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07-21-2008, 10:57 AM
I'm currently taking loratab 10's and diuludad for pain but they don't really work anymore. I was wondering if anyone could suggest something better. I go and get my cytoxan on Wed and would like to have something in mind to ask for...

07-21-2008, 11:19 AM
HI Rere..

Do you think you are developing an intolerance? Those are some pretty strong drugs. They are both opiates used to treat moderate to severe pain.

There are other pain relievers..

I've tried them all..including morphine.

How is your sleep? Sometimes sleep interruptions, insomnia contribute to our pain..I know for me lack or little sleep affects my pain tremendously.

Me I take Darvocet when it becomes intolerable...but I am seriously thinking of steroids, low dose...to control my joint pain. Are you on steroids?

Be well,

07-21-2008, 01:07 PM
Hi Rere -
I dont take any narcotics at all for my pain, as prednisone works wonders. Also, prednisone works on the cause of the pain - the inflammation - where as opiates just interupt pain signals to the brain.
As Oluwa said, both of those meds are pretty strong. In fact, Dilaudid is one of the strongest opiates on the market. The only ones stronger are oxycontin and morphine, and Fentanyl. Lortab is about the same as Vicodin and percocet, but Lortab 10 are much stronger. Darvocet and Ultram are the weakest, and actually are sometimes not even considered full opiates (particularly Ultram - its non-narcotic).
I was on every single pain med that is available for three years. I became not only tolerant (in the end, NOTHING would work for me), but also addicted. Im not saying this will happen to you, or anyone else, but please be very careful.
If both the Lortab and the Dialudid arent working, your best bet would be a Fentalnyl patch. They last 72 hours at a time, so you dont have to keep taking pills. They are a skin patch, and the medicine is absorbed through the skin gradually, over a period of three days. You are never getting a BIG dose of meds, which is good (leads to intolerance and addiction). They have different strengths - 25, 50 75 and 100. They are a good choice for chronic pain, but are very strong.
As a recovering pain medication addict, I have to tell you that as your brain becomes more tolerant to the pain meds, the more it loses its ability to fight off pain naturally. Its a complex chemical process. I am in more pain today than I ever was back then (on pain meds) and I control it much better with steroids (which stop the CAUSE of the pain) and anti-inflammatories.
Please know that I know there are MANY people who can take pain medication in safety, and I have nothing against pain meds. I just know, first hand, what a slippery slope they can cause, and I feel its my responsibility as someone who sees it everyday to inform others who may not know. Some docs are so irresponsible with prescribing them, they dont inform their patients of the very serious dangers/consequences. My doctor basically just wanted to "shut me up" - he didnt want to listen to me complain of the pain anymore, so he just kept giving me different pain meds to try....Hello, detox...lol
Anyway - there are only a couple stronger than what you are on. Maybe some prednisone with the dialudid will do it. Good luck, and again, I am not passing judgement in any way at all - just letting you know what i know. Let us know how you make out!!
Love Lauri

07-30-2008, 06:06 AM
Yes - I know those would typically be strong meds but I have a very high tolerance to pain as well as to the meds. I've been on steroids from day one and am now on 60 mg and will taper back down. I also have to continue my cytoxan every month now......
I started taking demarol (spelling??) and it is helping.

08-02-2008, 10:51 AM
Hey Rere -
Im sorry I missed your post this week. Yes, Demerol is a good pain med (oohh, used to be one of my favorites!) and Im glad that is working for you. I also had a very high tolerance of pain meds. Doctors were amazed at how much my body could withstand. For me, that became part of the problem as I would need more to get relief, but I didnt realize my body couldnt handle anymore. This contributed to my going into liver failure (from too many Vicodin - the Tylenol is deadly to the liver). Again, this is what happened to me - Im in no way insinuating this is your situation at all.
I am so bummed some days that I "used up" my right to take pain meds...some days are REALLY bad with the pain...Im glad that you are able to find some relief with this relentless disease.
I hope you continue to feel well and keep us posted as to how you are doing!
Love Lauri

08-03-2008, 02:28 AM
Hey rere!
I am new here and saw your post and I think I can help you with your problem. I have the same EXTREMELY high tolerance to ALL medications as you. It is very late and I have more info for you than I care to type tonight and I tried to pm you, but can't for some reason, so I would like for you to email or pm me. My email address is on my profile. Also, I noticed you live in LA. I am from Monroe, LA but am currently living in AZ. I know I can help you out, so please don't hesitate to contact me so I can give you some info on what you can do. I went through the exact same problem you are having, but I am now on a combination of meds that are really working well for me. I hope to hear from you and to be able to help you out! I'll look for a message from you!
:wink: ~JEN~

08-03-2008, 08:44 AM
Hey Jen,
I think there are a couple of people here with the same problem (high tolerance, pain meds not working). Maybe you can post it here as well so everyone can see and hopefully benefit from your experience...
This was the next time someone is looking for this type of help, they can do a search on our site and find out how you managed.
Thanks for your help!
Love Lauri

08-03-2008, 04:18 PM
Hello all! I will definitley make a post of some suggestions and info in the near future. I would do it now, but I have very little energy and school starts for my son tomorrow, so I am trying really hard to rest as much as possible and psych myself up to be able to go with him in the morning, as it is his first day in Jr. High School and I have to talk to all of his teachers because he was born with an immune deficiency and tends to miss a lot of school because of illness. I will hopefully be able to post the info sometime tomorrow, but will definitely post by Tuesday evening so Rere can use the info at her doctor appointment on Wed.
Lauri, do you think it would be best to start a whole new post on this topic so more people will be able to read it and see if maybe the information I have would be helpful for them, or should I continue replying on this post? I have 8 brothers and sisters who all have this high tolerance to meds which we inherited from our father and I have passed it on to my son as well, so I have tried to do a lot a research in this area. Also, my husband is a Drug Recognition Expert for the AZ Highway Patrol, and he has been able to gain some knowledge in this particular area because of it. I know most doctors will not share a lot of this info with their patients, so anything I can do to help others who are in this situation would be my pleasure! Until then...
:smilecolros: ~JEN~

08-04-2008, 11:20 PM
Why don't you start a new topic and provide your information. I agree that more people might read it if you do it that way. :)

Peace and Blessings

08-05-2008, 08:15 AM
OK, quick question. If you have a high pain tolerance and quickly get immune to meds, what then :? ? How do you know when to take pain meds? Interested in seeing suggestion to the high tolerance.

10-02-2008, 09:14 AM
I have Lupus and there are no support groups in my area.

10-02-2008, 09:26 AM
Hi Tamkat...

Worry not, you have us. You will find oodles of support, through words, care, kindness, knowledge here...read about..ask, post.

There are no support groups in my area either...actually I find this forum is probably a better support system than in person group. Always support just a finger tip away...anytime.

Welcome Tamkat...

Keep looking for your wellness..