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05-27-2008, 06:57 PM
Just looking for our sweet Oluwa...hope you're just having an extended holiday weekend and not battling our arch-enemy. How ya' doing'?


Pretti in Pink
05-28-2008, 01:16 PM
I'm looking too, you take one end and I'll cover the other.

Oluwa, Oh Oluwa where are you?

05-28-2008, 01:59 PM
Squeazing your head Oluwa...

Hope you are spoiling yourself and taking it easy.

05-29-2008, 08:34 AM
Here I am, not sweet..sourpussed.

I am a bit dry, dull and ho-hum...that is why I've been hiding. It can bring the party down.

Finding my way. I left some dribbles and scribbles at I go something like this...

Thank you for thinking of me...
Thank you for the head squeeze...

I maybe out of sight but know I am thinking of you, you and you too...wondering how you guys do it. I wish I could be like you guys. I am tired.

Sorry, I am a bit of a hard clay ball...waiting to soften up so I can sculpture my thoughts and adapt again.


Jody...your avatar made me smile and it made me smell, take a deep nose inhale...ahhh. Maybe I need to cover up and go smell my garden flowers. Will do a spirit good.

05-29-2008, 08:40 AM
Hugs, sweetie!

We love your light moods and pick me ups, but we're no fair-weather friends here. If you'd like a shoulder to cry / grump / crabby at, have at it. If you're tired and just want to say "hey y'all, I'm tired and sad" We'll listen and share as well.

Sometimes just getting it all to flow through the fingers and on to the computer can help. Sometimes the cyber-hugs and thoughts we're all sending will help too.

We love you in all of your days -

05-29-2008, 02:22 PM
Soooo glad to hear from you - sorry you've hit a 'dry spell' but don't ever feel alone. We've all been there. If it's easier just to take a peek at the posts and rest your fingers, then that's what you should do. You're part of the 'family'.... posting or not posting!

Luv ya....


Pretti in Pink
05-29-2008, 03:35 PM

Sorry you're having a rough go at IT right now. As you start to climb out of it we will grab your hand and give you the strength you need to come on out.

It's okay if you're not posting right now as long as we know you are okay and still peeking your head in.

Take it easier and I hope you feel better soon.

05-29-2008, 04:14 PM
Thank you, thank you guys..IT sucks doesn't it.

I'm working on it. I have been floundering for sometime. Up, down, in, out.. left then the right, front ..back....belly up. What's up with that?

Probably from all those tablets, capsules and Chiclets... toying with my thoughts....

Living in the moment...just finished a Hand Spun Wendy's Strawberry shake without whipping cream....my toes are curling. Ahh...Cools the stomach off...

Surrendering the day to my sleep early..night, night. Sweet Dreams to the sweetest people...you all.

Thank you for all your kindness...hugs.

05-29-2008, 04:50 PM
You are missed Oluwa. I hope IT lets up on you, and allows you a little enjoyment. That strawberry shake sounds pretty good. Like you said, live in the moment.

05-29-2008, 05:07 PM
Glad ya checked in Oluwa, sorry you feel cruddy.

We cant fart daisies everday :)

05-29-2008, 08:42 PM
Why not...if you eat Daisy seeds everyday...

Hey you two....thank you for your cheers up.

A bit of insomnia...the Lyrica is supposedly to help with that I think, I thought....hummm..

05-30-2008, 11:10 AM
Sits, You guys are making me hurt with laughter! I knew I needed to come here - after a week of having my nose stuck in the books, this is such good therapy.
Oluwa, I join the others in saying, "We love you as you are." You do not have to be perky and funny every day. The nature of our disease takes us through many ups and downs - we are here to support you when those downs come. You have supported us so many times.
Take care of yourself, but don't hesitate to come in and grumble, if you need to do so.

Head hugs,

06-11-2008, 04:10 PM
Good heavens, how many days ago..Sorry Suzique...how can any one love one who is late in replies..smile...

Thank you for the compliment...and where are you, whacha ya been doin'??

Jody, Jody...just a quick Hi,..HI...thinking of you too. Did you get the anti-inflammation book? I lost the thread where we were chatting up about it...hummm..

Big head hugs you guys...off to an early night...Happy Dreams
Lots of Love,

06-11-2008, 05:03 PM
Hi, Oluwa! No, haven't got book yet. Tried to find it locally, but didn't, so it's back to Amazon. Cheaper there anyway, I'm sure. My husband is very anxious for me to do that. He's sure I'll feel better if I watch my diet more carefully.

I'm very 'spotty' in watching my diet - sometimes very good, other times a bit careless. I've been feeling pretty lousy - tummy, you know. An improved diet just has to help, huh?

I'm learning that my hands hurt a lot more these days - and more when I do things with them - like type, carry my computer case, drive my car....sheesh. This past weekend I mowed some of my lawn (riding mower; covered head to toe - mostly shady yard.) Hands hurt like the devil. But on Monday I spent the day with granddaughter; hubby and I took her to a beautiful state park and we walked a bit (they walked a lot!) and by the end of the day my hands were good again. Tuesday, went to work and by the end of the day hands hurt badly again.

I'm rattling on - and hands are starting to hurt again. I love coming here, but I may need to do more reading and less writing....until I get some voice activated software!

Hugs to you, Oluwa - hope you're well.


06-13-2008, 08:34 AM
Hey Jody...

Hands...pain..pain in the hands...unpredictable. I am like you. Mine fingers feel like I am trying to bend Ball Park Franks..though not swollen but painful joints as though they were smashed between a door and a frame. I don't know what causes it, but I sure would like it to stop.

Hot, cold, happy, sad...doesn't make a difference they act up, eh....

I was thinking to purchase those arthritic gloves, but haven't found them here. I use to wear them before I had my carpal tunnel surgery.

For a quick fix I close my hands, fingers interlocking with a tight grip and squeeze till they turn white, whiter, dead white.... Humm, maybe I just like more pain, but it seems to help me...try it..

Do you enjoy these...
Salmon, fresh or canned..make salmon cakes..
In to sardines in olive oil?
Whitefish in Minnesota...
Lake Trout too, eh?
Fresh colorful fruits and veggies...
Cabbage, lemon, limes, mangoes, carrots, squash, apples, eggplant, cantelope, yams...baby spring greens...spinach
Flax seed breads..
Olive oil preferably or canola oil
If you enjoy mayo, they do have a canola oil base Mayo by Best Foods or Hellman's.
Handful of nuts..one full a day. Walnuts, almonds..
Ever try sweet potato (yam) salad?
Supplement with fish oil?

Try to eat fresh, simple, baked, grilled or steam..no bottle sauce, or condiments...for a week, your tummy may thank you.

I notice a difference in my body when I don't give two hoots what I consume, my junk is like sourdough bread with albacore filet tuna, Hershey's Chocolate Bars, Blue Bell Strawberry Vanilla Home Made Ice Cream or hummus and white pita bread...fried chicken or fried fish.

Not so junkie, but very inflammatory foods as a whole. Sugar, dairy, white breads..flaming up. Hummus is good, fish and chicken okay, but greasy fried. I do like a bit of grease now and then..more then than now.

