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05-30-2008, 11:15 AM
Just checking, who is popping Lyrica capsules and wanted to know how you are reacting to the drug...good or bad...

Hope it is all good for you....

I just started dosing a few days ago. Thus far...I get a rush inside. Maybe that is the start of the exaggerated happiness/well being they say can be a side effect. Woohooo...I am ready.

Thank you..
Keep well I pray for everyone,

05-31-2008, 01:29 PM
I took neurontin for a long while, Oluwa. In some forms, Lyrica is the same drug (used for nerve pain, among other things.) But, when you look it up on-line, there seems to be a specific formulation of Lyrica that they use to treat FMS, so maybe that's exactly what you're on.

I got some of the same "yippee" feeling when I first started taking neurontin, and it really helped with the neuropathy that was just killing me - nothing else seemed to touch it. But, after about a year, it just didn't have the same affect, and I was already taking a pretty hefty dose. I gradually stopped taking it. My leg had improved some so it was bearable without it. As I wean off 'scaryoids', though, my leg is worse....maybe the prednisone was just masking the pain? Who knows.

I'm anxious to hear how you do on the Lyrica. Keep us posted.


06-01-2008, 06:51 AM

Oh, no, Jody..the leg is still bad today? Oww. Have you tried acupuncture? It improved my lumbar, failed back surgery...it lessened the sciatic pain, the electric shocks...zappppp. Or get that deep tissue, fist digging butt muscle rub. Is it your sciatic nerve that is irritated?

I've dosed with neurotin before, for the back surgeries. I don't recall a yippee feeling..but I was on many tablets then too and morphine.

Today I took everything, my pillets separately, I don't think it is the Lyrica because I take it a night. I took my CoQ10, nothing like a rush, Plaquenil, nadda. Just dosed with the Milarax. I think it might be the cause. I feel the wave coming..but the side effects doesn't list anything like that.

But then maybe I just feel good and not a pill after all.

I will let you know if it is the Reglan...taking that for brunch...


P.S. I think words on a screen can say a lot about a person. When I read you, Jody... I feel a wonderful woman, with a lot of sincere kindness. I feel that kindness...Hugs

06-01-2008, 08:18 AM
Thank you for the kind "p.s." Oluwa! That's so nice! Your 'written' presence here is a very special gift to all of us, you know.

My 'bum' leg is an annoyance....never goes away; not enough to stop me generally, but some days it sure slows me down. You know those big burls on trees? The giant lumps that sometimes are half-way up the trunk? My knee feels like that burl looks (if that makes any sense at all.) Like a big, oversized, hard lump. It's numb, nearly always, and I have no reflex in my right leg. It's unpredicatble and weak sometimes. Then there's the nerve pain in my thigh...sheesh. Not good. Still, soooo much better than when it first appeared. At first I thought I'd lose my marbles....pain was so terrible I cried and cried and couldn't sit still. We were in California on vacation and I had to sit in an airplane for hours to get home. That was just torture. I haven't tried accupuncture. I had accupuncture for other things long ago, but not in years. The tests I had to diagnose the neuropathy used needles - not a fan of needles! :shock:

I should go back to my neurologist, but the one I had is on family leave so I don't know who I would get now. Hate to have to train in another doctor! :wink:


06-02-2008, 06:33 AM
Thank you, Jody..back at ya...

My knees look like the burls! I call them little girl knees. I never had the bony knee caps. I have the Finnish ones...farm raised. My Mum had beautiful shapely legs, I got my Aunties, her sisters' tree trunks. But that never stopped me from the mini-skirt craze...ah those were the days...

Last night out for my husband's birthday it felt like one of those days. Dating, laughing...cocktails, music. I missed just being. Yesterday I just was, and I enjoyed me, my body very much.

Pain, crying I am so sorry you had to go through that.. So much pain you probably felt like cutting the leg off. I know, I felt like that. The pain drains you mentally, your rock, go in circles...quite maddening. And then on a plane for hours..oh poor thing.

They can't do anything more for you? I get dead zones intermittently, I have a slow reflex but that is from my lumbar surgery and not IT.

Have you tried magnesium and B6 supplements? I was prescribed that by my neuro after my back surgery and hand surgery. I had carparl tunnel too.

I remember when I use to get spasms in my whole leg so bad, one time while in the shower, a walk-in type..my head full of suds a spasm began. I screamed, I wailed.

Finally I flopped on the floor of the shower, push the glass door open, put my sidsy head under the water and my feet out the door. Laid there twitching, groping my leg, moaning.

While it was happening I had seen my window was opened in the bathroom. Thought..moaning, wailing and it was not softly I wonder what the neighbors thought I was doing...climax? I laughed and cried with pain as those thoughts went thorough my mind..

