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02-20-2008, 02:59 PM
Ever have one of those days where you just want to run away?

My week started badly with my children being dropped home by my Ex for me to then learn that she’d been to the ER. Seems she’d walked in front of someone on a swing and got a kick in the mouth.. Lovely! So we’re waiting for her two front teeth to possibly turn black and her face to generally heal. She looks like something from Planet of the Apes with all the swelling and she’s only 3.

Fast forward from Sunday to Tuesday. She’s been told not to touch the cake on the table until she’s eaten her pizza. While I’m cutting up the pizza into miniscule pieces for her sore mouth to be able to handle, she decides to make a grab for said cake. In the process, she leans in a bowl of hot soup and burns her arm. ~head desk~

So we’re about to rush her off to see the nurse at the doctors surgery when my 5 year old sun decides to run away. He runs up a skateboarding ramp and taunts me with ‘you can’t catch me’ from the top.
Red rag to a bull! :mad:
I decide (stupidly in retrospect) to climb the ramp to catch him but as I reach the top, off he goes and he’s legged it out the park and I’m stuck at the top. Its been raining to add to my misery and I decide the best way down is to jump off the side instead of braving the ramp (due to an unfortunate lack of grips on the soles of my shoes. In future I shall not be a cheapskate but shall by the proper brand of boots not some cheap imitation :lol: ).
Anyway, so I jump and just as I jump, I slip and smack my sizeable backside off the concrete edge. OUCH! My feet hit the ground and I slip again but luckily stay standing but have now jarred my entire body.
I then proceed to chase the little blighter for two blocks until the tone of my voice evidently indicated that he should stop in fear of his life (although I was more in fear of mine at that moment).

So we get my daughter to the nurse and some cream, a bandage, a sticker for being good and two chocolate buttons later we drop her off at school. For any mother that would have been enough but someone up there seems to find it funny to give me as many problems in a day as possible.. I swear, you couldn’t write my life for money!

So its been about an hour since the initial run round the block after my son, but I still can’t breathe properly and am getting upset about it. So its back to the doctors about that. I haven’t had a final diagnosis of lupus yet although they seem to think it probably is that. Have to have a facial biopsy done to confirm. But they’re concerned now that my breathing problems could be due to scar tissue on my lungs caused by lupus.
Jolly good! :cry:
Had a chest x-ray that afternoon and don’t get the results for a week. Have to go on 4th March for an ECG and some other breathing test.

I get home and call the doctors about the urine sample I handed in that day. Have been handing in regular samples as I’ve had +1 protein in the last few and they tell me that it had so much protein in it they’ve had to send it away to the lab and that I should call back on Friday for my results.

I knew I should have stayed in bed on Tuesday! Does anyone else have really bad days like that? I could sure use the laugh at someone elses misery for a change!
But hey, if we didn’t laugh then we’d cry, right?!

02-20-2008, 03:12 PM
Oh, I've had some days like that too. One mistake compounds another, which causes yet another problem, which leads to a small disaster. Many times I find myself wishing I could have a face to face chat with Mr. Murphy, and discuss his Law. In the end, you are correct, you have to laugh about it.

