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05-25-2008, 01:36 PM
Hi again everyone!

I am taking your advice and starting a journal. My mom was very sweet and bought me this very pretty one that fits in my purse. She has been very good about all of this.

Anyway, ok, so now that I am going to do this I just need some reassurance that I am not being nit picky about things that are going on. I don't want to go to the rheumatologist and look silly. I guess that is my biggest fear. I know that I shouldn't feel that way, but I always feel like I am wasting a doctor's time. I think it comes from years of being told that no one knows why my legs or feet hurt, and being sent on my merry way with more Motrin.

So, yesterday I had to cut the grass. Not fun, but it has to be done. I waited for the evening before I did it, but I still ended up with a rash on my chest that was gone by morning. I think that it is my rosacea, but I suppose I should write it down. I also have burning under my eyes, but no redness today. That is kind of weird. Anyway, I guess that is a different topic than journal writing. :)

Oh, and after not knowing anything about autoimmune diseases three weeks ago, I have had to have a major crash course. My sister does have Celiacs. I didn't know that was autoimmune. So, this is all at once. Strange how life is like that sometimes.

05-25-2008, 02:30 PM
Hi ya busymom3

My sister also has ceiliacs. It can have a wide range of symptoms. It is caused by the glutens in wheat products coating the bowel and stopping the body from obsorbing nourishment.

Two years ago my sister first thought that her lupus was flaring up and of course put off going to the doctor. By the time I caught up to her she was very very ill.

She went to the doctor and was sent for alot of tests as our doctor didn't think these new symptoms sound like lupus, and she was right. It was ceiliacs.

She was so bad that she had lost most of her bone density, and was warned to just sit quiet and be good while she built it back up. She regained about 70% of what she lost.

It was so bad, she broke her ankle by dropping a pie on on it. That's right a pie. Yes it was frozen, but still.

Glad you are keeping a journal, rule of thumb...if you think "I should mention that to my doctor" right it down :)

I broke my journal into sections.

- Things I want to tell my doctor

- Things my doctor told me

- List of medications and treatments.

Good luck with your appointment :)

Pretti in Pink
05-27-2008, 04:46 PM
The journal sections is a good idea, I have done there before but it is been all over one sheet of paper over several period of time, many visits, and after awhile I didn't know who said what or what I was trying to remember.

05-27-2008, 11:53 PM
Hi busymom3,

That is a great idea to keep a journal, I have read in many places that helps your doctor out a lot!!

And don't feel silly about being potentially nit-picking. That was my fear at first, too. But the first time I saw a rheumatologist, I was sure not to leave anything out, so I typed up a whole list and timeline of my symptoms, and he seemed quite grateful for it! I was glad I did it.

Also, throughout reading about lupus, I have come to find that even the most minor thing can mean something, it's quite interesting. So, don't worry about that, you doctor will probably be happy that you are active in your health and are telling him everything.