I still get them, but not as bad in the beginning...

I hope you find something to rid you of it completely...nerve pain is very unnerving...


06-02-2008, 04:13 PM
Oh, Oluwa, I know it's not funny - but I laughed so at your story about the spasm while in the shower. Not at the spasm....goodness, no - that sounds just awful. But at the open window and your neighbors hearing you...soooo funny! :lol:


06-02-2008, 05:57 PM
hugs the pair of ya...

Have either of you tried aroma therapy massages? Let me tell you. That is the MOST relaxing thing in the world.

My best friend gave me a gift card from the local spa, oOooOo it was lovely. Just make sure that the massuse (spelling) doesn't have training in Swedish massage, cause they just cant make themselves be gentle. ouch ouch ouch

06-02-2008, 06:01 PM
Oh laugh..I did during, later and now. I couldn't stand, rub the leg and rinse my hair at the same time. Eyes burning...it was a funny mess as it was happening.

My neighbor, in Seattle...her name was Susie she would had probably enjoyed the screams if she was home...she was a doll, much older woman. I love her. She would come outside to mow her lawn in her red lipstick stained teeth. I miss her being my neighbor.

I remember when she brought her puppy Bull Dog home, Piggy Sue. I am calling her....here,Piggy Sue...come on Piggy for about month. Seen the two of them almost every evening. She roared, what are you calling her. Piggy Sue, it was Peggy Sue.

I have a Gladys Kravitz on one side her in SC...and extremely loud after a few cocktails. Being in a new development they aren't many trees around the homes to break the traveling sounds. We are butted up to the wetlands...but in between the homes, nothing. I feed my tress, Leland Cypresses and Little Gem Magnolias Miracle Grow. Grow faster I say every time I give them a gulp of the Miracle Grow. Lelands, six feet now...Gems...nine feet.

Soon my living wall.

But any way..where was I...Lyrica still seems good....


06-02-2008, 06:33 PM
SITC, thanks for the hugs! ...massage....hmmm. I've never had one. Not sure why - I have two nieces who are massage therapists. I do know of a very good one that a friend with lupus and FMS has used. She's very gentle. That's a good suggestion. Another idea someone gave me is to try yoga. Can help with the pain, the stress, the sleeplessness. Do yoga...then get a massage....sounds about right!

Oluwa, I love the way you write! Stream-of-consciousness writing I'd call that...whatever comes to mind...out it comes! It's so refreshing and I look forward to your every post...don't ever change! I'm glad Lyrica is still working. I'm going to press my rheumy about that. I'm so tired of hurting and not sleeping at night....

Off to early bed....no sleep last night....got to get some tonight, so I'll try counting sheep! http://smileys.on-my-web.com/repository/Sleepy/sleep-034.gif

06-02-2008, 06:42 PM
I missed your post SITC...as I was typing my other one...

How are ya...how is the paper cut? Thank you for the hugs...back at you. Head squeeze...

I did do massage therapy for my sciatic but not the whole down rub except once. I felt naked the, woman made me feel like a child..weird....not a great experience, but not enough to scare me off.

I meant to check one out, but I feel so self-conscious of my hard lard (fat). Though a recovered EDer and 47 I can still be self-conscious of my body.

Warming up there in Nova Scotia yet? Nineties here..swam last night..

Enjoy your dreams...night.

06-02-2008, 07:12 PM
It's trying to warm up ... really it is.

Freezing cold yesterday morning, but by afternoon it was a perfect day. Today was was very damp but clear and warm this afternoon.

Everything is greening up and the leaves have finally popped out in all their glory.

I think I'm going to have a bumper crop of cherries this year, if I can get to them before those rotten blue jays do.

I'm trying to be patient with my pear tree and my plum trees, but really they're big enough and need to start producing and earning their keep!

Blue berry bushes are full of little white berries waiting to turn blue...yummm. Way to early for my black berry and raseberry bushes to take off. The apple trees are in full bloom ... looks like a good yr for apples.

I think I'll just sit in my back yard and stuff my face :))

The paper cuts have finally closed up. Man that was annoying. I cut my self on several joints with those thick file folders.

Well goodnight you two, stay out of trouble :)

06-03-2008, 09:09 AM
Jody, hey you..

How was your sleep..maybe you need to take a day off to catch up.

Another cute avatar. When I swing I feel so free, like a little girl on a huge playground. Up...trying to be parallel with the ground without flopping and tumbling to the ground..wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee. As an adult I just lift off my feet and that is as high as I will go...boing...

Yea, press him, the doctor...pain is exhausting. Last night I took Tylenol before sleeping. It didn't bother my innards. A bit crooked from my outing yesterday, then digging, shovels full of dirt for my new plants. Then we spread about 1000lbs of sand and lawn soil for the big mess the fence installers caused.

