appt. with gastrointestinal dr. for next month. Have trouble with stomach and intestinal, plus have trouble with swallowing sometimes. Won't eat out cause of it. I live on laxatives or nothing moves. Had upper gi and lower scope, showed inflamation in my stomach, did biopsy to see if it was cancerous, was neg. Now will see what to do about all the middle of next month ,hopefully, should probably do the same. Talk till someone listens. Bunker!

08-07-2008, 04:23 PM
I get choked pretty easy and have to be careful when I'm eating and drinking. I can't swallow any huge tablet on a bet. Some of those vitamin/minerals are beyond my ability to swallow.