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03-04-2008, 01:42 PM
Hi All,

Ok, I know this will sound stupid, but I had a wonderful dream last night where I was healthy, only to wake up to reality. I'm having a lot of pain in my neck, a slight fever and my Mesenteric Adenitis is acting up, in other words, a flare, oh fun!

My hope lays in God's word the Bible and I know that someday I will be healthy again but I'm impatient and want it now! ;) Don't we all wish that everything was just grand in our lives?

Just having a rough day, need some support.

Thanks for letting me vent,


03-04-2008, 02:17 PM
I'll come and twack IT around for you.

Especially after a wonderful dream like that, I feel your rough day that you feel when you had awakened...Gigantic hugs...and no your dream, sharing it doesn't sound stupid at all.

When I have wonderful dreams I want to go back to sleep and have some more. Like a treat, like something sweet. Sweet to my heart....

Home alone? I am, and we are having a crazy wind storm and the skies just flooded us with rain, this very minute. It is such a beautiful sound in my house with high ceilings, scarey, but calming...growling with a steady dropping of the rain....

If you are at your PC, can you lift up your screen a bit so you are not looking down. Pressure off your neck. I don't know what Mesenteric Adentis is, sounds painful...Local to you neck? What causes it? Is the fever from it...

A little bit, okay a lot of chocolate makes me happy. Hersheys Plain, makes me giddy in my chair like a little girl...

This old lady walks into the Doctor's office and says,
"Doctor, please help me. I have a terrible problem with
farting. It's not really a social problem, because you can't smell it or hear
it, but I must have farted 20 times since talking to you." The Doctor nods his head and says, "Take this bottle of pills and use them all. When they are all gone in about 2 weeks, come back to see me."

The old lady comes back 2 weeks later and is angry. She says "What was in those pills? I fart just as much. You still can't hear them, but now they smell horrible!" The Doctor again nods his head and says, "Great, that takes care of your sinus problem, now let's work on your hearing."

Head hug,

03-04-2008, 02:37 PM

I know the feeling, one morning I woke up and though wow what a great day ... think I'll take the dog out for a walk, and I bounced out of bed.......

what a mistake that was :P I dont bounce so well any more hahahahaha

I still took the dog out for a walk...thank goodness he's older and not so full of bounce anymore either.

We dont get caught of guard as much anymore. But every once in a while you forget. I cant remember how the quote goes exactly or who said it...

Ah blessed sleep, perhaps a chance to dream.

03-04-2008, 02:48 PM
Oluwa you are so funny! :)

Thanks for making me laugh! I'd say that's on the ledge but very funny. :)

Thanks for the tip about the monitor. Mesenteric Adenitis (probably spelling it wrong) is swelling of lymph nodes by your appendix, it actually mimics Appendicitis, so it's super fun! My Rheumy is an odd man. The last time I landed in the ER with this I went to see him the next day and I kept saying my lymph nodes by my appendix were swollen and he said that's not due to the Lupus but when I used the medical term Mesenteric Adenitis he said "oh, yes, that is Lupus", why couldn't he make the connection without me giving the proper medical term???? I'd like to find a new doc but I'm in the middle of an SSI case and was told it could hurt my case, blurgh, what do ya do.

Thanks for making me feel "less crazy" about missing my dream, going back to sleep to keep dreaming is exactly what I did today! I'm so glad that you and others can relate to what I'm going through, it's comforting knowing that you do, thank you for responding so quickly too! You are a wonderful support Oluwa!

You have a big storm right now huh, sounds wonderful! Where are you? I'm in Oregon, I live in the valley now so we don't get thunder storms so much but it does rain which I love, today is just cloudy. When I was a kid we lived on the coast, two blocks from the ocean and our dinning room was on stilts over this wetland. It was a really old but neat house and when we would get big storms I would sneak under the dinning room table and listen to the storms and the dinning room would rock, sometimes very violently depending on how strong the winds were. I loved that, it was scary and exciting all at the same time. Eventually my mom would find me and freak out! Because of the way the house was built, there was always a danger of the dinning room breaking off from the rest of the house during a big storm. I guess I was either too young or just didn't care about the danger, that was my very favorite place to be in a storm!