They created a huge muck hole from not leveling our fence, the gate wouldn't open and the the sod installers shoveled the dirt away to get the sod in, so the gate would open. The Fence guy wouldn't repair but was nice up until he folded my check into his wallet. He was a bit, ahem..a huge hinderhole. I've reach my quota on dealing with contractors...and my husband was never around to take care of it. I am glad those days are past. I do need one more..to paint out high walls and ceilings...egads.

Fence..with the muck hole...we repair it ourselves. Dug out the posts, leveled and re-cemented. My husband dumped the sand and dirt, I spread and leveled and 8' x 8' section, deep too....crazy, two amateurs..but it turned out better than what they had done. I would say it looked professionally done. Seeded it. I am proud of us...and pooped...


What a fruit bowl you will have this summer. I like cherries, but not the Maraschino ones..ewww. Weird texture. I call them pickled cherries..

Blueberries, mine one bush has just leaves..hummm...

My lemon tree has oh, about a dozen gold ball size fruit..green still. I water them plenty. I want them juicy...

Cardboard cuts can do much damage. I am glad they are healing. They can even gouge a hardwood floor. My husband found that out and so did I when I said, Wow, what happened to the floor...who did that. A big V gouge from the corner, hit the floor when he stepped onto the last step and didn't raised the box.

Any closer to a diagnose? Plaquenil effects still good...

Enjoy this day you guys....Happy Tuesday...

06-03-2008, 04:28 PM
Oluwa: I did sleep last night, but only thanks to Ambien - about 5 or 6 hours. That's the most I ever seem to be able to string together. I know that's not enough....

Won't see my rheumy for another 3 weeks or so. Internal med doc today - posted about that on "I go something like this" thread. I'll ask VERY strongly about Lyrica...time to try something new.

SITC: All of that home grown fruit!! How great is that?! We planted 3 apple trees last year and they are full of blossoms....so nice to see! We have wild raspberries, but they don't produce like the one's you cultivate. Wild strawberries, too, but again.... Too many critters out here to get much from the wild berries - something eats them all. That's why nature provides them, I guess!

Glad your paper cuts healed....geez I hate those things. My skin is so terribly dry the slightest brush with a paper edge tends to cut it. I thought that was Sjogren's, but rheumatologist said it's more likely caused by Raynauds (poor circulation, I guess.)

Hope you're both having a good day!


06-05-2008, 06:38 PM

Have we spoke lately...seems a spell.

Sleeping well, yet? How's the limbs....?

Something has changed either with the Lyrica or Reglan. I have a bit of swelling going on. My feet look like shoe boxes???

I no longer have the rush...

And Reglan is making me hungry....food is moving too fast. Hunger means more food, more food more fat...ah more fat, not good for me...

Hummm, but the body and mind feel intact, good, normal like everyone who is normal normal but really is their normal normal?


06-05-2008, 08:46 PM
Oluwa, sorry to hear your feet are 'shoeboxes'....wonder what that could be from? Hope it doesn't last....if so, hope doc has an answer for that.
So good to hear you say that you're feeling 'normal'.....what a relief! You've had such a rough go of it, you needed to catch a break.

My mitts are very sore....seem a bit more so every day. Weather, maybe? So rainy here.

I was interested in your post with the recommendation of the Anti-Inflammation Zone book. I've been thinking about really working on my diet, to be extra careful about foods. I'm going to trek to the bookstore to check it out. They have the book on Amazon, but I'm mostly a 'touch it and turn the pages' kind of book buyer....old habit.

G'night....it's late for me.....


06-06-2008, 09:11 AM
You guys may not remember me but I come and read and sometimes post. Been a while tho. I had to post when I saw this thread on Lyrica. The swelling you are having is from the Lyrica. I am on it and about once a week or so I have to take a diurectic (on top of my 2 bp meds) to get it to go away. When it gets really bad, like it is this week, I have some "spare" prednisone at home that I split and take. It makes it go down. The rheum told me that it was from the Lyrica and it was up to me whether I wanted to stop taking it. The good for me so far outweighs the bad (i.e. swelling being my only side effect so far) so I am staying on it. I like being able to walk and move without all the pain I was in before. Anyway just wanted to pop in and say it is normal but you might want to let your dr know the swelling is there. If you have kidney issues with your lupus it may not be a good idea?! I hope yours goes away. I've been taking Lyrica for about 4 months now and I still get the swelling about every 3 weeks or so, and it doesn't seem to be related to my salt intake or anything either.

06-06-2008, 09:34 AM
Hello Jody...

Mitts feeling like boxing gloves, stiff and swollen still...?

Yea, check that book out. It lists most foods and their impact, favorable and not..but it doesn't say no, no. It suggests not to...

