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06-26-2008, 09:16 AM
Hello to all -
Well I go to the rheumie today at 3PM (EST). I guess I am just going to tell him whats happened since the last time Ive seen him which was: 1) Had a GREAT summer (last year) 2) Got sick in the fall 3) Got REALLY sick in the winter 4) No relief until the steroids Im on now
My memory is soooo bad you guys, I cant remember when I got sick, where I went, who I saw , etc. That s never good when youre at an appt. Its happened to me before where theyll say, "How long did that last?" and I say, "Duh....I dont know...its hard to say...." Yeah, real helpful. Maybe I should call my PCP and get a copy of the last couple visits there to help me. The office is 2 blcoks from my house. Any suggestions, folks, on what I should tell this guy today?? My brain is NOT working today..foggy....was out in the sun yesterday....dumbass Lauri.
Help my friends..
Love Lauri
PS - Saysusie - I NEVER knew about your daughter - I thought YOU were Lauri and Saysusie was a nickname or something....I am soooo sorry for your loss - unimaginable - but what a testimony to her you have done here. I would love to read the story. How do I get to it? I couldnt find a place that said "Home". (Again , brain not working...) Thank you for any help you could give.....

06-26-2008, 11:29 AM
when you first come onto our site, before entering the board, you will see a bar on the left with links. One of the links should say "Site Dedication", there you will find Lauri's story

RE: Your Doctor's Appointment -
Many of us keep a diary of sorts. We write down our symptoms, when they occurred, what we were doing when they occurred, how long they lasted, how it made us feel, and what medications we took to deal with the symptom. We take this diary with us to our doctor's appointments so that we can answer their questions. We do this because almost ALL OF US have problems with "Brain Fog!", so you are not alone there. Try keeping a diary yourself, you will find that it is very helpful at doctor's visits.
In the meantime, just be honest with you doctor and tell him as much as you can remember. Keep us posted on how it goes.

Thank you for your kind words about Lauri :)

Peace and Blessings
Saysusie :lol: