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03-28-2008, 09:13 PM

I am wondering if anyone has a sucessful pregnancy with a positive antiphosolipid(SP) antibody? I also have a concern that a pregnancy would have longterm affects on me. I have a 6yr old and a 3 year old and was diagnosed when my daughter was 1 1/2yrs old after 2 months of symptoms that had crippling effects. I went into remission for a little bit but seem to have fallen back in and I also have mild lupus nephritis.

I would appreciate any experiences that anybody has had with pregnancy especially a "fetal heartblock antibody carrier". I miscarried my third pregnancy as my symptoms where starting (not sure if the lupus was related to that). I really wanted that baby and would still like a third. Adoption is not an option as I live in an Islamic country where adoption is not acceptable also THANK GOD I have my two little ones.

My family thinks that I should quit while I am ahead. My husband wants another baby but not if I am risking myself or the health of the baby. My doctor has told me to hold out until my bloodwork is better and also says "Why risk the 2% fetal heartblock!" I am going on 38 too.....

What do you think or what do you know from experience?

03-29-2008, 01:41 AM
Hi tanyaw

I've never had children my self, but my sister lost five pregnacies before she was diagnosed. With the help of the Woman's clinic she was able to carry two babies full term and they are healthy beautiful teen agers now....and driving her completely mad hahahahaha. I love them to bits.

She never gave up on having children...though people certain tried to make her feel guilty about it. Her husband was mostly concerned about her well being. But he was willing to continue to try if she was. It broke his heart to watch what she went through each time she lost one.

She went into remission shortly after the second child was born and has been there ever since. I don't know why she's been in remission so long; I'm just very happy for her.

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03-29-2008, 07:28 AM
I have had 8 children and that is one of my problems. I lost 3 and had a blood clot to my lungs at the birth on one of my children. He was ill at birth and I was very ill, but we both survived. He is 16.

I believe that you have to work with the doc closely, though.

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03-31-2008, 09:24 AM

Thanks for your replies.

Hopefully my next appt. will show better bloodwork.

I would love to hear from someone that has carried a baby and had the fetal heart block antibody.