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06-10-2008, 05:35 PM
:cry: I'm going through a disability appeal my lawyer and my doctor are both telling me not to work... My only source of income is a credit card that my dad is paying on... and it seems the only people i use my card on is people who are taking me where i need to go and i have to give them gas... I really really really need help... i cant take this anymore... last night i tried to commit suicide because i just dont want to live anymore the stress of no income... my boyfriend is basically wanting to break up with me because he cant handle my depression... can someone please just give me an answer im begging for help I find myself talking to god more than i talk to anyone else... why isnt he helping me and why isnt he making things easier... every day its harder and harder... I'm only 19 i'm to young to be going through all of this... i just really need an answer somebody please!!! can anyone tell me how i can make cash since i cant have a social security job please im crying out for help from anyone :cry: :cry:

06-11-2008, 03:36 AM
Hey Beezysbaby...

Had you look at the link I posted for you on another post of your's...just in case it is...

Maybe something here will help with finances. Food stamps, cash assistance...look on the left side column once at the site.. http://www.dss.louisiana.gov/index.htm It is a start...

Medicare, not medicaid... http://www.ssa.gov/prescriptionhelp/

Food stamps: http://www.dss.louisiana.gov/departments/ofs/Food_Stamp_Program.html#DoIQualify

Possible emergency cash: http://www.dss.louisiana.gov/departments/ofs/Family_Independence_Temporary_.html#DoIQualifyForF ITAP

For utilities discount programs: http://liheap.ncat.org/profiles/Louisiana.htm or http://liheap.ncat.org/profiles/Louisiana.htm#utility

More programs for low income..

Had you sought treatment for your depression? Were you hospitalized the other night? Did they prescribe anything for depression....

I know your feeling of ending you life. Though I have never attempted, thoughts filtered through my mind. Some others here have.

Maybe God has answered your prayers through us, through me..by providing you with a links above.

It's a start..regroup and look at them, get paper and pencil...call, get the applications, download them, apply on line..... This will give you some control and point you in the right direction...

Know you are important, your life is precious. I know you had a rough start in life but it can be better. I hope and pray you realize it too. There is help out there...sometimes we have to really look for it. And sometimes it is right there in front of us. Don't let your frustration guide you...

Find calmness and wholeness through you prayers and take it one step at a time...


06-12-2008, 10:19 AM
I cannot give you any better information, advice, or comfort than what you've gotten from Oluwa. I just wanted to let you know that there are others here whose sentiments match hers and we all hope and pray that you will find the resources that you need and that you will know that we care about you.
Please let us know if the information Oluwa provided helped you and/or if you need anything further. Everyone here is more than willing to do all that we can to help you as much as we can.

Peace and Blessings

Pretti in Pink
06-13-2008, 06:10 AM

I would like to echo what Oluwa and Saysusie have said. You answer might have been finding us. You know some time we think that GOD is not answering us but he is putting people in our path that can lend us the assistance /support and doing just what we are asking HIM to do but it is in HIS way.

Please come to us whenever you feel depressed and like giving up because that is not the answer, many of us have been where you are now and we made it through and here to tell you that you can too.