Having a prior eating disorder, I know everything to know about food..okay, I exaggerated..almost.

Need a recipe modified. I can do that...

Hugs ..

06-13-2008, 12:39 PM
Hey Jody...

Hands...pain..pain in the hands...unpredictable...

I was thinking to purchase those arthritic gloves, but haven't found them here. I use to wear them before I had my carpal tunnel surgery.

Hugs ..

I bought some of these. http://www.activeforever.com/showproduct.aspx?ProductID=1651&SEName=isotoner-length-open-finger-therapeutic-gloves

They are nice because you can still use your fingers. I put Aspercreme on at night and wear them to bed. They do help. I also put them on when I type and usually bind my wrists with ace bandages too. I'm beginning to think a mummy costume for daily wear might not be a bad idea although I would probably get some awfully odd looks when I go out of the house.

I hope you feel better soon.

06-13-2008, 05:42 PM

Hey, thank you...With my stubs, they would cover my fingers.....nice. Cool, they have other great stuff...

The one I had purchase were black and were like a glove...but I may just get those..Jody, whacha think...? Check out the link and browse too.


06-14-2008, 06:05 PM
Jennyfoo, thanks for the link! Those look like they would really help. I need to do something for those days I work and have to be on the keyboard for hours (or other things that really use my fingers.)

Oluwa, I ordered the Anti Inflammation Zone - it should be here on Monday! I'm anxious to learn about it - I've read about it so many publications.

I like a lot of healthy foods - no reason I can't eat healthy - just takes a bit more time to plan. We're simple eaters - a small piece of health fish or poultry and a fresh vegetable will work most days. Sometimes, something cheesy and spicy starts calling your name, though.....and it's hard to resist!

How are you, Oluwa???


06-15-2008, 02:46 PM
Great Jody..

I think you will enjoy the book...The Omega Diet, is quite similar too...

Simple is good. Just switch up your oils to Olive or Canola...Make homemade vinaigrettes. Need a recipe?

I just ate a plate of Caesar's Salad with anchovies, fresh lemon, omega 3 eggs..homemade.. and a fillet of beef. Washed down with Green tea. That was it, no starch but my husband does a couple of spuds.

It is good to indulge the craving. I find if you do instead of avoiding it all together, you begin to eat other junk to try and curb it. It never gets curb..cheese and spicy is good. Quesadilla cheesy? Whole wheat tortilla wraps...2% fat cheese? Non-fat is gross, turns to rubber.

Frankly, I am not a non-fat girl...I feel whole or light is better. Too many other ingredients when they start to de-fat things and fill it with gum, modified food starches, fructose and etc...Yucka kaka.

I am doing pretty good. Just the usual moans but nothing standing out demanding my attention except my Jack Russell.

My dog, my little girl who turned 13 on June 3, I think either has an inner ear infection or a brain lesion. AKA Vestibular Syndrome from my Internet research.

It is sad and I have to wait till tomorrow to get her into a vet. She doesn't known up from down, or left from right. Her head is tilted, she stumbles about, flips over, somersaults down the steps. I now carry her. Motor skills are off. Even struggle to get head to her food, so I hand feed her. She doesn't know where my voice is coming from, so I wave my arms about..Here I am..

She just woke up like that..sigh.

And from all this imbalance she has motion sickness and looses her food....

It makes me so sad...but she has taught me something. Her, she is so out of her norm...yet she is happy, tail wagging, following me about despite knowing which way to walk. Forward or back around... going in a circle...adapting and not affecting her spirit at all. If only I was so resilient.

She is just as happy and hyper as if she drank a cup of espresso.

I am hoping it is just an inner ear infection from all the swimming we had been doing...but sometimes they say it can just pop out of nowhere or it is a lesion....

For either, there is really not much they can do...treat the inner infection if that is what it is. But they can live with it...

I just love her so and it would just tear me up inside if I had to make a decision...

How is the tummy, results...anything new and improved...? Hands?


06-15-2008, 07:04 PM
Hi, Oluwa. I love fruit-flavored vinegrettes; husband likes Balsamic vinegrette. I'd love a recipe. I have found a very natural raspberry vinegrette in a local fine-food grocer - can't remember brand right now. I buy that. But I'd love to be able to make one.

We both love quesadillas - so easy, so quick. I can't stand the 'fat free' dairy stuff - look very suspicious to me...sour cream, cheese...just not natural. Light is OK though. I'm sure I can find other things to keep the tummy happy. I made halibut today (on the grill) for a father's day dinner; aspargus - simple dinner. Our younger son caught this halibut in his last Alaskan fishing trip. Yummm. I did use a bit of butter on it - not good, I know, but it was tasty!

I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet pup. Let's see....what is her name? It's two names, right? Mathilda? Can't think of it ... foggy head. We've had to make hard decisions about both a beloved dog and a beloved cat (one 12 years old; one 17) and it was so hard. My heart goes out to you. I hope it's just an ear infection....

Glad you're doing OK. How's your back?

Hands and hips are very sore tonight - eyes feel swollen; face burning. Did a bit too much this weekend (gee...what a surprise!) and I always pay for it come Sunday night. It'll be a busy week, so I need to pace myself. Seems to be something major going on every week for the next 2 months!

Hope you rest well tonight!


06-16-2008, 08:37 AM
Blueberry Spinach Salad....for Jody. Whom I got this from? Dunno..

1/2 c canola oil
1/4 c raspberry vinegar
2 tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp sugar or Splenda
1/2 tsp salt
10 ounces of fresh baby spinach or the adult size torn.
4oz of crumbled bleu cheese
1/2 c toasted chopped pecans

Shake the first 5 ingredients in a jar.
In a large bowl toss spinach, bleu cheese, blueberries and pecans...add dressing and toos gently. For 6-8 to heads...

Toasted pecans are best...roast for about 5 minutes in oven...flip once. Make a bag full and Ziploc the rest.

If no raspberry vinegar is found..I use frozen raspberries, thawed and add them to white vinegar. And keep refrigerated.

Can you belief after being in the south for two years I finally found some. I use frozen because I can have them on hand all the time. Or I freeze my own....clean and toss into a Glad Freezer Bag...

Her name is Riley Mildred...We have an appointment at 4PM today...

Back is still doing, I am aware of it..but I can manage the pain. I protect it..one more week until my appointment. Yahay!

How are the pains and swelling today. You know, NSAIDs make me swell...puffy eyed, puffy feet...tight hands and drugs like Ultracet, Percocet. Iwas taking Ultracet for a long while. Who knew. I did when I stopped...

Hope today the pain hides and your eyes deflate...


06-16-2008, 09:15 AM
How about a citrus one? I hope you like bleu chees, as this one has it too. I make this one in Florida with the abundance of citrus trees at my Dad's.

1/2 red onion
1 grapefruit
1 orange
2 mandarin oranges
1 oz crumbled bleu cheese
1/4 c olive oil, extra virgin or extra light if you prefer
2 TBLS red wine vinegar
Salt and fresh ground pepper
4 c escarole..or I use baby spring mix that has it. It is a bitter leave alone, but mixed with this dressing, I love it. I hope you do too.

