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03-27-2008, 09:59 AM
Hi everyone!
I'm new to this site, but not to lupus...I was diagnosed with Lupus and Rhumetoid Arthritis over 5 years ago.
I recently started a new job which is great, but on the down side i have been uninsured for about 10 months now... my benefits will be starting this May and I am super excited. In the meantime, I've contacted many local clinics and I was finally able to scheduled an appt for this April.
To make a long story short, not being on any medications, not seeing any doctors etc... I have missed a few days of work... 5 since November 07 to be exact. I just got a call from the HR dept and they seemed very upset about this, this is nothing new to me... most of my previous jobs were aware of my illness but when it came down to my absences, I was either placed on probation or just fired.
We all know with Lupus no day is ever the same... over the years I've learned to listen to my body and when it says slow down, I listen!
At this point I dont know what to do, should I start looking for a new job? Do I qualify for any medical benefits? Disability? Anything?
I am sick and tired of employers and they policies, I am sick and tired of going from job to job, I am sick and tired of USA medical benefits and criteriea... I am sick and tired of people pretending they care or understand. :cry:
Can someone please point me in the right direction?
All advice and comments are appreciated.

03-27-2008, 01:57 PM
Hi Cristina

Welcome to the site ... I'm in Canada so I cant really answer your questions but hang on someone will be by soon who can or at least point you in the right direction. There's lost of information in different section of this site and Saysusie should be along soon...she is a wonderful person and a font of useful information.

It's scarey starting a new job, let alone when you have serious health issues. I switched careers when I was 39. I'm now 48 and have been at my current work place for 7 yrs. I've been having symptoms for the past 2 yrs...but I'm still not diagnosed. Hoping that will change soon.

But I can imagine having to go for job interviews and say, "Oh by the way...I have lupus."

I know they "shouldn't" hold that against you, but the reality is they do.

Hugsss and welcome...hang on someone will be along to answer your questions :)

03-27-2008, 04:39 PM
Welcome to the family!
Like SITC, I'm not in the States so I can't help answer your questions but I do understand how you feel.
Last summer when this all started for me, I got taken into a meeting at work and given a formal warning about my level of absence (I got floored by the flu for two weeks and then got salmonela poisoning shortly afterwards).
I then ended up in the ER one night because I couldn't lift my left leg off the ground without almost collapsing in pain. Had to have a scan done the next day and missed work because of that and my lack of sleep. They had the cheek the next day to ask me "Is that going to be a one off?". Like I regularly plan to spend the night in the emergency room?

Keep smiling and someone in the know should be along soon to answer your questions ~hugs~

C x

sick n tired
03-27-2008, 06:33 PM
Hey Cristina,

I am in the states. Not sure about individual state laws, but I am sure that HR can not discriminate against you based on your illness. They will have a lawsuit if that were to happen. Also, you are not required to tell them about your illness in an interview and they are unable to ask or make that the reason for not hiring you.

There is a family medical leave that you can file with them and they have to let you be absent the amount of time that has been agreed upon. This is a federal plan. It is one that your doc has to fill out. I learned about this from Suzique a few months ago.

I do hope that you do not have to get a new job. That would stink having to wait for insurance for so long.


03-27-2008, 07:16 PM
Hi Cristina, I don't get on the site much but when I have I found there's alot of people out there with good advice and info. I've recently been dealing with the same problem with my job. Actually the coordinator for the program I work for is the one that has given me problems, the HR department was really great. They explained to me that (I think it's called the Family Medical Leave Act) or FMLA gives you 12 weeks off a year and your DR does have to sign the papers. My DR had suggested I take it about 2 months ago when I was diagnosed but unfortunately since I work for a school program I don't pay into state taxes so I don't qualify for state disability. Right now i'm not in the position to take time off without pay alot of co-pays they sure add up fast. For the long term though I don't know what to do either. I've used up all my sick and vacation time on the first flare up I had, i'm still sick but go to work anyway and try to ignore the aches and i've also developed an annoying cough that won't go away. I'm just as frustrated.

03-28-2008, 08:33 AM
I don't know where to point you! But I know I relate..I get so angry about the issue of jobs and healthcare... !!!! :mad: :mad:
wishing you luck and the best!!!! Christine

03-28-2008, 08:36 AM
So I just recieved bad news, I am being laid off, they say its not due to my absences but due to the economy. Anyway, I'm not going to let this pull me down. I'm updating my resume and sending it out ASAP!
Thank you all for your advice and sympathy!!

03-28-2008, 07:51 PM
Sorry to hear about your lay-off :(
You are doing the right thing by being pro-active and getting your resume out there. I wish you the best of luck on your new job search.
Try to stay positive and keep taking care of yourself.

Peace and Blessings

03-29-2008, 01:01 AM

So sorry to hear that...I hope you find an even better job...good luck and keep us posted.

sick n tired
03-29-2008, 07:11 AM
Hey Cristina,

So sorry to hear of your lay off...I hope that you find a new job soon.

Please let us know.


03-29-2008, 11:06 PM
Are you eligble for unemployement benefits. Not sure how long you have to work with a company or how all that works....but that might be something to check into. Sorry to hear about all that is going on with you.

03-30-2008, 06:11 AM
Hi Cristina,

So sorry to hear about your lay-off. I wish you all the very best in finding a job where people are wise and kind to you. Your positive approach will definately stand you in good stead.

Keep your chin up!
All the best and keep in touch,

03-30-2008, 03:55 PM
i wish you sooo much luck in finding work, and i think youre 100% right in listening to your body- you can find a new job but your body is for life: i mean that in the most sensitive way, i'm going through something very similar right now and it helps to know that im choosing to take care of the most important thing, even though work might be a close second