It also has a 7 day start up menu. You can mixed it up, you don't have to eat the suggested recipe on that day...

Me, I just eat clean. Less processing the better. Less ingredients the better. Eat fresh and colorful. Sometimes I do like a bit of the greasy foods. Fish and chips...and a Hershey Plain Bar..

I do better without a rigid menu. Some people need a regime to follow.

The Omega Diet is excellent book also...menus...more simplified than the other book. Both follow the same food concept. Check them both out. I think you may find the Omega a better read. All about the Omega 3's...

Happy TGIF...

06-06-2008, 09:43 AM
Hi Tracy Dawn..

Hey thanks for the info...

When I started my new regime of pills, for my stomach too I feel like I took a diuretic the first 6 or so days. But these last 4 days I feel like I ate a watermelon seed.

I do sleep sound, deep... when I do...

I will ask my doctor about a diuretic..or maybe I will get an OTC. You think that will be strong enough. Will tea rid me of the swelling. I just made some tea from bags...

My next appointment with the RheumBA is July 6...

I've been fortunate, no kidney issues. Just once protein showed up, scaryroids took it away. They have been fine every since. Just belly issues, joints and spine. But as a whole I think I am fairing quite well...and you?

I do remember you, I think we chatted up once or twice..

Be well.

06-06-2008, 10:08 AM
The diuretic I took is OTC. I just popped two and away you go to the bathroom. One of my co-workers swears I live in the bathroom because everytime she comes down the stairs (my office is on the bottom floor near the bathroom thank goodness) I am coming out of it. :lol:
I'm doing ok for the most part. I started back to school last August, which is why I kind of dropped out of sight on here. And I've been fighting flares ever since. I had signed up to finish my bachelors but decided last month that I just don't have it in me to go that long, so I switched to the Associates and will graduate end of this month. Online classes rock!! :) Hopefully things will settle down after I graduate cause I am sooooo tired of this constant flaring. :(
Hey what kind of belly issues are you having? I have them too that is why I ask. I have a permanent Rx for Bentyl, and take Aciphex every morning and still have pain that makes me want to cut myself open. :(
Glad to hear you are doing well though. :)

06-06-2008, 10:45 AM

Oh I know of such pain, where we want to dissemble ourselves. Cut off legs, hands..because of the unbearable pain...

http://www.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/party/party0006.gif (http://www.butz.org.uk)You go girl...A degree...an Associates that is something. I hope you are proud of yourself for that accomplishment. And early congratulation's to you...Bravo.. That is no small feat especially when you have IT...

What OTC brand of diuretic do you use?

My belly issues..Long story, long diagnose..

It start when my food would get lodged in my esophagus for three days or so. Heart attack I thought. Early age heart disease runs in my family tree...made my way to the ER. Filled up with nitroglycerin and patches too for two days. Nuclear tread test.. End diagnose GERD. Discharge with a prescription.. Protonix. Grateful it was my stomach and not my heart..

Months, a year past..food still slow to go down, painful inflammation in the chest, neck and upper back when I stopped the Protonix as advised by my RheumBA. Back on it..the pain stopped a lot.

I was hungry after I ate or bloated after I ate a morsel...belly sloshed about and gurgled for months, like a washing machine..diarrhea, constipation. My body's digestion couldn't decide what it was going to torture me with so it did it all.

I was diagnosed with too fast emptying of the stomach after an ER visit.

One day while having a conversation with my PP, I said isn't my tummy supposed to be healed by now from Gerdie. I have been dosing with Protonix for 18 plus months. He order a blood draw.

Diagnose. H.Pylori. This was causing me all the problems. I dosed with a heavy regime of antibiotics for 2 weeks. Gone...

As of late I had an upper endoscopy, he dilated my esophagus so my food wouldn't get stuck anymore. A Gastric Emptying test was conducted now my food is slow to move from my stomach. Prescribed Reglan so my stomach would contract more. My food would rot in my stomach for 12 hours or more.. and Miralax to keep me moving from end to end...

I have pain at the sphincter connection between the stomach and the esophagus still. It didn't seat properly after the dilation. Will heal I am told. If the sphincter pain doesn't resolve in 4 weeks I am to return around the first week of July. To rule out scleroderma of the esophagus. I have gastritis though....and I am still classified as having Gerdie. Biopsies for cancer, infections all came back negative. I am grateful for that.

H.Pylori infection is very common, maybe you should request a test if it hasn't already been done. It has been studied to cause peptic ulcer...

Follow the links for more info..

I hope you take a mini vacation, a big vacation as a gift to yourself for completing your education. Studying, deadlines does create stress. Maybe a vacation will bring the flair without a red soled stilettos to a rest...

It is the weekend..enjoy...