Cut onion in half then slice thin, paper thin slices..then cut the half slives in half again..basically it ends up being a 1/4 paper thin slice...

Section citrus fruit from the membrane in to a bowl and let juice drop into the bowl too...
In another large bowl, add olive oil. Using a fork mash the bleu cheese into the oil till blended well. Stir in the vinegar, 1/2 salt and 1/2 tsp pepper. Add the leaves and coated gently..add the citrus with the juice, red onion. The recipe asked for minced fresh chervil, but that is a hard find.I omit it...


06-17-2008, 07:46 PM
Oluwa, thanks so much for the recipes....they sound so good! I'm having a good day today, but being careful not to over use the fingers....they get so darn painful.

Did you take Riley Mildred to the the vet today? What did you learn?


06-18-2008, 12:46 PM
Hey you, Jody...

Fingers being kind to you today still..you're welcome on the recipes. I have a great one for a Caesar's. Want it? Bon Appetit. Did the book arrive?

Mildred..has was I suspected. Vestibular Disease...regardless if it is inner ear or a brain lesion, I guess they both resolve in time 2 - 3 weeks. The only way to determine if it is a brain lesion was to have an MRI.

Not cost effective since there isn't any treatment. So, presuming it is an ear infection we are treating her with antibiotics..

She still leans, staggers, and flops down when she fluffs up her fur coat...head still tilted but the puke piles have stopped..

So she should be fine, maybe some residuals..a bit of leaning, tilt head. I hope not...my neighbor said she looked cute..I mumbled in my head, she looks sick, like disable despite her happy, loving jumping attitude. Only if I was so quick to recover my spirit like Riley....

When she jumps up, as JRT do..she falls in a heap when landing..crazy girl..

Keep your fingers relax, and rest...a I am alive is enough..I will get it...

Having a great day I am, swam...had a fresh vegetable sandwich...just an overall good feeling...

Hope you are too.

06-18-2008, 08:00 PM
Hi, Oluwa. No, no book yet. Should be here soon. I'd love the Caesar recipe, too.

So glad Mildred will be OK....dogs are resilient, a bit like children that way. You must be so relieved!!

Hands hurt, but I'm managing OK. It's not a big deal - but annoying. I just wish I felt better. Tired, and just a bit depressed. Probably because I'm not exercising like I should. I know if I do I'll feel better. Getting lazy...

My boss is moving me to another floor in our office - a little cube; no windows (I have nice windows, facing north now - no sunlight, but a nice view.) I don't mine being in a cube - I'm in one now. Makes sense not to have a big office when I only work part time. I know it's silly, but I feel a bit badly about being shuffled to a much smaller, kind of stuffy space. I've been working for this place for 21 years...

Sorry...very small problem....very big whine. When I'm not feeling so hot, little things get bigger than they are.

I read your post (here....somewhere else....can't recall) saying that you are only on plaquenil right now. That's wonderful!! I'm so glad that you are managing on just a little medication. And you've made a decision about the D&C - I hope it really makes a big difference....I bet it will. Find a good GYN......

Hope you rest well tonight, dear Oluwa!


06-19-2008, 06:09 AM
Hey Jody,

Isn't funny how we can reason out, understand things like being moved because you are part time in our mind, but yet it still feels in our hearts somewhat like a rejection, feeling unappreciated, eh? Head hug..

Maybe make you own sunshine...pin pictures of trees, flowers...sky on the wall so it feels like a window of bring is some low light plants...will they fit? Need some pictures I can email you some from my collection I have taken...

A size of room doesn't show your self worth...if it did you would be sitting in a coliseum..

I know pain can magnify things in life, hugely....but I don't mind listening, so do tell. When I hurt from it, and stub my toe one would think I broke a leg from my wails and river of tears...

Yes, yes..I am weeding the tablets and capsules out, and trying to strengthen my core and skeletal muscles through swimming. I do still hurt, but I am trying to manage it through stretching and meditation too.

Focusing on the pain mentally, till I feel it is cold and numb. I see a hole and I focus on it...I am trying also to maintain a calm heart, calm mind. Starving IT so to say...

Accepting my husbands traveling. I'm living life with me instead of trying to be just a weekend wife and sulking in the week when I am alone. Doing for me, eat for me, swim for me. With the changing of my emotion associated with his travel I feel better inside.

And you know what my diaper face rash even seems a bit less pink...

I am grateful that I am able to focus basically just on me, my mental well being as well as my physical...and not needing to work financially. I am grateful for retirement plans, my sense to have invested...and my husband who provides us with a life of not wanting for anything. A stress that most everyone feels I am fortunate not to have that stress..I am most fortunate indeed.

I am only taking my Plaquenil coupled with CoQ10 and Fish oil. I have swallowed a few Tylenol here and there...but I am determined I can make a change by tweaking my thoughts, and physical activity...and keep eating clean...

Out with the Lortab, Ultracet, Flexeril, Elavil, Protonix, Prometrium, Lyrica, Miralax and etc...I do have Protonix ordered, on stand by...

I was just so tired of the muddle thinking...I just wanted my thoughts to be straight up without any mixers. I felt they contributed to my bleak feelings, my exhaustion. I hope I am doing more good than damage..

My stomach is sooooooo much better, so much. Before I use to be upset because my RheumBA wasn't listening...but I replace it with..I am so thankful my Primary listened when I asked why Protonix still for 18 months. He ran the test and it all fell into place. A little probing, a little antibiotics, a little dilation and I feel great. Very slight burning...but I just drop a bread or a cracker in, keep a bit of something in there..

My back..still keeping it in a neutral position. Buttocks tight and tucked. Stomach taunt and tight...shoulders back and dropped. Only four more days till my appointment. The structure, the muscle or the spine does need medical care though of some sort. Hopefully a site injection, PT..anything but surgery I pray....

How is your stomach? Any diagnose? Any line of treatment? I wish your tummy could feel like mine does now...Maybe make that upper and Lower GI appointment..

Do you have Fibro too? I forgot..sorry...

How are you hands and hips...is the weather changing there now, barometric changes? Summer arrive yet?..that could be affecting your joints, the change...maybe when the weather remains constant it will subside..

Do you massage your hands..tried to pull gently or have someone do it. PPull you fingers between the meeting of the index and middle finger..like milking a cow...and pull. You squeeze with the muscles of those two fingers and not the bone.. And use your thumb, or someones to push in and up from the base of your palm, the fat pads to the top of your palm. I wish I could show you, it feels really good...

Or milk you finger with the inside of you palm..squeeze with the fat pad and there is no bony pressure.

And do stretch your body..oxygenate it..get the blood flowing. This may help you to start a small exercising regime...Even just a head to toe to finger tip while in bed stretch..reach, reach. Hey...stand up and do one right now...yes...right now...feel it.. Stretch, breathe...reach higher...breathe. Feel good?

Enjoy the morning...off to take a dip...
Be well, Jody, be well I ask...

06-19-2008, 06:48 AM
Oh, I almost forget...when I went to fill up my bowl full of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for my breakfast...I thought Jody's Caesar's Salad...

Caesar Salad

2 minced, through a press garlic cloves
4 anchovy fillets, the one in olive oil
1 tsp salt. I use Kosher, less sodium..half.

