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06-24-2008, 06:47 PM
I have this rash on my back from sun exposure. It got infected from scratching. It seemed after using the medicated cream for 6weeks or so that it was getting better. It has come back with a vengance. More on my back and now on my arm as well. It itches so bad. I have cut my nails down to the quick so as not to scratch. I have that pinprick red dot rash all over my arms, chest and neck as well and the butterfly rash on my face. I am feeling so self-conscious about it.
I have made an appt with a new doc (family practice, I have to see this one first to get a referral). It is not until July 24thn or something like that.
My IBS is still being a problem also. At least my pain level is manageable. I am up everyday and able to interact with my children. Stamina is getting better. I do have to take a nap or at least a rest each afternoon still. I feel so much in limbo now as I have to wait to see a doc here in our new town.
I dont know what I am writing for, know what I need or want but I feel tired, yucky, whiney....wishing I didnt have to deal with all this crap.
Oh another thing is (kind of a bit TMI so Rob you can skip over this part) I started my period on the 10th and I am still bleeding. (waiting for a gyno to call me back). Does lupus affect this as well or is this part of peri-menopause?
Anyway what a mess I feel.


06-25-2008, 07:07 AM

Little craps make a big pile...so I understand the yucky, icky...a whine without sparkle.

Is there a red dot in each follicle, pore?

I don't know if this will work for you, or aggravate it, but I used straight up rubbing alcohol...... Follicitis. Gone...and it itch for weeks on end, tried my steroid cream, hydrocortisone.....who knew, alcohol?

If I may how old are you K? Perimenopause age? Heavy menses is common, and dabs are common too during this new phase. Did the GYN call back..it could be a myriad of things.

Me, mine just shut off...and I am still working on to see if I have a flow or it has run it's course. I was diagnosed as having Amenorrhea, no menses, not hormone related but I am 47 and thickening of the endometrium lining, 7mm. My event stopped when I was 45..zip, nadda just stopped, no warning...

I just made an appointment for the August 6...crazy long wait. My previous, former GYN suggested a D&C. I dosed with Prometrium to see if that would change.. then I stopped and restarted again the pills on and off. Just scared, scared to do the D&C, scared not to...so I will see what this second opinion brings.

Are you feeling anemic from such a long cycle?

I found this regarding heavy menses...Menstrual irregularities are common in women with SLE...Menorrhagia has been noted in 12 to 15 percent of patients [1,2] . Thrombocytopenia, antiphospholipid antibodies, and the use of corticosteroids and/or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs may contribute to the heavy menstrual flow.

Info on menorrhagia..follow the link.. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/menorrhagia/DS00394

I just read...I never knew, or read this before, regarding my menstruation, lack of one, is ...Temporary or even permanent early (or premature) amenorrhea has been noted in 17 to 24 percent of patients. Two major mechanisms have been identified... SLE disease activity, leading to autoimmune ovarian injury. Hummm...I'll have to investigate further..

Hope this AM found you a bit more rested..and I know all things are new with your move...relax a bit, de-stress..try to worry less, manage, hide the bikes and maybe some of the IT's activity will go back a bit more into his cave and your rash will leave and your menses may resume to normal.


06-25-2008, 11:13 AM
Just wanted to add my get well wishes. How you feel is pretty much how I usually feel and I have found that the afternoon rest is a great healer. I lay down religiously very afternoon from 2-4 PM and it helps, it really does. It needs to be EVERY day tho because otherwise you are always playing catch up. Give it a try. Now everyone in my family knows that you don't call or come by during that time and that if I'm out I must be back by 2 for my nap. Hubby is obsessive about me not missing it and that helps me to not sluff it off too. Just a thought for you to consider.

Hoping you get over the hump and start to feel a bit better.

06-25-2008, 12:44 PM
LOL Razz -
I have been taking naps from 2-4 for YEARS!!! That was always my kids nap times, then that was my rest time before I went to work at night, and then the rest I needed from being sick!! Its true, though, and then I get up, have a nice coffee my hubby brings home every day, and do supper stuff, etc and feel good for the rest of the night...
When Im in a flare, though, this doesnt even touch the fatigue. I'll get up at 4, go to the bathroom and go right back to bed! lol...
Noodle - Hope you keep feeling OK (pain wise)

06-25-2008, 06:36 PM
Oluwa, I am 47. I have had a short cycle (25-26 days with actual flow lasting just 5 days) for about 9 years now. This month it is totally different. It is 15 days now. I am feeling very tired and have not been sleeping well. Hubby thinks I may be anemic now.The gyno that I had a call into has not returned my phone call so HubbyMan went to the office of another gyne and spoke with the nurse. I go in tomorrow at 10am.

Folliculitis, that is what I have with a secondary infection from scratching. Yes the bumps do seem to be on the follicle. It looks the same as the one on my back.I have used perioxide on my rash before. Havent tried alcohol yet. I do use the hydrocortizone and bactran(Antibiotic) on the itchy bumps. The bumps are still spreading (after a time of seeming to get better)and you can feel the rough patchiness coming up under the rash.

