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06-24-2008, 09:19 AM
Hi everyone -
Well, I have my "not-so" first appointment with the rhuemie on Thursday. Let me explain: When I started to resume determining what was wrong with me, I looked up a rhuemie in the Medical Center in my city and found a doc. I made an appt, and went to see him last spring. Well, he was really nice, took down all my symptoms (put it in his little blackberry) and ran a lot of blood work. The thing is, when I saw him, I was feeling GREAT (of course). I told him that too, and he said well, lets see what the blood work shows. I got a letter from him a few weeks later saying (really nice actually) "Laura, As we thought, your blood work was normal. I know this is probably very frustrating for you. If you have a flare of symptoms, call me and Ill see you right away" Pretty good, considering, right? Well, last summer was the healthies Ive been in years. Thus, didnt need to call him. When I got really sick again last fall, I completely forgot about him, and went to my regular GP (she's new and has taken pretty good care of me..) SO...when the GP said she thought it was lupus, she referred me to rheumie - same office, but different doc. When I made appt, they told me I had to see previous one, because Ive already seen him before. OK - so my appt is Thursday. I guess I should approach it like,"Well , I got sick again, and here I am!!" BUT...my blood work will be normal again as Im on Prednisone AND Plaqenil. IDK - I guess, Ill just have to wait and see. I should get me labs from the hospital though (I had to go to ER twice since Ive seen him) Any ideas guys, on how I should approach him?? thanks for listening
Love Lauri

06-24-2008, 01:42 PM
Hugs Lauri

Just be honest with him. Make a list of all you symptoms. And another list of all the questions. Even ask him what does it take to make a diagnosis of lupus.

I'm sitting here with no answers myself. I just got back from very frustrating appointment with a dermatologist guy who didn't even examin me and told me to go tell my rhuemy that he thinks I have Psovatic arthritis.

I've had one possitive ANA test and a boarderline ANA and a bunch of negative ones.

Most you can do is be honest and keep asking the questions...what's wrong with me. Why is this happening why is that happening. And when they give a blank stare tell them you want answers.

Good luck and keep us posted :)