In a bowl...mashed together the three ingredients with two forks, ripping the anchovies in small pieces than making a paste..

1 tsp black freshly ground pepper..or from the box is fine.
1 TBLS fresh lemon juice...bottled is fine.
1 tsp of Whatsthisheresauce. Worcestershire sauce.
1/2 Dijon Mustard.

Then beat in with a whisk 1 large egg yolk. If you don't like the idea of a raw egg...boil the egg with shell for 1 minute, then separate.

Then slowly pour while whisking 1/3 cup of olive oil...virgin, extra light, your taste bud calls it. I always you extra light virgin ...

Toss with two heads of chopped Romaine lettuce with the spine removed.
Toss in crotons if you like and then about 1/3 c. shredded or shaved Parmesan cheese. Place on plate and top with more cheese please.

Me, I omit the crotons. I use to make them. Marie Calendars make some tasty ones.

Sometimes I mixed up the romaine with iceberg..depends on who is dining and what I have in the cupboards...

Bon Appetit'

06-19-2008, 12:58 PM
Hey Jody,

I know your hands and fingers hurt...so I understand..don't feel you need to reply. If you feel you do, just pick a smiley face to post...


06-19-2008, 03:41 PM
A bit better today, Oluwa! Thanks for checking on me, and for all of the wonderful advice.

I guess I DO feel a little under-appreciated sometimes at work. But, on the other hand, they gave me this job when I couldn't do my other job any longer. In fact, they CREATED this job for me. I am grateful, and shouldn't whine about something as minor as a move to a smaller space. I plan to buy a poster or two of the lake views that I used to have (two offices ago!) and put them up in my little space. That will give me the illusion of a view! I will also plan to spend a few minutes everyday in the conference room that has a great corner location, overlooking the lake. I can do this without whining! (In fact, I bought a plaque that says "no whining" and put it up in my space today. :lol: :lol: )

I did some exercise today, and I also stayed busy when I got home. Put in some annuals in some pots on my deck. My hands are (for some reason!) not too bad today. For one thing, it's warm outside, but it's very dry. We often have a lot of humidity this time of year. This year, once the spring rains quit, all that changed - very dry. I think my joints like dry!

Tummy has it's ups and downs. I'm being careful about what I eat. No GI tests yet. I see my rheumy next week and we're going to talk about ending the colchicine - we'll see.

I like your new philosophy about your husband's travel - taking good care of yourself; focusing on the good things you can DO when you're alone - for yourself - instead of focusing on 'being alone.' You're so smart, Oluwa! :)

(P.S. Thanks for the caesar recipe! I'm not an anchovy eater, but the rest sounds yummy!)


06-27-2008, 10:52 AM
Jody, Jody..

Haven't we chatted it up recently on another thread...so many.

Toss the anchovies, still good. In lieu of the anchovies I would toss in another yolk to give it a more thicker texture..

Hugs...enjoy the day. It's Friday..weekend plans?


06-28-2008, 05:18 AM
Hugs back at ya', Oluwa. Company this weekend. Did a bit much to get ready yesterday, so am paying today. But, not bad...just some limping, gimping - my neuropathy and Fibro seems to have kicked in this time, and of course my hands ache. I don't have any good alternative for pain, unfortunately, so I'll just pop some advil. Keep worrying about what I'm doing to my tummy, though.....

How about you? Did you start filling those canvasses yet? Any special inspirations for your art?


06-28-2008, 06:35 AM
Hey Jody...Head hug.

Half hour ago I just pattered with my wet feet in to the house after a 25 minute swim. The pool is shaded till 10:30 now....so , it is an early or an evening swim. I am really enjoying myself and without worrying about showing my fat off. Just me...my husband says I'm not. But I am.

Just a limbing, hobbling? That sounds awful...me I drag the foot, slide it along when it is too pooped to walk with me. I do the shuffle in my slippers. When I was at the neurosurgeon he said I hardly have any reflexes in either legs. I knew I had the one...short circuit.

Have you tried B-Complex.. B1, B6 or B12 for nerve pain?

Getting ready for company is a workout..I could tell you to slow down, rest, take it easy as an anecdote, but I like you, whats that? I am learning. Don't forgot to eat with the Advil...

Do you take any acid inhibitors yet? What did your former... sorry...RhuemBA say about it? Gut pain can ruin a whole day and ruin a lot of things on the inside. You don't want to bore a hole in there..

Canvas 22" x 28"... I started to paint the black red poppies... a field of up close wildflowers for my dining room. When the house was finished, I started to add personal touches, then I went kaput and IT took me for the ride of my life. Slowly I add, slowly I painted a room...this year I haven't done hardly a thing. Plant, that is about it. It doesn't have my Oluwa, personal touch yet.

I have a vision for a back splash but as for now we have a painted wall with a 4" granite slab. I envision stainless steel carved tiles amongst hand colored ones and glass ones. When the house was being built we asked that some of the standard items be kept in a box, light fixtures, ceiling fans, cabinet pulls, wall tiling and we had them install our own faucets and etc.... so I could make it personal...well, it is still impersonal...ugh... working on it. I am two years behind...

My husband is still sleeping..I think I will shake his sheets and see if he feels like an early lunch out. I am into this eating out lately..cooking is no longer a way of life it is becoming a now and then event. I used to love to cook....but the cleaning, being ill... well, it has been easy to say bye bye dirty dishes. I even thought to buy paper and plastic. Not so green of me.

Grocery shopped the other day...fruits, fruits, bread, juices and vegetable...my finger food. Fresh cherries are great now...Ah, I might toss a bird into the pot or roast or BBQ some pig or a bit of cow next week.

Enjoy your company...family, friends they are nice to be around, have around. I miss that.


06-29-2008, 12:42 AM
Good (early) morning, Oluwa. I can't sleep - again. (Even on new meds...I think there's something wrong with my brain....)

My soon-to-be-ex Rheumy has made a referral to a gastro guy - it'll take me a while to get in, I'm sure. She said I need to get my esophageal stuff checked out. And, if need be, lower GI as well. IBS is an easy answer for some things, but she's a bit suspicious. I had some trouble swallowing a while back and she had me do a swallow test. My esophagus (is that spelled right?.....) moves a bit slow; has some spasms - a bit of a hietal hernia, too. She's a little worried that IT has begun some inflammation in there. I can't seem to live without the Prilosec - the pain and pressure is not good - right up to my throat.

I'm just at a loss on what to do about pain. Shouldn't be taking a lot of ibuprofen (or other NSAIDs) with my tummy troubles. Don't have anything else - except Lortab, and I hate those things (make me nauseous.) She didn't prescribe anything else. Just the valium-like stuff to help me sleep - which is not working. I've only taken it twice - I have to give it a chance I guess.

