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03-28-2008, 02:46 PM
Not sure why this happens to me but my face turns bright red for no reason. If I blush normally it suddenly becomes about 20 times worse and sometimes I go so red my cheeks are almost purple tinged. If I have an alcoholic drink it makes it worse too.
I hate it, its a curse which makes me wonder if its related to lupus (even though I don't have a diagnosis yet).
I have the most horrible rash brought on by my high photosensitivity and it makes me look like I have the plague but the redness is worse.

All my co-workers laugh about it and sometimes I do too but after a while it just.... well, there's only so many times you can hear someone tell you that 'you look like a tomato with teeth'.
Oh really? You think I can't tell that already by the burning sensation on my face? Grrrrr.. its just so insensitive and I'm not even sure they realise that! :mad:

My other current problem is headaches. They get so bad I can't think straight or walk properly.. I can't function and have to call in help to look after the kids and go lie down with a cold strip on my head. The doctor gave me meds to help with migraines but they only made it worse.
In the past week I've had one day which was headache free, I can feel one starting now too!

Does anyone else suffer from headaches like that or from the red face problem?

C x

03-28-2008, 02:57 PM
awww hugsss Numpty

I have the red face...I just stopped caring about what people think about it. I find I dont blush as much any more...funny how not caring will put a stop to the blushes. hahahhahaha

My face is usually flushed...I just dont think about it any more.

I was going to tell you something really rude to say to your co workers but i dont want to blow my lady like image :)

As for the head ackes...if the medication your doctor gave you isn't helping and in fact is making it work....get your little ass back to the doctor's and tell theme this is not the medication for your and you want something else :)

Now do as you're told :)

Sorry I'm feeling alittle bossy to day...and the cat's not listening to me :lol:

03-28-2008, 03:23 PM
Hey Numpty,

I have the same problem with redness in my face. And a pint of my favorite beer always makes it worse. I've always been this way, even before Lupus. I am photosensitive to the extreme, and I can get a blistering sunburn after only 15-20 minutes exposure. I have rather unusual coloring. I have extremely fair, white skin, and light blue eyes. But my hair is black as in jet black, not brown. My ancestry is Irish/Welsh. Everyone I've ever known with my particualr traits has been extremely sun sensitive, and had the red face as well. You being from Scotland leads me to believe it's in our genes. I think SITC told me there was some genetic factor involved. Weird stuff we have to deal with huh? As for people giving you a hard time, I would suggest you be direct, and tell them to shut the heck up. I would tell them that their comments are getting really old, really fast. Sometimes the in your face approach works better than turning the other cheek. Of course, venting here never hurts either. Hope you have a good evening, and a peaceful weekend.

sick n tired
03-29-2008, 08:18 AM
Hey Numpty,

I do not have the red face all the time, but often. My daughter, Nadia, had is it more often. She is fare with blue eyes and dark hait...like Rob described. She has taken some ribbing with it, too, but not as much as you. I agree with Rob that you need to be direct with them. Should they still persist...perhaps you might find something "laughable" about their bodies to "joke" or make a point with.
Normally I do not suggest tit for tat in that way, but it might make the perpetrators more 'understanding" if they are the but of the joke about something that they might not be able to change.

I have constant headaches. I haven't been able to find something that will take care of them. I am sorry to hear that you are having one of these dibilitating headaches a day. It would make watching two kids as young as yours. What is nice is that you have somebody that you can call to help you with that.

I am sure you have already stopped taking the meds that make you worse, so I will not state the obvious, there. You do need to put a call into your doc or pa to inform them of the problem and get them to possibly prescribe something else.

Hope today is headache free,


03-29-2008, 01:03 PM
Yep, red face....in my case partially rosacea. You might want to ask your doc, Numpty, if that may be adding in a bit more color along with the lupus. There are various creams that can help, for a while I had a regime of 3 different ones!