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03-21-2008, 06:45 PM
Got the chills tonight even though it's 75 degrees in here. It took me 3 trips to the kitchen to remember I wanted a glass of milk. My body feels as though it's made of lead. Although my stomach is growling, I have no appetite. I should take my own advice, and hope for a good morning. Goodnight all, gonna try to get some sleep.

03-22-2008, 01:57 AM
Awwwww hugs rob

I hope you managed to have a good sleep. I was so misserable last week I really feel for ya.

I was wrapping a hot water bottle in a tshirt and walking around with it stuffed up my clothes :lol:

If ya take a hot bath or shower be careful of your skin. My skin has become very delicate and doesn't react well to hot water.

Another shameless plug for polar fleece bed sheets :) and round up your kitties and stuff em inthe bed with you...three little furry hot water bottles :) drink lots of fluids...do you like herbal teas? No caffine and it gives you something warm to drink.

I like chamomile tea and mint tea the best. Chamomile calms the stomach and the nerves, induces sleep and eases cold symptoms. Mint tea calms the stomach as well and it helps with respatory as well.

I never used to be a tea drinker but since I've had to cut back on my caffine I started drinkng these teas. If nothing else it warms up the insides. :)

03-22-2008, 02:25 AM
Oh thanks SITC, what a night. I'm still up, and it's 5 AM. When my next ssn payday comes, I'm going to go buy these sheets you have been talking about. I can't take a shower when I'm like this, it hurts too much. It's like, there is only a narrow temperature range I can tolerate, and one degree above, or one degree below, burns or stings. Just the water hitting me when I first get in the shower feels like an electric shock. I've been overly-sensitive to water temperature for the past couple of years, but not this sensitive. Weird. Ain't lupus just a kick in the pants! Good news! My sister made me an offer she knew I couldn't refuse, in order to get me out of the house more. She's the administrator at the ME State Veterans Hospital. I stopped in to say hi on my way back from the marina the other day, and she asked if I could volunteer once a week to just come in and talk to some of her patients, read to them, play chess, whatever they want. Some of them will only open up to someone who can "walk the walk, talk the talk sort of thing".It's not on a schedule, and I can come in for an hour, or longer at my discretion. She knew that if she asked me to help with something Vet related, I would have to say yes, that sneaky little you know what. Anyway, it will allow me to venture out a little more. I'm still struggling with this isolation thing. Little steps are better than no steps at all. Glad to hear you have had a few good days. Gonna try to sleep again. Talk to you later.

03-22-2008, 03:42 AM
Rob...I'm grinning ear to ear here.

I think that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a smart sis you have. That's a wonderful idea and I'm sure your company will be well appreciated. I know you'll pace yourself so there's no need for me to nag ya *cough.

Sounds like you are in the same state I was in last week. I feel for ya. Do what you can to get your body temp up. It was hard to get to sleep last week cause I felt like I was radiating ice of the core of my body. I've never had such a bone deep chill. I should give you my brother's phone number he's great for 3 hour conversations that gets your blood pressure up :lol: (just kidding...you'ld never forgive me)

Bundle up and think warm thoughts :) stuff your kitties in your jammies if ya have to lol.

Pretti in Pink
03-22-2008, 08:01 AM

I hope you are feeling better by now. I think you will be a breathe of fresh air and a bundle of laughs for the Vets and in return they will be the same for you. All we can do is take one step at a time. Keeping stepping.

03-22-2008, 06:06 PM
Rob, that's really great - talk about a win-win! I agree with SITC - your sister is a smartie. Vets really deserve a break, and you need a social outlet - perfect fit.

Sorry you've had the crummies. Yeah, lupus truly is a kick in the pants - and it's sooooo "creative." Never seems to 'kick' you the same way twice. :twisted:

Here's hoping Easter dawns with you feeling warmer and more comfortable.


sick n tired
03-22-2008, 11:34 PM
Oh Rob,

I am sorry that you feel so bad. I HATE being cold. It seems that I always am, though.

I sometimes drink hot tea or just hot water to warm me up a bit.

What a caring sister of yours....it must feel so great to know that she cares with you.

Many hugs for you and some warm slippers, too,


03-23-2008, 02:13 AM
Thanks everyone,

Jody, I think I remember you saying you were going to Hawaii? If so, how was it? I'm a WWII buff, and I've always wanted to go there and see the Arizona Memorial. My sister is a real pistol. She's about 5 foot nothing, and a hundred pounds soaking wet, but she could kick my butt, and I'm twice her size. It's funny, she's one of the few people in my family who never was in the military, but she would have been one heck of a drill sergeant! She's done an awful lot to reform the VA Hospitals in our area, and make them the state of the art facilities they should be. She runs a tight ship, but like the saying in the TV show MASH, it's the "Best Care Anywhere". In fact, imagine Hot Lips Margaret Houlihan with red hair, and thats my sister. I'm proud of her. Thanks for the support everyone, and have a happy Easter!


03-23-2008, 03:18 AM
Morning Rob...

How did you sleep last night? Are you feeling any better?

03-23-2008, 07:56 AM

I'm doing ok, not great. Upset stomach bugging me. It happens from time to time. Burning, nausea, and fire coming out of the tailpipe if you know what I mean. Don't know if it's Lupus related or not. It happens every couple of weeks regardless of what I eat. Was going to go to my folks place for dinner, but decided against it. No biggie. I got a couple of movies from Netflix to watch, and of course, my 3 lovable furballs to keep me company. I woke this morning with one on my feet, one on my chest, and one next to my head. They're so funny. I really believe pets know what's going on with us. They act different when I feel really sick. I have a little tiny remote controlled car that I made to look like a mouse. They love chasing it, so we'll be doing that this afternoon. Have a happy Easter!

