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06-19-2008, 06:15 PM
Yup, I got the X-rays done that the rheumy ordered to look for Rheumatoid arthritis. I have to hand-deliver them to the rheumy at my next appt. so I took them home and looked at them. Right off I could see there was a problem. After researching online, looking at tons of different X-rays and rheumatology and RA sights, comparing normal to RA pics, it's clear as day. I have small pitting in many joints in my fingers and bad pitting in my wrists(the worst pain btw) and the pitting in my knees is very clear as well. They didn't do feet or ankles- I don't know why since I have the most severe pain there other than in my hands. So, it does look like I have RA. But I am willing to bet that I also have Lupus with my other symptoms.

Now I have to wait the 3 weeks until I go back to the Rheumy, in misery and pain when I could begin treatment now. So frustrating!

Now I know why they use X-rays to diagnose RA and that my Dr was not uncalled for in ordering them. Thankfully this was caught pretty early and the bone damage doesn't look too bad. There's some cartillige problems too- almost bone-on-bone in my thumbs which would explain the clicking and popping I have.

06-19-2008, 11:17 PM

You cannot hand deliver the X-rays for three weeks? I wonder if they might allow you to deliver them a bit early so that the rheumy can have a look at them sooner? It seems to me that there should be some way that you can get treatment for your pain without having to wait three weeks.
I know that it must be frustrating to want to know what is wrong, and finally getting an answer that only verifies that something is wrong, when we would much prefer it if nothing were wrong.
I hope that you can find a way to get treatment for the pain while awaiting your appointment. Please let us know if you find that there is something that can be done.

Peace and Blessings

06-20-2008, 02:09 AM
I can deliver them earlier, but the Rheumy told me they wouldn't discuss diagnosis or treatment until my next appt, so why bother? It's 45 mins from my home and I can't drive with such bad pain in my hands, feet, and ankles- exacerbated by complications from ankle surgery 2 years ago. That means hubby has to take time off work- time he doesn't have since he's already dragging my worthless butt(I know it's not true, but sometimes it feels like it) to appts, labs, X-rays, and running most of the errands these days.

He does have to take our oldest for a Dr. appt next week- she's doing clinical trials of a med for autism(she's high-functioning) and he'll be going near my Rheumy's, so I guess he could take it then.

It is so frustrating when I can see what's happening clear as day with my X-rays, with the pain and symptoms, plus family history and the Dr. is making me wait. ~~plays Jeopardy music while waiting and biding time~~

As long as I take it REALLY easy and don't go anywhere or do much, stay out of the sun and the flourescents, I do ok, especially with the new Rx for Naprosyn, but what a way to spend a summer with 4 kids stuck at home with a mom who can't go anywhere and my oldest and hubby strapped with extra chores. Ugh!

06-20-2008, 07:15 AM
Can't you call and request an earlier apt? It seems almost cruel to make you wait 3 weeks while in pain and with proof in hand that it is legitimate. Maybe cry a little while making the call :-)

06-20-2008, 07:37 AM
Hey Jenny...

Go to your primary doctor today, or a walk-in clinic explain and get some pain relievers. I did, went to my Primary when I was curbed by another RheumBa.

Head hugs,

06-20-2008, 05:27 PM
Hey gals, thanks again for the concern. I did go to my primary today- mainly because I had really bad edema in my ankles and feet last night that did not go away overnight and got worse throughout the day today. UGH! I've never had swelling problems before in my life. So now I'm on a diuretic/BP med since my BP's been going high too. So what the heck is causing this edema and BP issues? That's the more important question. I was concerned about a DVT due to the swelling, but the Dr. says the pain is more consistent with compressed sciatic nerve. I'll trust his opinion.

I actually discovered last night that we had overlapping appts- with a psychological eval for my oldest(doing REgional Center intake for her Autism spectrum disorder). So I called the rheumy to reschedule. They didn't have anything avail the same week, so I got one a week earlier- the 3rd. So yay, that's sooner. I hate to act like a know-it-all in regard to the X-rays as I don't want to step on their toes at the office. I'm probably a little more self-conscious about that due to my know-it-all nature connected with my own Autism disorder. I've learned to zip it and allow others to get out what they think/know- a hard lesson for people with Asperger's to learn. LOL!

Oh, and I do have pain meds, but I hate to take them. THey make me feel more foggy-headed and I need to be present for my kids. The Naprosyn does seem to be relieving more pain than the Relafin so I'll deal with the stomach issues and eat my TUMS after I take my pills.

THanks for caring! You guys are the best!

06-21-2008, 08:06 AM
I'm happy to hear that you will get an earlier appointment. Don't worry about stepping on their toes, if you see something in you X-ray, simply ask them if what you are seeing is correct. If they agree, then the two of you can work in tandem to treat the problem. If they don't agree, ask them to explain to you what it is that they see. That's not stepping on toes, that is being pro-active with your doctor.

The loss of protein in your urine can cause edema, especially in the leg and ankle area. You might want to ask your new doctor about testing you for kidney involvement. The edema can cause your blood pressure to rise.
Also, there are some medications that can cause an elevation of blood pressure (eg. cellcept). It is probably a good idea for you to discuss this with your doctor at your new appointment.

Please keep us posted :P

Peace and Blessings