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06-13-2008, 01:12 PM
Hey everyone -
Well, I felt OK this morning, so I did some cleaning - taking breaks in between. But, Im having a really hard time breathing. Im not really wheezing or junky sounding - just really short of breath. Each time I do something I have to sit down and catch my breath. I even had to lay down and really try and get my wind back. I have an inhaler due to asthma, but its not working (probably because this doesnt feel like asthma) I get pleurisy alot, with shortness of breath, but wouldnt the steroids Im on help if I had a touch of pleurisy? I do smoke (I know, I know - bad), but it doesnt even feel like a smokers cough. Im also on Allegra24 hour prescription (I have terrible allergies), so I dont think its that either. Any suggestions? You know, I did scrub the bathroom floor with a strong cleanser. Sometimes that will irritate my breathing and sometimes will trigger my othere symptoms as well. IDK - any ideas? Anyone else sensitive to strong chemicals? I think that might be it - I have a headache and hot red face right now too. uughhh... It is sooo beautiful here in Boston today. Its 75 F and not humid. You can see the boats out joyriding and smell the fresh salt water. OMgosh, I would not live anywhere eles!! All this and only 15 minutes to the city for me - perfect!! Hope eveyone else is enjoying nice weather today too. What a difference it makes on the mood, huh?
Be well,

06-13-2008, 02:47 PM
Lauri...I don't think I have welcomed you. I am a bit lagging lately...

Welcome, I am Oluwa...

In your post I think you diagnosed yourself...and no, I am not going to go on, and on, how, bad, awful, icky smoking is for asthma, IT and all the other gunk we get. I promise I won't say stop jeopardizing your health more. I won't... :wink:

Oh, sounds like a bout of chemical reaction..I have it, get it....my neighbor just dropped a bomb of moth balls along the joining property line tonight. I am assuming to thwart off the frogs from entering their pool. Us, we just scoop them out of our pool and put them back in the wetlands where they came from.

Every morning I do a frog search and rescue....SAR

It is time to say something....My husband and I drew up a informal letter tonight to ask them to refrain and literature from the EPA on the dangers to humans and animals. We both have pets, you think they would have researched on the dangers of it prior to dropping them by the handfuls. Then I having IT..icka...gag...headache, nausea....when the wind is right. They have been doing this since April...egads...

Egads, someone controlling and contaminating my fresh air...Ugh, exercise your rights and you infringe on another's. Hopefully our letter will work...

Be well..

06-13-2008, 03:32 PM
Hi Oluwa,
You have, I believe, introduced yourself, but even if not - I know you! You are one heck of a lady, for sure. I have said prior to this that you are so incredibly patient , informative and compassionate. You are probably not even aware of how many people you help in a day's time. A lot of you folks are the same...Saysusie for sure and many others. You know, I really wish I had found this site a long time ago - it would have helped me alot - but I would have never expected a forum to welcome those who arent officially diagnosed. Though I have been officially Dxd with "some form of autoimmune disease " and definately with Sjorgrens, Raynauds, FMS, etc. (this is HUGE for me as I have gone years with docs looking at me like Im a freak/hypocondriac/drugseeker/depressed, etc), for a long time I felt like I couldnt turn to anyplace without a diagnosis. I think that this forum supporting those who are still in limbo, listening to them, taking their complaints seriously, encouraging them - just simply BELIEVING them - is wonderful. I know I felt very alone, embarressed almost, when I was sick and no one would take me seriously. You all are helping in so many ways. So, I want to thank all of you for that.
I know about the smoking. I did quit for 4 years back in 1998 (I didnt really have a choice, I was in respitory failure and on a vent). But, I thought I could have one here and there, and BOOM - I was a smoker again. My doc is going to help me with the quitting part - maybe with that new Chantrix (sp). I heard it works awesome and, quite frankly, I dont want to do it any harder than I have to. Been there, done that. Most days are difficult enough, you know? But, Im pretty good about doing the right thing when I have to. Ive surmounted some pretty steep obstacles in my life, and when I make up my mind - Im pretty stubborn. So, I hope your letter works. Did you try to talk to them first? Or are they not the "receptive" type? You need to do what you have to for your health - theres has got to be another way to keep the frogs out of the pool right?
I hope yyou make some progress there, and thank you again for everything.
Love and prayers,

06-13-2008, 04:44 PM
Hi Lauri, welcome aboard. Glad you found this place. I came before any dx. Since I found out I have FMS and a connective tissue disorder and still always treated the same. I agree with Oluwa, sounds like the cleaning product. I used to smoke too, so I understand the breathing feeling of that and knowing the difference. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy, it can be harsh breathing those fumes and recovering.

06-14-2008, 04:41 PM
You're welcome Lauri....

I used to walk with a cloud of tar, nicotine above my head and yellow stained fingers. Okay I wasn't that gross. I was a polite smoker..I blew out the side of my mouth. I have the little tiny C crease, okay a wrinkle to proof my politeness.

Its been a bit over five years since I put my ashtray away...

When I met my husband I asked if he smoked? He replied, No. I asked do you mind second hand smoke? He replied, No. Good I smoke, I said. I apologized to him when I quit..I am so sorry I endangered your health...

Sometimes I utter I wished I smoked but not out of a desire to smoke paper, stems, leaves, glue but because just for a minute moment when I am under extreme stress I visually the old me puffing the stress away with a cig. I guess life seemed for a second easier with stress and a cigarette than handling stress with Lupus without a cig....

Now I take deep breathes without the tar and nicotine to handle the stress..

Now snuff that stick out and enjoy the clean air...inhale deeply....ah...

I nagged you enough..

Moth balls....I still smell them..we haven't surveyed the property line yet. I will say they are not the receptive type..

Thank you for the compliment...you, them, us, we..all.. we make it a success...but special...love.. hugs to Saysusie's little angel Lauri, Saysusie and Conrad...for having a safe place in space for us. A place to land when no one else understands.

Enjoy the night..