I love the idea of 'personalizing' your home. I'd love to see your artwork; your photos. A home is so much more interesting with things that reflect who lives there. I've done a bit of that in some rooms, with collections of a few things that matter to us. No 'creativity' of my own involved there - but, still interesting. I have a nice collection of baskets in lots of places in our house. Art baskets, baskets from Panama, Africa, very old baskets, sweet grass indian baskets....kind of fun. We've accumulated some interesting art pieces from travels. A silk woven rug from Egypt, a framed papyrus, colorful needlework from an island off the coast of Panama, an acrylic sculpture from Hawaii, some small prints of a village we were in on Cape Cod, iron wood from Jamaica All remind me of our travels. Sometimes I walk around the house and just look at those things, remembing the pleasure in finding them and then placing them around the house. It's all good memories.

I like to cook, but have been much less creative. Simple meals, simple sauces, a little good ice cream for dessert. We eat out a LOT. In recent years, there have been a few very good restaurants open here (not 'chain' restaurants, but excellent local places) so we enjoy that. We have our favorites. We enjoy meeting friends sometimes, but mostly just enjoy being out together. THat's a good thing!

I'm so glad you have a pool to enjoy. It sounds wonderful - if it wasn't so cool here much of the time, that would be something we would both enjoy. We talked about it when we first built this place, but there's just too much cold weather to make it worthwhile. A spa (outdoor hot tub) was a much more practical investment, so that's what we did. It's not as much fun in the summer except on very cool nights. But in the winter, as long as it's not below zero, it's fun to sit in 104 degree water with snow falling on your head, or when the stars are glittering in the icy air, steam rising, trees cracking in the cold, ice forming on the edges of your hair. And when it's a full moon, shining on fresh snow...., sihouettes of bare maples in the background, and the wind sighing through the cedars...my goodness....it's indescribably beautiful. Maybe that's the Scandinavian in me - or just years of living in Minnesota. HOWEVER....that may be the ONLY time I enjoy winter! Brrrrrrr

I'm rattiling on again....sorry. It's late (or early.....) and I tend to do that when I'm tired. Time to try to get some sleep again. Hubby is snoring up there - I can hear him. Maybe some sleep in my favorite chair down here.....

Yawwwnnnn. G'night.


06-29-2008, 05:31 AM
Jody ...

It is 8:35 AM EST and I hadn't slept a wink. Humm, maybe the scaryroids. I should have come on and we could have chatted up.

I spent the wee hours watching movies...Notebook on a Scandal...is that the name with Kate Blanchett. I am amazed I can even type this morning with my brittle head. Then Babel..and then Godsend. All kind of weird in their own way...

Babel..one could take aways many emotions after watching the flick, or I should say work up and roll around in the head, heart. Thoughts of miscommunication, communication, language barriers as in the Tower of Babel..or you could pull emotions from each character, all so different...or how other countries evolve around one..

Probably being tired my mind takes it to a different level than what the movie intended to convey..

Times I think too much..like...

While zipping along I-26 my husband pointed out the new V shape army humvees, that distribute impact blast...with little to no fatalities. Seeing three being towed on flat beds, three semis in a row. The only emotion I felt was tears swelling up in my eyes...sniveling, the inhaling all the goobers and balling..weird.

My husband..My God, what happening. I balled, you know the stutter, staggered cry.. not sob, then I began to laugh at me between the sucking up the running nose.

I couldn't grasp the protection of it, except the pain, death..lives that have to be protect from what, war, murderers. Thousand of people trying to murder one man..For what..my mind could not make sense of war...and today it still can't...ah...babbling like a sausage... Imagining 1000 strong hunting me down...scared they must feel.

My mind is so filled with words I can't type them out clearly...a full head. A head full of fog?

Fog head, sleepy head..it is still all good. I am feeling pretty painless or do you think my brain is numb. Either way..I am going to enjoy my floating day...

Humm..I think I need a nap...will pop in later to properly reply to your post when my airhead dissipates.

Oluwa :shock:

07-01-2008, 12:07 AM
It is almost 3:30am EST....This is me... :shock:

07-01-2008, 02:02 AM
It is 2:17 AM California time.....this is me :( No sleep at all!


07-02-2008, 08:38 PM
Well, that's just no good, Oluwa and Saysusie....this not sleeping just has to stop! It's just wicked-hard on a person. I look and feel like I've been on a 3 day bender when I don't sleep well....without the benefit of the 'good time!'

My new med for sleep seemed to help last night (at last, at last!) and I slept nearly 8 hours. So THAT's what a full night's sleep feels like, huh? It's been soooo long.

Hope you both rest well tonight...me too!


07-08-2008, 04:32 PM
Jody, JOdy..now where are you?

How goes life...?

All those baskets sound so beautiful. The sweet grass baskets they make here are gorgeous and also very, very expensive. And all the culture about your house, I bet it is a trip for anyone who hadn't been to those countries to see them about your house...

I put the paint brush down...it was killing my spine..crazy. Finished my steroid pack..oh that reminds me, have you been weaned of the scaryroids completely now...?

I started PT yesterday..well an interview I conduct with them...I decided to try this other one out tomorrow and see how it goes. I should be in a full PT schedule by week's end.

We found a great place for eats. Auntie Maes....good places to dine are far and few. We've dined at the most expensive and the cheapest..same, same. The expensive places seem more pretentious than good..and the cheap ones...you get what you pay for.

How was your 4th?

How was you visit with your company? Resting now that the holiday past?

Still hobbling about?

I am sleeping better, how about you?

I think I had mentioned I had my esophagus dilated the end of April because my food was getting stuck, and too my digestive system wasn't in sync..the swallowing, the movement of the esophagus squeezing it down and the stomach contracting to mash it up and out...

Too, they prescribed a daily meal tablet, Reglan to move my food out of my stomach faster. I get hungry quicker...

Happy Wednesday tomorrow...I hope you are doing well, Jody.


07-08-2008, 07:21 PM
Hello! I'm here Oluwa - sorry to be so absent...I DO miss you all. Lots of family drama. Adult son, his ex, his current, his daughter...so much pain there. Can't distance yourself from those you love - so stress has been not-so-good. Not sleeping much.

Not off the 'scaryoids' quite yet - by end of August, God willing. My medicine box is getting emptier. I'm off colchicine, off atenolol - only tiny 1mg prednisone tablets - and just 4 of those a day (down to 3 in a couple of days.) Just a 'puny' dose - not really doing anything...but must taper sloooooooooowwwwwwwwly. I'm really hoping this means remission - although, I'm still on cellcept and plaquenil, so I'm not managing all of this without drugs yet. Someday?

No referral to a gastro doc yet - they were supposed to call - guess I'll have to follow up.

Is the PT intended to help your back? Have you had PT before? Like all else, there are good PTs and not such good PTs. I've had both. I hope you find a winner first time.

Have you ever used a chiropractor? There is one here I've been considered seeing. He's known to do some good work with people who have Fibro. I've had 3 different people recommend him in the past month or two.

Had a nice 4th of July weekend, but did too much. Lots of company and it was very, very hot (for Minnesota!) - 90 degrees. But, still, fun.

What did you do on the 4th, Oluwa?

07-13-2008, 03:23 PM

Did you do the follow up call?

Off colchine and atenol too...woohoo...such great news.

The PT is for my spine and yes, it is helping. Today I've spent a bit time on the PC typing, and that aggravates it..but as whole I think I am on my way to an improved posture...

