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10-08-2004, 02:24 PM
Hey All!
went to Dr today for disability assesment thru social security. She suggested I get a wheelchair. It caught me off guard because I thought I got around pretty good. I have connective tissue disorder but I didnt think it was that bad. My joints dislocate a good bit but I try to be careful.I am in PAIN alot, but I just keep going. SHe said I was pushing my body too much. I jokingly said I had no one to push me in a chair and she said get an electric one. (she was serious) WOW! Has any one out there been in this situation? What did you do? I have three kids...too many things to do.
A 19yr old he doesn't need much but the 16yr old and the 6yr old keep me on my toes. I feel like that would slow me down...I am already in slow motion from arthritis and pain.. I am scared! WOW! send some advice.

04-16-2005, 02:08 PM
I know that it is hard to think about using a wheelchair, maybe because our society regards it as a bad thing... the association with being an "invalid". However, it can be liberating to have a form of mobility that allows for you do a lot more without the pain and fatigue.

My partner uses a wheelchair and has for most of her life due to Cerebral Palsy. When I started dealing with high levels of fatigue that just would not go away I ended up being the more disabled of the two of us. I was stuck indoors and on the couch for the most part, just not having the energy to get out and do stuff. She suggested that we look into buying a scooter for me, and now that I have it I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders. I can walk the dogs and run to the store without getting so fatigued that I feel I will collapse. Now, my insurance wouldn't pay for the scooter which was $500, but your insurance might, especially if your Dr. is stating you need a wheelchair which would cost them tons more.

You can find scooters online for a lot less than you can at most medical supply places. I have a three wheel scooter, but they do make four wheel models that offer more stablity. Most of the three wheel models can fit in the trunk of a car. I can offer some links if you want more information.

Hope this helps,

04-16-2005, 02:33 PM
I can't tell you how many times at Wal-Mart I've thought about getting a scooter or having my husband push me around in a wheel chair. I know I'd have more energy after the trip if I did. ha ha It is a hard thing to actually do.

My mother passed away from lupus compications 4 years ago. At times she had to use a walker to get around the house. I remember wishing when I was young and healthy that she would go ahead and let me push her around stores so she'd enjoy the shopping more and feel better at the end. I vowed I wouldn't be as stuborn as her....here I am. I still think when my lupus progresses more that I will use a wheel chair or scooter before I absolutely have to.

You don't have to use it around your home if you don't want to but for shopping etc it would be really nice. I'd take your doctors advice and go for a spin!