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06-02-2008, 02:50 PM
Hi Everyone,

Since I couldn't tolerate the medication I was on for Fibromyalgia. What was it anyway? I forgot and threw away the bottle. That's what I love about Lupus. Can't remember anything! I thought I would go back to extra-strength Tylenol to help the pain. But can't take that because my doctor just put me on Benazepril for high blood pressure and when I took the Tylenol with it, I couldn't tell if I was getting a drug reaction, or a panic attack. It felt like a panic attack, but then again I haven't had one those for quite a few years. I'll have to ask the Dr. about this one. The point I am trying to get across is now I have nothing for the pain of the Fibromyalgia again. Won't even get to see him until the 21st of June and I don't call his office because the girls can't even make the appointments right sometimes. I like the doctor, but his clinic staff could use improvement, in my opinion.

There is always something to keep you hopping!

06-02-2008, 04:01 PM
DrinkofWtr, I'd take the risk and call the office. Have your questions written down, and insist that they have the doctor (or his nurse?) call you back about the pain control issue. There has to be SOMETHING you can use with your new medication. There are a lot of varieties of pain meds, both OTC and prescriptions.

As an alternative, you might ask your pharmacist about what OTC pain meds are compatible with your other meds. This could at least get you through until your next doctor appointment.

I hope you find something to help with the pain. Hugs to you!