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02-28-2008, 04:26 PM
:( It left me vary confused. She put me through range of motion, asked how I was doing on the plaquenil. I said doing fine no side effects. Asker about the dizzy spells, she said veritgo causing that not the meds.

I asked her how my blood test results were..........she said what blood test results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said the ones YOU told me to get done once a month and gave me the requisition for! She said, "oh, I never got the results." and gave me a blank look.

Soooo I asked her why she put me on the plaquenil. She just stared at me. So I asked her again and asked do you think I have lupus rhuematoid arthritic or malaria? She said non of those.

By this point I was absolUtely gob smacked. So I asked her again WHY did you put me on the plaquenil...still NO answer.

I asked her, "what are you treating me for?" She said Ostio arthritis.

Going back to my family doctor, who I think is away in Italy for six weeks. To ask for a referal to another Rhuemy. This one doesn't seem to know what the heck she is doing and I do not trust her with my health. I asked the blood clinic to send the test results to both my rhuemy and my family doctor. My family doctor has lupus. She has been treating my sister who has lupus, and myself for many years and I trust her with my life. She has been a wonderful family doctor.

She reviewed my blood work with me when I was upset about going on the plaquenil. She was the one who told me my levels where running above normal for several months. And that the blood work that the specialist was ordering was typical for checking for lupus. That's when she told me that she has lupus and is on plaquenil, and that I should take it and see if it helps.

Everything I have read on plaquenil makes NO mention of it being used to treat ostio arthritis. So Is my rhuemy fibbing to me or is she an idiot? Either way I think it's time for me to move on to someone who will at least tell me what the heck they are doing.

I'll stay on the plaquenil for the 5 month period. But if I do not notice an improvement OFF I come.

I dont know what to think anymore. I feel adrift. Ostio just isn't ringing true somehow. Not that I'm wishing anything on myself.....but ostio doesn't just suddenly appear. I was perfectly fine one day and BAM flat out and down for the count the next. It's spread though my body at an alarming rate. Started with my knees, ribs feet neck jaw. I have the butterfly rash (have had that since I was 19 and still do)

Sorry ... just very frustrated and confused right now.

Hugss all.

02-28-2008, 05:18 PM
Oh, that's so crazy, SITC...

Is she sure she had your medical record? Did you look at your record...

With her blank look I think I would have asked would you like me to poke your eyes out. I dislike that look. That is the I don't know what the $%^&&&@! you're talking about look, then dismiss you...like there is something wrong with your thinking...

After reading your post, it made my head hurt...wow...

I left my appointment on Monday a bit confused like after attempting a Sudoku puzzle...but not like you are...I am sorry.

Frustration is maddening.

Plaquenil, I felt relatively better after 5- 6 weeks on it. Hope you receive the same results. Though I still have symptoms, hit and miss. Several days flaring, waning... It took me out of the five month flare I was in, a flare to end all. End me I thought. End me I wanted. Plaquenil brought me home...

Come let me give you a head hug...

02-28-2008, 05:44 PM

I have no confidence in this doctor's abilities now. If I ordered blood work on a patient and never got it...I'ld be quetioning the heck out of it. But it was like she even asked for any.

I feel no different now then when I started the plaquenil the first of December. She asked me to give it till May, and I will but I'm done with her. I'll ask my family doc to move me, after I explain what happened.

I'm not hopping mad...just sad and disappointed that the person I put my trust in has nooOOOooo interest what so ever in my well being.

I had hoped to find out what my levels where and to have a few questions answered. Instead I feel like I was a huge waste of time to her.

What happened at your last appointment? Did you get your confusion sorted out? <<<edited to say I reread you poste about your doctor's appointment. Hopefully the test results will tell ya more.

And thank you for the sweet hugs :)
Hugging ya back real tight...not bone crunching tight...just eye popping tight :)

Pretti in Pink
02-28-2008, 07:08 PM
I'm sorry you had a horrible appointment- I would second you requesting a new Rheumi, especially one that at least take notes and read them even if they don't remember.

02-29-2008, 09:23 AM
SITC - I'd feel just as you do - disappointed and frustrated. Time to move on. This doctor isn't going to give you what you need. It's good you have a family doctor that cares (and has an understanding of lupus..a great bonus!)

I think a lot of doctors are so overwhelmed these days, and expected to see so many patients in so little time, that they react by just providing the bare minimum of services. Considering what it costs to see a doctor (whether it's you or your insurance company paying) we should all expect more from our medical providers. That's a bigger problem than just your doctor, though.


02-29-2008, 02:16 PM
~gives you a great big hug~

I feel your pain (so to speak). My Rheumy said that they're not sure if it is lupus so they won't give me any medication or final diagnosis until I have a facial biopsy.
So I saw my Dermotologist yesterday and he refuses to do one because he thinks they're mucking about.. and then his words "I don't think there's anything wrong with you except a few antibodies and a little inconvienience (sp?)'. I told him about the fact I'd had +4 protien in my urine and I'd just sent away a 24 hour set for analysis and he said to me at the end of my appointment 'And I dont' really believe your kidney story either'. So does he think I'm lying? Purposely contaminating the damn stuff?

I don't know what to do now, we can't pick and chose our doctors and specialists here but then again at least we don't have to worry about finding the money to pay for them... not sure which is better!

I hope you find someone that has a clue soon and I hope you also get to feeling much much better soon! ~snugs~

As a side note - Oluwa, fantastic picture ~lol~ Really made me chuckle!

02-29-2008, 09:49 PM
squeeze....:shock: you're er..ugh hurting me...SITC...but I like it.

03-01-2008, 07:32 AM
Hi all,

I made an appointment with my family doctor for Tuesday. I lucked out...thought she had started her six week vacation to Italy but she hasn't left yet woohoo.

Even if my doctor doesn't refer me to another specialist...I'm going to tell her that I will NOT go back to the other one. I'm willing to just leave my care in her hands. She's the only one who has ever explained the blood results to me...and I'm hoping she has been getting the last round of results so I'll know what's been going on.

My mom used to feel embarrised when she took a written list of complainst to her doctor's appointments with her. Poor thing...I always knew that she was in a great amount of pain. My sister and I loved my mother dearly and helped out with everything. Know that I understand first hand what she was going through I am truely amazed at her...compaired to her I'm a complete lazy ass :lol: