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06-28-2008, 05:32 AM
Hello people out there! Haha! I have been in this forum since last year but I was not active at the beginning of this year because of some stuff that has been happening such as moving house and etc. Anyway I am 16 this year and will be having a major exam soon (GCE O'Level), so I just want to know if anybody out there have any tips on how to cope with exam stress, how to study smart, what food should I take for energy boost and so on. I really want to do well because of my parents and I had to let go some of the things just to do so like going out with my friends, break a friendship with one of my friend, rejected 2 guys, drop one subject and so on. But one thing about me is, everytime I come back from school, I want to sleep. After I sleep, I will watch tv. I will always be so tired after school that I would not have any energy or mood to study. I really hope that I will do well because I want to have a good job when I get older to support my parents. Anyway, I'm a bit worried now that prelims will be during fasting month. I just hope that at least I get a decent grade for my prelims. So, if you all have anything, just tell me, it would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

06-28-2008, 07:57 AM
Hi Rayhanah...

Though school is ages behind me...47...though never to old to learn...

I know the tired feeling, not able, not wanting to..but when we just don't want to..we have to be disciplined and just do it. Try to create a routine after school.

After waking up from your nap, avoid the remote, shower, get a little light dinner and study...

Is the fasting during Ramadan in September? I found this..how do you feel about it...

Because the purpose of Ramadan is to preserve and encourage life – not to endanger it – the Qu'ran and its interpreters make exceptions to fasting for believers whose health may be harmed by it.

“The scholars have exceptions for women when they are pregnant or breast-feeding,” Hulwe said. Scholars also make exception for pre-pubescent children, the sick and Muslims who are traveling.

...and this....

A sick person: may break his fast which, if continued, would only aggravate the illness or delay its cure.

Similar is the case of a the person who is overcome by hunger and/or thirst and fears that he may die because of it, even if he is resident and healthy. He must make up the days of fasting that he missed.

The following two 'ayat support this point: "And do not kill yourselves, Allah is ever Merciful to you," and "He has not laid upon you in your religion any hardship." If a sick person or a traveler fast and withstand the hardships of the fast, and continue to fast while feeling the hardship, their fast will be valid but disliked, for they did not accept the concession Allah gave him, thereby causing himself much hardship and the Prophet (S) said: "Allah loves to give allowances just as He hates that you commit sins" and in another narration "just as He love to give His obligations" [Ibn Hibban and others; Sahih]. He also said: "It is not righteousness to fast during a journey". [Bukhari and Muslim]

Hope this helps...


06-28-2008, 08:29 AM
Thank you oluwa for the research. Anyway, I have considered not fasting before because of my disease but I was like,"If I can bear with it, why not?" So I just continue fasting even after I was diagnosed. It's not that I cannot fast, but I'm just worried that I cannot cope with fasting and prelims at the same time. Nonetheless, I will still continue to fast this year and may God give me the strength.

Thank you Oluwa.

06-28-2008, 09:07 AM
Hi Rayhanah...

You're welcome. I went a bit off beat, and focused on your health and not just your studies. Habit with IT, always trying to find a way to deal with it, manage it...

Do you wake up early for breakfast before the fast? Maybe study at that time..

My husband was Muslim, but converted to Christianity in his teens so I know a little bit. How about eating high grains, fish..olive oil in the morning. Olive oil extends satiety in your stomach longer. Those aren't lethargic causing foods and may help to sustain you through the fasting period. And eat light when you end the daily fast in the evening so not to become tired as the stomach strums up energy to digest the food.

I would assume some people may over eat after ending a day of fast...try to avoid it. Avoid the sugary delights, the treats that are associated with Ramadan... so not be come tired. Sugar, may give us a boost of quick energy but in the end your glucose drops and tiredness steps in..

Even do that now, eat light, not heavy so you are not so tired when you come home.. Me, I eat clean, fresh nothing in colorful wrappers, nothing fried or process, only on a few occasion when I cave into the crave...

Do you exercise, walk, yoga? It can give you energy for when you come home after school...

Do you flare a bit while fasting? Increased IT fatigued while fasting? Pain while fasting in your joints? Mental fog? Could be apart of your disease and not really fairing very well while fasting after all...maybe?