I've tried a chiropractor once...and never went back. Horrible experience for me. My previous neurosurgeon said no to chiropractors...probably because mine isn't an alignment problem per se. I have disc degenerative disease. DDD The triple D cup...lol.

My 4th, domestic...not much to write about, ribs on the grill, snap pop at home and took a cruise about the hood with my husband.

Weekend is coming to a close, hope you had an enjoyable one...and a great week to look forward too...


07-14-2008, 07:26 PM
Hello! Finally got call from gastro office today - they left message for me to call them....which I'll do tomorrow.

I'm soooo glad PT is helping! You're on a roll! Let's hope all things go in that same direction for a while!

Me...I did too much this weekend (granddaughter's birthday.) But, it's more than that. I'm puzzled what to do - not sleeping; headaches; joint pain; general not-so-hot feeling. Feeling truly lousy today. Been having this off and on for a couple of weeks (well....not sleeping is an on-going thing.) I have about 4 different things that I've been prescribed to help me sleep - nothing works well. The only thing I have for pain is Lortab and that makes me sick to my stomach. I've been taking Ibuprofen, but I'm sure that's a no-no for my stomach. I get very puffy; eyes feel like they're swollen. Headaches get bad enough to almost close my left eye; make my head 'buzz.' I'm getting suspicious that IT is taking me for a new turn around the block - and I'm not liking the neighborhood. I'm not scheduled to see my new rheumy until the 1st of October. I suppose if I whined loudly, someone else would see me.

How has the heat been there? Are you still enjoying your dips in the pool? Sounds soooo lovely!

Off to bed for me - and with luck and prayers - to sleep!


07-16-2008, 06:18 AM
Jody.. head hugs...

October 1, good heavens...that is so crazy when they schedule new patients so far out. I guess al the ones in between the time frame are the regulars. Soon, you will be a regular, on the two month schedule. I hope s/he is easy to break in. I know you were concerned about that.

I think maybe you should whine..three months is too long gurl.

When's the Gastro appointment, I know once we resolved my stomach issues a lot of my discomfort and pain went away. My chest pain, gut pain, tube pain..gone. I just get a bit of burn now and then. He suggest I come bback in 4 weeks from my last appointment but I feel I am doing fine...no reason to.

I think too, maybe you are in a flare....can you try a different combo of drugs when you are completely off the steroids? Cellcept and etc. I have no experience with those.

Can you go to your doctor and be treated for possible migraines? It is just awful that you have to be feeling like this...When I use to get migraines, where I would throw-up. I put ice packs all over my head..it hurt more at first, till it numb my head and then I fell asleep with ice pack still on me...

Or fold a scarf into a inch band, tight tightly around the forehead and knot in the back. It the pain is at eye level, but the scarf just above your eyebrows. You want the scarf tight but not to cut the blood circulation off. The purpose, and it does work for some headache types is to spread the blood evenly over the head. To draw it from pooling and dilating in the one spot where the ache is. A Finnish trick my MooMoo taught my Momma and she taught me...try it...

Have you tried filling your basin with ice water and splashing your face for the swollen eyes...

I wish I knew what to do, to say to help with the sleeping. Are you able to take naps during the day? Have you tried a bit of stretching before retiring? Warm milk? Turkey dinner?

Still warm in the south..hoovering mid 90's. After the rain falls it drops temporary to mid 70's. Haven't dip for a while. I have this rash I am tending to. A minor inconvenience. Clipped my nails to the quick and treating with care. If not better by tomorrow I plan to do a walk it at my Primary after my PT appointment..

PT is doing wonders...who knew...

Head hugs...asking God to help.

07-16-2008, 06:33 AM
Good morning! I was just going to post or PM you to see how your rash is doing? Any better? Do you plan to do a walk-in with your primary doc? I itch just thinking about it! Hope you're better.

My days are up and down. Yesterday, a bit better; this morning, not so good (no sleep again.) Headache down to dull-roar yesterday, and seems to be OK this morning. Keep my fingers crossed. I'm going to try your headache ideas next time. I used to get migraines years ago; took atenolol to prevent; then they went away; stopped atenolol on rheumy's advice. Now they are back - but different. I'm thinking this is something else maybe?

I keep trading calls with the gastro scheduling desk. 5 calls so far. Sighhh.... at this rate, it'll be 2009 before I get in there.

Got to go to work. Wishing I didn't have to, but just too much going on. Hubby is going to teach almost full time this fall - so much for retirement! I might as well keep working, too!

Rain coming here...joints feel it. We rented a cabin for a long weekend - but rain in the forecast. Lots of games; it has a fireplace and a very nice view - we'll cozy up and still have fun.

Hope your rash is on the mend, Oluwa.


07-16-2008, 07:47 AM
Still itching, well trying to refrain from...


07-22-2008, 05:58 AM
Hey Jody,

How was the weekend at the cabin? Any full nights sleep yet? Did you get a hold of th Gastro yet, or still playing phone tag?

I did do a walk-in/appointment. Rash is all gone, I don't think it was Asteatotic eczema as diagnosed. It didn't look like it compared to the Internet snaps, and after I dabbed the Licoid cream on it, it disappeared...but last night my skin itched everywhere...but no rash. Maybe I just need more lube for this recent itch...

Always something, eh?


07-22-2008, 07:41 PM
Oluwa, how are you? Good to hear from you. I'm so glad the rash disappeared....but not the itch??? Hmmmmm. Yes, it's always something. How is the PT going? Back still feeling better? I'm catching up on posts....feels like I've been very absent.

Cabin weekend was a comedy of errors, family conflicts and disappointments....but also hilarious moments, a very happy granddaughter, and some bonding. So....the usual for my family. Just wish we could (on occasion) all be together without sending my stress level through the ceiling. Can't choose your relatives, though, huh? I shouldn't complain....no serial killers or anything terrible! We just have the usual 'baggage' that exists in most families.

I have an appt. in the endoscopy dept. for an upper scope on Thursday morning. Not looking forward to that. My rheumy sent them my records and they said I needed the procedure soon - so they got me in quickly. My guess? Just plain old reflux (your friend GERDIE.) My rheumy thinks that an esophageal problem may be causing some of my chest pain. We'll see.....

Feeling less than stellar...headaches, joint pain. Lots of anxiety - and very little sleep. I'm at a loss. I'm almost done with the 'scaryoids' (which is good) but I'm not thrilled with how I'm feeling. Don't think it's related to the tapered prednisone though, because I've been on such a puny dose for quite a while. Like you said....it's always something.

I'd just like a really normal day...... :)


07-23-2008, 06:50 AM
Hey Jody...

Yes on the family...I too think families all have baggage..in our family we do, but we have good baggage handlers...we usually don't bring it to the family get togethers. We usually talk to one another about the issues or vent to one or two, outside the family events and deal with issues that way.

Though we have one brother who is a tad different...we watch him, listen to him..and when he seems to cross the line one of us steps in and tells him needs to stop and this is not the time. And usually the one that does...well, ends up being the brunt of his wrath for the day and sometimes months to come. One out of eight siblings that isn't too bad. We love him just the same.

He is fun, crazy but he has a direct opposite..mean and hurtful. I wonder why...he missed something, a lesson while growing up in the same household..hummm.

