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07-21-2008, 02:50 PM
Ok...I'm goign to try to post this for a second time...the first one disappeared. Can anyone tell me about shingles? I have read the info online and it says folks with shingles should stay away from those with weakened autoimmune systems...does that include lupus? I have lupus so does that make it more likely we will get them. I don't know that I have them but I know something is wrong. Yesterday I had an area above my left shoulder radiating up my neck that was extremely sore to touch....it felt like a sunburn. Today it is a much larger area. It runs from my breastbone to my spine around the left side and from the top of my shoulder to my hairline. There are no rashes or blisters but it sure does hurt to touch my skin. I have had a cold can of soda on it for most of the day as that makes it feel better. Does anyone have any experience with this or any insight on the matter.

07-22-2008, 04:20 AM
Heartlady, that's the same area I had shingles. I was on an immune-suppressant drug called Imuran which allowed the virus to become active. I would see your doctor immediately, because if it's shingles, the sooner you are treated the better. It responds very well to medication, generally. I was able to see the shingles 'sores' develop pretty quickly, but initially it was just very, very tender. I'm guessing the experience is a bit different for everyone. I hope you can get into your doc quickly - let us know how you're doing.


07-22-2008, 08:42 AM
Hi HeartLady, just got over shingles myself. Go to doc as soon as you can. Especially if there are welts or rash, they can start you on Valtrex if caught soon enough. It ony attacks on one side, never both at same time. Mine was lower waist line area on the right. I thought I had a pinched nerve in my back and slept on it wrong. Then it got numb feeling and painful and went around to front. Then started itching, next day a few welts on tummy and back. Not many though, but went in and told shingles and started meds. Took a week for the most pain and numbness to back down. If I rubbed or scratched skin (DON"T SCRATCH!! OUCH!!), it felt like you do when you do through a thin shirt.

It can be a contagious, but to those who have never had chicken pox. You can only get it if you had chicken pox before as a child (or adult). Doc said it pretty much like getting chicken pox again, but worse. You don't get the whole body rash, its in your nerves instead. You have itch and pain, but feels under the skin. I got lucky and didn't get much of the rash. Its more common in kids and people over 50. I'm 34, so not sure why. Could be do to immune problem for me. Unfotunately once you get it, you may get it more often. Sometimes never again, real fun huh :lol: . Go to docs and get checked out. If you wait to long, then you can't have meds. They won't work.

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