My husband knows I have a strong connection with the sea (remember, I was going to be "dolphin girl" :)) that we will go there when we know a strom is coming. I have a healthy respect for the ocean though so I know not to go on the beach during these storms (you'd be surprised how many tourist do this!!!) but we just park on a bluff and watch the waves crash and listen to the wind. Oluwa, I envy you right now, the sound of the rain on your roof, the excitement in the air, these are the things to cherish, especially since we have so many limitations, it's good to soak up the things we can!

Thank you again for lifting my spirits! I can always count on you! Enjoy your storm! :)


03-04-2008, 03:00 PM

Thanks for relating, that's a great quote! Do you ever dream of dancing or doing something that you can't do now? I do, I have a lot of dreams where I'm dancing on pointe, almost floating. It feels wonderful! :) I also have many songs bouncing around in my head, I dream of singing my songs to a packed house. My mother is a singer, really! She's very good and was kind enough to pass the talent on to me. Being in the music business is not my idea of a dream, I saw how awful it is as a child, watching my mother find her way through it. I would very much like to be able to remember my songs when I wake up and perform when I feel up to it, just for fun. I guess I'll just have to settle for my neighbors listening, I have a very, lets say "strong" voice so they can all hear me sing when I'm cleaning the house, that will have to do for now. :) Oh, I forgot, I actually am going to be recording a few songs in one of my mom's friends studio pretty soon, that should be fun! Do you sing or dance? What hobbies do you have to take your mind off this Lupus of ours?

Thanks for the words of encouragement!


Pretti in Pink
03-04-2008, 03:05 PM

sounds like you are already feeling a little better, talking about your music. music always lifts my spirit and is able to take me places.

03-04-2008, 03:19 PM
I had to take a pain pill, that's why I feel better. I wish that I was always this chipper naturally. ;)

At least my pain level is starting to go down since my first post and I have the pills when I need them. I'm trying to be positive right now and thankful for what I have, some are not so fortunate.

Thanks for noticing and the post I appreciate the support! :)


03-04-2008, 03:24 PM
On Pointe..was it the tennis balls joke or this one about pewwwies? I edited the tennis ball one. I thought it may have been over the edge...

I know when we hurt, we want so little to make us feel better. I told my husband, to be my friend forever all you'll need is a stash of Hersheys plain. Dole one out when I feel blue. Just the right amount of salt and sweet to balance me out...

I am near Charleston, SC. Oregon a beautiful place too...Near Washington border or California? I use to live in Seattle...either we will return there in a couple of years or onto to Hawaiii, when the housing market stablizes since we just built new here.

I love listening to the waves crash and the sound of them pulling back....grasping, trying to find something to hold onto...

Maybe layman terms is like a foreign language to doctors. Hinder...huh? ..gluteus maximus? Oh, yes...the glute...

I can sing too, just isn't pleasant sounding...


03-04-2008, 04:47 PM

Perhaps we could form a duo....I sing like a bird....a vulture is a bird :)

I used to play the penny whistle...also called a tin flute. Then my dog objected to my playing; rather loudly too. The cat wasn't impressed either.

I used to cross stitch, but my eyes cant handle it anymore. Even with the lighted magnifying glass, the light is too bright for me.

I knit some, and putt in my garden. I enjoy cooking. And I love to listen to music.

Once I get sorted out a bit with my legs n stuff I'ld like to join up with a Tai chi group. It always looks so graceful and calm...

Pretti in Pink
03-04-2008, 05:37 PM
You guys are a riot and crack me up :lol: .

03-04-2008, 06:28 PM

It was the tennis ball joke, it was funny! :)

SC huh, sounds nice. Hawaii sounds even better, lots of sun though. We lived in Seattle for a bit, well, just outside of it. We live in a small town just outside of Salem, OR. we are about 45 min to the coast.

Chocolate is a great healer! ;)


03-05-2008, 08:10 AM
Oluwa, I'll be in Myrtle Beach this summer for a wedding (my niece) and we hope to visit Charleston. I understand its a beautiful city. I love that part of the country....

Looovveee both the jokes! I'm a terrible joke-teller - definitely NOT my talent. I always forget the punch line, or deliver it all wrong.

My husband is a musician...plays jazz...has for years. It's just an avocation and not how he makes his living (thank goodness...we'd starve up here in Northern Minnesota!) So, I'm a good music listener.

03-06-2008, 03:15 AM
Hi All,

Thanks for cheering me up! If I get a mix of my studio session I'll post a sound file of it and send you the link. Who knows, you might like it, or it might sound like two cats fighting to you! ;)