Are they going to put you under for the endoscopy? I was knocked out. I don't recall any pain, even after they dilated my esophagus...maybe burning...

My esophagus and tummy issues caused great big, big pain..since ridding myself of H. Pylori and dilating my tube...better, better..best. I use to have horrendous chest, neck, upper back pain from it..constant hunger or full bloat...who knew I would feel such relief till they fixed me up.

Even if you don't get the heartburn...it still can cause much pain. Almost like a heart attack...crazy. I hope you will be able to find relief like I have.

They moved my GYN appointment to tomorrow instead of August 6... Yea! And I have a RhuemBa appointment tomorrow too. Turning them out, my symptoms, one by one. By fall I should be good to go.

Have you tried to find a calm within you...pain, then headaches,. then stress, tired, sleepless..into anxiety.what a vicious circle. After days of that it is hard to figure which started the race. I know when I feel like that. I have to step in and break it up by finding a calm mental state through myself, then tackle the pain.

Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed with pain, I was tired..I cried. Then that domino affected into feeling alone. It, I snowballed.

I cried and prayed to God why do I have to be so alone. I always believe He answers me, because I do, really I do, I hear a reply in my head. "You have me, I am always with you.." I replied..."but you gave Adam..Eve" I stopped my prayer, felt funny questioning His words.

I showered and again pleaded and prayed to take the pain away while standing in the running water. I found a calm within me. The panicky feeling was gone. I did short snivels..like rapid hiccups till they slowed down and I found a calm..the pain was still there, but it allowed me to remain focus, in the moment and stop thinking so mindlessly.

Took a Flexeril, Lortab..made spinach and chicken...drank a hot cup of Sugarfree, caffeine free Mocha at bedside..and I slept like a baby.

I still fell tender, but with the calm..the anxiety, the sadness gone it doesn't magnify the pain....

I hope there is relief for you...a normal day.

Be well I will ask...

07-23-2008, 05:17 PM
Thank you, Oluwa! Such good ideas. Sounds like you feel some of the same 'aloneness' sometimes. My hubby is rarely gone, but sometimes I feel so alone, even when he's here. You understand.....You always seem to find the heart of the matter.

I'm glad you're tackling your symptoms one at a time...and with success. That's worth a celebration!

I keep trying to find calm...peace...some measure of 'goodness' in my days. Some days I manage - many I don't. To be truthful, that's why I'm just not posting as much as I once did. I've been in a less-than-great place too many days and I just can't find it in me to share, or to be of any use to anyone here on those days. Funny....I think I managed this crummy disease better when I was very sick. Now....I keep thinking this is as good as it's going to get, and it's just not very good. My hubby is generally very supportive, but once in a while he says "this just isn't the retirement I expected." Depressing..... Sorry for the rant...but I know this is "rant central", right?

My sister is coming this weekend. With some luck, I can pull on her ear for a while and find some solace. She's a good soul.

Thanks for listening....


07-23-2008, 07:03 PM
Hey you, Jody...didn't you have a Birthday Monday..
Happy Birthday to you!
http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/greet006.gif (http://www.freesmileys.org)
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear JoooooooDy!
Happy Birthday to you...

You don't have to apologize, Jody for anything...ranting or the like. I know how you feel...feelings of... is this as good as it gets. Has that feeling increased since your birthday?

I've felt many days like that last year. And a few times it has crept in this year. And I disappear, feeling I haven't much good words to contribute either..feeling I need to isolate, hide because I don't feel like myself...

But sometimes when we reel it out, it helps us to find our way back to our normal self...a mental feel good. A better outlook feeling.

I don't know how I find my way back, usually a good bawling, but I do...to prod on, to have hope...something clicks and I go at it again...

I know you have been weaning off the steroids..I think it is what is contributing to your symptoms resurfacing..then the symptoms create the emotional and mental state of bleak, depression and the vicious cycle begins and our mind runs with it..

You've not slept well for a long time, when did that start? I know it has been atleast 3 weeks, eh?

You are having so many symptoms, doesn't sound like remission. Maybe you should gradually increase your steroids till you feel better, under the guidance of your doctor of course.. or perhaps find another combination of drugs instead of the Cellcept with Plaquenil..

When is the last time you seen your RheumBa?

I know you probably feel responsible for your husband comments..a bit insensitive on his part, a bit of frustration too. You didn't expect it either.

When you were very sick and handling the disease better was it because you had hope, knew there had to better, so you had optimism?

Emotions, negative thoughts can wreak havoc on our physical well being...maybe when your sister is there..maybe you two can go to a spa..see a movie together, take a drive away from it all and chat up. New hairdo..new outfit...dinner. Something to take you away from the home for a day...from family thoughts. To be all about you...

Your Gastro appointment is tomorrow...they will help with your tummy issues..like me, it will be one symptom down. And I tell you when the stomach is ailing it affects us a whole lot...could even be the cause for your headaches. My gut pain radiated to my neck, chest, back and shoulder. I was inflamed...

Find a dark cool quiet place in your house, close your eyes and relax.. Dark, cool..??? Whaddya a potato???

Head hugs...let me know how tomorrow goes..

07-24-2008, 10:59 AM
Yes, it was my B'Day on Monday - #58...sheesh. Family had a nice party for me while we were at the cabin. Nice gifts, cake, sparklers....very sweet. That part of the weekend was good.

Oluwa, the things you wrote make sense. I think when I was first sick, I was a bit shell-shocked and so focused on learning about IT and fighting back, that was enough to keep me motivated. There were lots of tears, of course, and I was scared. But I once I started learning, I had hope. Some days now, I don't feel so hopeful. I try to keep it in perspective - things could be SO much worse - but still I get very down.

I see rheumy on Oct. 1st. It will be my new doctor. If I feel badly before then, I can call and talk to someone else there.

Had upper endoscopy this morning (very early.) Just feeling a bit more awake now - sedation had me soooo sleepy for hours. They did a couple of biopsies, based on what she saw in there. Two things possible: Barrett's Esophagus and H.Pylori infection. Doctor saw signs of both, but the biopsies will confirm whether or not those signs mean anything. My symptoms could easily be in keeping with one or both of those problems. I would rather it be just H.Pylori, because it's fixable. Barrett's isn't really reversible.

She doubled my Prilosec dose and advised me to take it an hour before I eat anything, once in morning and once in evening. Also told me to quit eating chocolate. Not sure if life is worth living without chocolate. :wink:

So, guess I have to wait and see. Like you, Oluwa, I'm just going to tackle these things one at a time. Today, tummy. Then, I'll work on headaches. When I see rheumy again, we'll talk about joint pain. One foot in front of the other.....right?

Thanks again, Oluwa.


Pretti in Pink
07-24-2008, 04:08 PM
Happy Belated B-day Jody!

Glad you had a nice time with your family.

I'll be praying all turns out well with your test and witing to hear the good news.

07-24-2008, 05:52 PM

I'll give up my Hershey's Plain too, for you...I don't need the calories. It was like my baby bottle. Ate it when frustrated...so here's to no more chocolate. If you do eat it...rinse it down with milk.
Is Prilosec an acid pump inhibitor? My Protonix is. I had to double up too after the endo...

