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05-12-2008, 11:09 AM
What kind of CNS symptoms are you folks expeiencing? I have experienced so very many different things, of varying degrees, some that come and go, some that seem to stay with me at all times. The end result is skeptical neurologists....

My sensitivity to extreme temperatures is non-existent. Even on the coldest days of winter I was able to comfortably go outside for my smoke breaks in just a shirt. The oddest thing was my skin didn't even react to the cold. Even at -8 degrees I stil didn;t get goose pimples on my arms.

On the other end, I don't feel high heat. I can dunk my finger into 180 degree coffee urns and feel only mild warmth. I once had a clothes iron, set on cotton, swing back on me t rest the edge of the iron part on the inside of my wrist/forearm and felt absolutely nothing. Ever. I have the scar, but it never blistered, never felt sensitive to heat likea burn should... nada.

I get cuts and don't know it until i notice the blood.

I lose words, mostly nouns. I rely heavily on 'thingie' which isn't good for a guy with an engineering degree.

At times, garlic will smelllike sewage, coconut like urine. I've learned not to send food back when it tastes horrible because it isn;t th food, it's my faulty brain.

I forget where I am going, where I've been and what I am doing.

I use to be big in hand weapons. Nunchaku, staff, and the like. Very dextrous... but the past year I find I cant hold onto things that ae light weight. Wehn I work my register I sometimes am literally throwing money around as I try to hold onto it.

I can't identify items in my pocket lighter than keys. Once I couldn't get my lighter into my hand only to discover i was holding it against my key fob and simply couldnt tell it was there as well. Actually, more than once, but now I check visually.

I get holes in my vision, kind of like reverse tunnel vision.. scary and strange.

I get grand, heavy involuntary movement in my limbs when I am especially tired or stressed to th point that my muscles end up in agony from the constant violent motion.

Cognitively I am permanently not what I once was and sometimes so very far below what I once knew as normal I am reduced to tears.

There's more, but I can;t pull them up right now.

Does anyone else have any of these things happening to them?

It's rough trying to figure out what is real and what is sensory malfunction. Also what is true malfunction and what is simply a natural glitch.... somemes I feel like I'm insane.... it would be nice to know if there are others out there with the same issues, just to confirm I'm not crazy... though I don't wish any of it on anyone.


05-12-2008, 09:01 PM
Wow, the things you have to deal with. I only have minor problems such as memory, dropping things because I've forgotten I was holding something. Thingie seems to be my most common word lately because I just can't recall the word I want no matter how hard I try. Also lately (thought it was just me losing my mind) I swear I smell smoke or something rotten very much like sewage too. Until I read your post, I thought I must be mistaken because no one else smells anything I swear I do. I have FMS, so I just figured its do to that. I really hate going into a room to do or get something and my mind goes blank. I just can't remember what or why, frustrating. Sounds like your nerve endings are dead or short circuited. I sure hope you get the answers you need. Take care. :)

sick n tired
05-17-2008, 09:23 PM
Hi commonsns1,

Oh my goodness.....that is a huge laundry list...I am soooooo sorry that you are experiencing all of these neurological things.

I have the fog...extreme at times, and I lose words also.

The involintary movements sounds like definate neurology problems. The times that I have that is when I am having something called seizure play...I don't mean actually any kind of seizure, though. For me it means to run and not walk and take my Tegregol because I am late or have forgotten it. (I am epileptic)

I dont' have any of the other things, though...I freeze in the winter. So cold that it hurts. Ant I definately feel hot in the summer. The hot sometimes makes me so weak that I can't get up the next day.( that possibly could be the sun and not just the heat) I am still new to the diagnosis. I have been ill on again off again for years, though.

I will be interested to hear what your neurologist thinks...or does he? Sometimes I think I understand what they mean when the doc will say that he "practices" medicine....oh well...practice makes perfect, so someday they might get it right. :)

I look forward to getting to know you better,

05-31-2008, 10:27 PM
I don't even know where to start. I've had system lupus and discoid lupus for 27 years now. In the last 10 years I have developed fibromyalgia, sjogrens, acid reflux, I.B.S., osteoarthritis, asthma, sleep apnea with restless leg syndrome, int. derangement knee, depression, memory loss, cervical disk degeneration, skin sensation disturburance, degenertive joint disease and of coarse the killer headaches and dizzies. I get really lost sometimes too. I forget things all the time. Forget what I want to say and if I remember what I want to say then Ill forget how to spell it. I'm forever asking my daughter how to spell really easy words that a five year can spell. Guess who is writing this for me! I really feel for everyone who has any of these diseases and health problems. I have posted before and it just got too hard to do. I couldn't even remember how to sign in. I'm pretty much to the point of feeling really stupid about everything I used to know. I think it's also time to talk to my neuro about cns. I feel like it's probably been there for a while but who wants to hear about more crumby crap. I do get nerve block shots in my head for the killer headaches. It helps some what, but You have to get them on a constant basis. Your not alone out there. I know it really sucks something horrable, but you have find the small things in life that make you happy and really appreciate them. You would be amazed at how many people have the same symptoms and different ones too, but something always to remember is all the people on this website are always hear for you.

I hope things lighten up for you-

ps. I also use "Thingy" a lot when I don't have my daughter to help me.