Taking a nap is a necessity for me now. Cat get by without one.


06-25-2008, 07:06 PM
Hello Kasey,

I used to be a 28 day girl...give or take a day. I'd feel the O, ovulation and added 14 days and the event would begin since I can recall. Like clock work. I also had attempted INVITRO two times...I thought maybe that had disrupted my cycle, and increase the follicles, ovums..that I used them all up in one, two pop..silly, probably.

I just couldn't imagine why, without any perimenopause symptoms..till I just found that blurp I copied and pasted in the above post...about SLE and etc.

Yes, try the alcohol. I used 90% but 70% should work. I got the idea from a reading on the web. Two splashes and it was gone. When ti first occurred the rash, it spread, like traveled...leaving one area to another, then it went full circle for weeks. I felt dirty. Now, all gone..so do try it..

Now my rash on my stomach, I am beginning to think it is metal related, zippers, snaps..and etc because the steroids cream isn't working. Need Benadryl cream I suspect. I am allergic to metals and I think with the layering of clothes from UVA and it being warm, maybe the metallic substance moistened through the camisoles...

Do you think steroid cream can absorb into the blood stream like progesterone and give one a puffy face look? I've been using quite a bit lately, battling the gut rash and well, I do look like a pumpkin head as of late...hummm.

Here's to short nails...I have the stubs too..

06-26-2008, 12:26 PM
Hi Oluwa, How are you today? Here it is a bit crazy. DD is having lots of difficlties today and of course it is far reaching. Things are rough, at the moment tho I am able to take a breather and sit at the computer. :) She is a full time job when she gets this way.

I am definately use the alcohol if it got rid of it that quickly. I am still battling he same rash that I got way back in May I think it started.

I am diabetic and I notice that prolonged use of steroid cream will elevate my blood sugars a tad so it is not to far-fetched to think that it could cause puffiness. Ouch about the rash on your belly. Can you try pants/shorts with elastic instead of a zipper? Do you break out from jewelry(rings, necklaces) also?

Im off to put some alcohol on meself...


editing to add: I forgot to update about my gyn appt this morning...brain fog ya know :? He told me being 47 would be answer enuf but if he didnt check into other things he wouldnt be doing his job :lol: so I got to put on that lovely paper gown and take a nap on that oh so comfy table. He fouind a polyp and possible fibroids in my utereus. Said both could cause the bleeding. And then he stole my little polyp. After me donating half my supply of blood to him, making and appt. for an ultra-sound he sent me on my merry way with a script for progesterone. I go back in a week to discuss the results of the blood test and the ultrasound.
So there ya have it.

07-01-2008, 12:37 AM
Hey Kasey,

I was on, well I am still suppose to be on progesterone, pill form. First round was 10 days. This round 90 days, but I did it for oh maybe 45 days stopped started again for about a week, and stopped. I have a new GYN schedule to see on August 6. Let her take a look at my girlie girl. See if she thinks a D&C is needed...as the first opinion suggested.

They say fibroids and cysts can cause bleeding..mine hasn't though.

I think my rash it is metal related. I go through bouts of being allergic reaction to metal. Bras, glasses, costume jewelry....it has been a spell, thought the Plaquenil nipped it in the bud. But since stopping the steroid cream and been applying Benadryl cream..it has tamed it, shrunk it up..dried out. Now only if it could get rid of this fat roll.

Did the alcohol work? My scalp was burning and itchy so I covered my eyes and trickled some on it. A bit of relief.

Gosh with all this gunk we get, one would read us as being dirty, scaggy people. Itches, UTI, goobers...ulcers. We are probably cleaner than clean itself. Times I feel so sterile.

Clipped short nails to prevent bruises and scratching, floss all day with plackers, alcohol body rinses, lotions, sunscreens, bag balm..inspecting skin...pat not rub, green creams and makeup. Fresh foods, and exercise...Allergen soaps...twice rinsed clothes...on and on...

How life in the new neighborhood...still feeling a mess?

Fourth of July plans? Local displays?

Happy Tuesday...almost 4AM EST and I just can't sleep. I here my husband, the dog and even the fat cat snoring...but me. Been off and on like that since dosing with steroids these last few days for my spine...

Good morning..good night.

07-03-2008, 04:16 PM
Heya Oluwa, Hows ya doin?
Just got back from the doc. Seems I need to have some surgery to remove uterine fibroids and polyps. I am feeling a bit beaten down about this junk.

We have been in our new 'hood' now for about a month. I have met a couple of the neighbors who seem nice and safe. We still are wanting to move but havent found anything yet. When the kids go out to ride bikes eiher my HubbyMan or I are on "car duty" meaning we call out "Car" when we hear a car coming and then the kids get up on the grass or side of the road. At least we get out for some fresh air and the kids do get some exercise.

No real plan for the fourth. We will take the kids to see the fireworks for sure.

Yea sleep is an issue here to. If I take the seroquel Im down for the count but then I feel so hung over the next day and if I dont take it I dont sleep so well. Durned if ya do, durned if ya dont .

Happy 4th my friend!!! :usa :usa