03-23-2008, 09:33 AM
Glad you are feeling a bit better...ummm with the "ol tail pipe" acting up that often and given your celtic family background MMMmmmMMm you might want to check in to the IBS and or Celiac conditions....just sayN :lol:

I have IBS which is irritable bowel syndrom as I mentioned earlier...my sister also has ceiliacs. To my way of thinking the IBS is the lesser of the two evils...much easier to control and really hasn't been giving me much greif lately.

Ceiliacs is a heriditary condition left over from the potatoe famin...seems we irish folks do not always tollerat wheat products well...yes...that means bread and whisky and omg beer .... heaven forbid :lol:

You would be surprised how many items have wheat and flour as filler. Even sandwich meat.

IBS can be triggered by stress as well as poor health and diet. Beans are supposed to be great for folks with IBS.

Well my cat is calling me for a nap...this is the same little darling that wakes me up every morning at 4:10 am by drapping over my neck or sitting on my head or standing with all four paws on one of my arthritic filled feet. Yah they can sense where you are the most vulnerable and take full advantage of it :lol:

sick n tired
03-23-2008, 12:17 PM
Hey Rob,

I also have the same stomach problems. I'm not Irish, though. I have mostly Scottish and some Choctaw. The doc ruled out celiac but not ibs. I also have Barretts. With the burning, do you have gerd? Mine has lead to the barretts.

Hope you are able to calm the fires and be comfortable on this Easter Sunday.



03-26-2008, 07:47 PM
Hi, Rob...hope you're doing better. I'm catching up on posts - it's been sooo busy here, and my computer was at the 'doctor' for a day. Has the creeping crud finally left you? Hope so...

Hawaii was great - thanks for asking! We didn't go to Oahu, so didn't see the Arizona (except from the air - we changed planes in Honolulu, so I guess technically, I was in Oahu...) We were on the Big Island. I've been meaning to post a little 'travelogue' and some pix but time just seems to fly by!


03-26-2008, 10:15 PM
Im always freezing! My Grandma gave me the best christmas present a couple of years ago. An electric heating throw!

sick n tired
03-27-2008, 12:43 AM
An electric throw? I have heard of the blankets for the bed. That was a great gift, Jessey.

Rob, I hope that you are doing well and not burning.

03-27-2008, 03:33 AM
I'm doing ok today. That's all I can ask for. Had to just stop trying to talk to people yesterday. Kept drawing a blank. My train of thought seems to jump the tracks more and more. I can't help but wonder if this is how people with Alzheimers feel. Simple words I've known since the 1st grade elude me. Frustrating.

sick n tired
03-27-2008, 08:14 AM
I have that same problem. There are times when I will say the wrong thing for an item, or forget how to spell something simple like door. I used to think that I did have alzheimers. Now the fog for both lupus and fibro I hope explains it.

looking through a fog,


03-27-2008, 09:33 AM
Heya Rob
~leaves you a few hugs~ Okay is better than not so okay, keep your chin up and keep smiling buddy!
The past few days I've been in the middle of chattering away to someone when I might look across the room at something and then have to ask the poor person (usually my mother) what I was talking about. ~lol~ And am always complaining about the cold so maybe I should look into getting some of SITC's fancy sheets too.
Although right now, how about I trade you some rib pain for your bad stomach? Give us both a wee change?
C x

03-27-2008, 01:07 PM
Thanks guys. And Numpty, thank you for reminding me that "Ok" is far better than the alternative. I'm afraid I can't trade you for rib pain, as I have plenty of that as well. It's still cold here in Maine, but it's warming up fast. What is the weather like in Scotland this time of year? I imagine it being similar to here. I'm near the ocean, and it doesn't get as cold as it does in the interior of the state. It's always cool here in the summer. It's nice. It rains alot, but after living in Arizona for so long, rain is a welcome change. Anyway, thanks again everyone for listening.

03-27-2008, 02:01 PM
I've been having pain in my rib cage all week. They say missery loves company, but in this case I wish you two didn't share this. :( It affects everything you do...sitting...laying...standing...breathing.

I haven't done any heavy lifting...which usually aggrivates it...sigh.

So much for being good LOL. :rocol:

03-27-2008, 04:18 PM
Heya Rob
Sounds very similar. This month we've had rain, rain, rain, gale force wind, rain, a little snow and more rain! And its freezing cold (or maybe just cold for everyone else, I've always been what we'd call 'a bit of a cold tattie' - don't ask, I have no idea ~lol~). Hmmm how about I trade you a biting hamster for a hot water bottle cunningly disguised as a cat then? :lol:

Sorry you have the rib pain too.. and you SITC! I'm possibly lucky that mine only lasts for an hour or so then disappears for a while. Is all on the left hand side though but when I have it and take a deep breath I get a worse pain up just above my collar bone like someone is sticking me with a blunt screwdriver or some such. Awful! :cry:

Ah well, time for bed for me. Hope you both (and everyone else) get a good nights sleep and stay warm and painfree for at least a few hours! :sleeping:

C x

03-27-2008, 05:01 PM

That's the pain exactly...it gets so bad I can stand to wear necklaces or clothing up around my collar bone. I get very cranky and aggitated. There's just no getting comfortable. The only place I happy is in my deep bathtub..:( but I cant live in there.

03-27-2008, 05:31 PM
hugssss to the bunch of yas...so we forget a word here or there...and sometimes we forget where we are going or what we're looking for...:p on it.

We need to keep our minds busy...and stay social. Eat properly and get our rest. Speaking of which..I need my sleep. Snow coming tomorrow and I'll have to drive in it.

Hugsss roomies. See you tomorrow :)