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07-08-2008, 03:17 PM
hi all,

have not posted in a while. i am typing in lower case because my arm is in a soft cast. my bursitis never went away. i thought i could just live w/it and then i was told to go to an orthro. doc. i had an appointment at the end of the month but the whole arm swelled, got red and hot. yup, i have a very painful infection.

i was supposed to be in remission. i have not slept for the past 2 days because of the pain in my arm and this nasty hard, tight jacket on my arm and hand. i have not contacted my auto immune doc because i am afraid i am no longer in remission. very depressing. i hope that the infection is not linked to the auto-immune problem.

i explained that i use a homemade stint just like rob used and the orto doc looked at me like i had 2 heads. this doc told me i must have been leaning on my elbow too much and everyone comes to him saying that they don't. i assured him that my elbow looked like it had a golf ball attached to it since february and if anything came near my elbow, i jumped a mile from the pain. now he is talking phys. therapy, blah blah blah. i won't go. i am disciplined enough to do the recommended exercises at home. i have health coverage but i spend a fortune on co-pays for all meds and med services.

i hate to go to the doctors and i feel like a hypochondriac calling the auto-immune doc. anyway, i needed to vent and i am so cranky i can't stand to be in my own presence.

soooo, what do you think? do i need to call my auto-immune doc?

oh yeah, rob, i did not mention who gave me the home made arm cast idea. i still think it was brilliant. it is the same the doc put on me but his looks more like business attire.

sorry i am on here complaining but no one around me can relate. i am on super antibiotic that make you feel like cr#p.


07-08-2008, 04:16 PM
Hi AnnMarie...

Ouch, golf ball size...come let me give you a head hug..squueeeze.

Yes, call your auto-immune doctor he can help you to get back into remission. Not caring for your symptoms create more stress on your body...and IT thrives off of stress, so please call him tomorrow...

I believe in you, so throw that feeling of being a hypochondriac out the window...Pain, swelling, hot, red are warning signs. It's our body's way of signaling us..Hey, gurl..something is wrong in here.

BTW, you can type crap, crap, crappolla..and we don't accept apologies for venting...


07-09-2008, 01:01 AM
Hi AnnMarie,

Am I the Rob that gave you the homemade cast/splint idea? If it was me, then I must have been in a bad fog or something because I sure don't remember it. I prefer to let a qualified individual take care of things like that (I'm not qualified). I have had terrible bursitis in my right shoulder in years past, mostly related to my work test firing rifles. Anyway, you should talk to your rheumo/autoimmune Dr. just to be safe. When my shoulder acted up, I took naproxen/aleve with food and it really helped. Don't worry about venting, we don't mind! There's no need to feel like a hypochondriac. If there's something going on, you need to have it checked out. Now, get to your Doc, and try to get some sleep! Let us know how it goes.


07-10-2008, 10:36 AM
Hi all,

I got this splint type cast off and my arm looks worse. I did call the auto-immune doc and he told me to wait it out w/the ortho and to continue w/the strong antibiotics. He said that he did not believe weening me of the prednisone cause it to flare. It is all a crap shoot.

Yeah, Rob, you did not tell me to make the splint but I think you told me that you rigged one for yourself. At least the homemade splint did not cut off the circulation to my hand.

Thanks for listening. I need sleep bad.