Once that H.Pylori was gone, I felt soooooo much better. I hope and pray that is the only thing that is in there using your body as a host. They say many Americans have that bug...I also had gastritises.

I was prescribed a pill box with antibiotics and acid inhibitor. I think it was like 7 pills in the AM ands 7 again in the PM...for 14 days.

Your results will be in by Monday?

It's so crazy.. the wait for an appointment. I had just seen my GYN this morning. They canceled August 6, I whined I was scheduled then for today. She said by the test I had with the Veterinarian, I swear she, the former GYN treated animals..but anyway, but the lab results read I am postmenopausal.

Now why didn't they say that instead of me trying to dose with Progesterone, telling me I have...amenorrhea. My menses just stopped, no waning, no heavies...zip, gone one day and never came back. For awhile, I thought it was because of Lupus...I am confused..who am I.

I asked her about the D&C and she sees no reason for it, unless my lining is thickening even more so. I have an Ultrasound scheduled for the July 29..

Yep, tackle them one by one, then it feels like we are making progress. Kind of like a desk filled to the ceiling with paper work...One pile at a time and our work will be done.

Headache...My Mum taught me to tie a folded like a head band scarf around my forehead and tie it in the back. Slightly tight to draw the blood around the head, instead of pooling in one spot. Do you have an ice bottle...or use a plastic zip bag with a wet rag and put a bit of water in it and loads of ice and set it on the back of your neck..more at the base of the head...

Have you evaluated the meds you take and see if any say headache as a side effect....

For me, the joint pain, subsides while I swim and while I shower, maybe give those a try. A couple of showers a day is nice. Times I don't want to step out of mine. I know if I don't move, stretch I settle into more pain.

Have you started to incorporate the Anti-Inflammation diet into your day?

It is okay to feel down every once in awhile, but has it been going on for weeks?

It probably seems a bit hokie, but have you tried meditation, visualization...to help with the pain, your feelings about it in your life. Sometimes exploring outside of our norm can be beneficial.

I wish everyday of the week all seven days can be good for you...head hug.


07-28-2008, 11:23 AM

I am missing you....still bumming about the chocolate. :wink:

I hope you have called the Rheumie ask to be seen earlier, because it sounds like you are not doing to good, girl. Headaches can be mean. Call, okay...

Thinking of you,

07-28-2008, 05:25 PM
Oluwa, you are so sweet (hmmm....a pun, I think) to join me in giving up chocolate! Much too big a sacrifice, I think....munch away. I haven't heard any test results yet, so maybe it's a case of 'no news is good news' as far as the tissues/cells they biopsied. A pre-condition.... But, I will still need to mind the rules. Without really intending to, I've been doing that for a while: very small meals, little or no coffee, nothing spicy or acidic. The chocolate? Well......maybe just a little.

I had a nice weekend with my sister. We went to an art fair on a beautiful Wisconsin lakeshore town that was voted one of the 10 best artists communities in the country. It was gorgeous - warm, big fluffy clouds, a nice breeze off the lake - and plenty of shade!! I was dressed head to toe, slathered with sunscreen, big hat. My sis is easy to take; sensitive to my limitations. So we rested frequently, and I did pretty well. It was a pick-me-up for me. I can feel a bit of let down today again...but I'm working against it. Keeping my head above the 'crummies'.

How are you? Swimming? PT still helping? I imagine your flowers are just wonderful. Have you been gardening?

My trip to SC is coming up in about 3 weeks. I am trying to prepare for the heat. We have plans to do some things that will mean walking around outdoors (it IS vacation, after all!) I think I will pack a small, very colorful umbrella as a sun shield, in addition to the usual hat.

A big thank-you HUG for all your kindnesses, Oluwa. You helped me more than you know.


08-01-2008, 10:23 AM
Hi Jody

Tell me about your crummies, whats on your mind. I know your pain and etc is, but there is something else, eh?

Sometimes the medication we take, least in me..can promote the blues. The pain relievers, the muscle relaxers...causing a melancholy mood.

It is hard to avoid since we must take these medicines at times, but for me just knowing it does that to me, I know there is an end, it will pass and I accept the feeling because I know the cause and would do things to keep my mind occupied, focus and not dwelling.

Are you anxious, in the nervous way about your vacation?

Gardening, too hot. I've been indoors getting freezer face from the A/C.

It is the weekend again..I hope you are able to find me time again...

Head hugs,

08-06-2008, 01:26 PM

You posted this on July 23:
"Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed with pain, I was tired..I cried. Then that domino affected into feeling alone. It, I snowballed.

I cried and prayed to God why do I have to be so alone. I always believe He answers me, because I do, really I do, I hear a reply in my head. "You have me, I am always with you.." I replied..."but you gave Adam..Eve" I stopped my prayer, felt funny questioning His words.

I showered and again pleaded and prayed to take the pain away while standing in the running water. I found a calm within me. The panicky feeling was gone. I did short snivels..like rapid hiccups till they slowed down and I found a calm..the pain was still there, but it allowed me to remain focus, in the moment and stop thinking so mindlessly."

I realize it has been some weeks but I just had to post this. Word for word, i have found myself exactly in that spot, crying due to the pain, showering and hoping you don't snort in the water during those hiccup cries. I shouldn't be surprised that fellow lupies have many common experiences but I have to say, this one caught my attention because I have always felt that if someone saw me crying over my pain they would think i was over-reacting or nuts. In the short time that I have been a memeber of this forum you have made me laugh and cry (mostly in a good way), so for that I say thank you!


Jody, I know what you mean with your husband around but you still feel alone, I have those same feelings.

08-07-2008, 10:14 AM

Your words just made me feel a good misty, eye brimming feeling inside. Too sweet. When I read it yesterday..I was in pain. I was feeling alone..even if my husband was home. I sniveled a happy, heart touching snivel. It is wonderful to be heard, you words are felt. Thank you.

I am happy to know I brought good cries and laughter to you spirit. It makes us feel alive, doesn't.

How are you today?

Be well, Mela..

08-07-2008, 10:45 AM
Jody, hey you...

Pain minding it's business yet? I was saying, mentioning on the other thread, maybe up your Prednisone a bit for your vacation..Or don't tell me you are already on it...next week?

It is suppose to start cooling off tomorrow so, hopefully no sweltering heat in SC for you..

I am worried about you to be in pain and sleepless for so long...I hope you don't have to wait till October 1. Being in such pain that time could seem and feel like a 100 years. One day of pain can feel like a never ending day.

Have you asked your primary about a FMS prescription regime for your sleep..such as Lyrica, combined with Mobic, Flexeril, Elavil and Lortab. That helped me through a rough, sleepless time earlier this year.

On the other thread you mention your dinners, eats are good, so that shouldn't be aggravating your symptoms...

How's da blues?

If you are not on vacation, I hope you are looking for ward to it..the rest. Sit under the cabana and listen to the waves roar at night while sipping on a thermos full of margaritas. I can hear the waves breaking now...close your eyes and envision and hear...it will be a good vacation and a much needed one, eh...

Sending you my love and head hugs,