02-20-2008, 03:48 PM
Numpty (Claire, I think it is?),
Okay. I will try to give you a funny/bad day to laugh about. Laugh is all I can do at this time (2 years later), although on that day, I probably felt like you do today.
I got a call the day before I was set to move to a new apartment that I was not going to be able to move in. Complicated mix-up on the apartment, but suffice it to say, it was no longer available. The apartment I was in was rented, and I had to leave, so I scrambled to find another apartment - not easy with a cat, a dog, and two children (many apartments will not allow one or the other). After 4 hours on the phone, found one, ran up there, paid deposits, etc. Then proceded to change the information with the moving company. Unfortunately, any change made at the last minute (even though I thought it was not that big a deal to change the destination of the move by a couple of miles!), caused a cancellation of the move and re-schedule. I decided to just cancel and move myself (bad idea). Unfortunately, it was a holiday weekend, and it was all but impossible to find any Do-It-Yourself moving trucks. I finally found ONE truck at one location, available for one day. It happened to be huge and standard (big stick shift).
I thought I was managing a crisis pretty well. I called a local labor service to "rent" 6 people to pack up and move me. None of them could drive the truck (only I was insured to do so), but they could do all the heavy work. The "move day" began at dawn for me, packing what I could to get things started then running to the hospital for an IV infusion, and back home to meet my "movers." When they arrived, I found that only one spoke English, and his was sketchy. That made giving directions rather difficult. The day was tedious, and I was quite ill, the puppy got stepped on, yelping like crazy, etc., but we actually got 90% of my family's belongings moved (thrown in is more like it - picture being moved by the 6 stooges and one histerical woman!). It was 11 pm, the truck had to be returned and I had to be at the hospital at midnight for another infusion (I was getting them every six hours, so I had two during this crazy day that I didn't even mention). I was exhausted from driving this old clunker with the 3 foot (1 meter) long stick shift, having to tip-toe to reach the clutch and gas - the seat would not budge from the far back extended position. The girl riding with me spoke no English. Her eyes were as big as saucers as I drove, but I could not comfort her. We got to the place to return the truck - thank God! I threw the keys through the mail slot in the door, turned around to walk to the car (of the nice people who were helping me - they agreed to follow me and drive me home), tripped over a cement parking stopper, hit the pavement with a bang! Knee bone visable through the gushing blood. Nothing in their car to staunch the blood flow but dirty napkins. Oh, well. Then my 3 year old sees the blood and begins to scream.
Got home. Went in and did a quick wash off of dirt and blood. Wiped baby's face, gave him some juice and looked for my grown son to take over, so I could go to the hospital. He was drunk. Told me he had had a "rough day" and needed to unwind. Ha! So, pack up three-year old and head to hospital. Arrive at IV center, and nurse nearly faints when she sees me. Scolds me over and over of need to be in Emergency for the knee. I agree, but tell her I am just too exhausted. She kindly starts my IV infusion then proceeds to clean my knee wound and dress it properly. My child and I fall asleep in the recliner (where we lay for our infusions).
Can't recall a day that caused me more crises than that, but looking back, I realize that God knows what we have inside, and, all in all, I feel like I managed a crazy, unpredictable day and set of situations as well as could have been. I am amazed that I survived. I know you did well in your situation, too, and one day, you will be able to look back and laugh at this day.
I hope my scenario created some funny scenes for you. Had I not been living it, I would have seen the humor, even then.


02-20-2008, 03:52 PM
Wow, Numpty...that's more trouble than most folks have in a month. :cry: You're a great story teller, you know...and you're right...no one could write that stuff for money! So sorry it all piled on at once. But, look at the bright side: maybe you've had your share for a while and things will be quiet for a bit. It COULD happen, right?

Keep us posted on your lab results. Hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day!


02-20-2008, 04:07 PM
Actually, your story created a few hilarious scenes. Like, being moved by the three stooges...movers who don't speak English....your passenger's eyes as big as saucers.
I know, at the time, that it was a horrendous day. But, the re-telling was hilarious; Fainting and screaming and yelping!! Actually, you should submit that story to one of the sitcoms on television. I can see that it would really make a side splitting half-hour! Give it some thought!!

Laughing Out Loud

I know for you, also, at the time none of this was funny. Hopefully your son has given up 'running away' and oh, your poor little angel's face and elbow. I'm telling you, both stories would make great sitcom fodder!!

I hope that you both have nothing but wonderful and blessed days for many days to come!

Peace and Blessings

02-20-2008, 04:14 PM
Oh good heavens you two, Numpty and Suzique...

The only words I have is ...maybe it is better to be one day of hells than a week of accumulated events. One day done...Seven days, one by one...torture...

I think I would have tossed myself on the ground and sobbed till I passed out.


sick n tired
02-20-2008, 04:15 PM

hugs....squeeze...hugs...squeeze...Somedays all you need is to be hugged. You are right that does sound like a day that needed not to happen.

I think that I have been living in the run-away-days with you. Mine are different because my kids are older than yours. I did have a son who within a month scalded his arm by climbing up to "check" the soup, split open his toe and jerked the nail off by going into the garage and pulling the bicycle onto himself, cut open his head by climbing onto the slide before old enough and falling off....the same month I had delivered the 7th child, hubby was out of town the first week of her life...my accident prone son of 2 yrs old had figured out how to get the garage open and pushed the lawn mower up the hill of our street. Was brought home then escaped to push the edger up there. By then I figured out how to turn off the garage opener by unplugging from the roof. All the above while hubby was out of town...I can now laugh about...shaky laugh...but still laugh.

What I mean by all of this is I can really sympathise with you. Now the kids are old enough to get into other kinds of trouble. Two weeks ago we got a call from a "friend" of our 18 yr old son who told us that he was trying marijuana. whilst trying to figure out what our approach would be with him we got a call from the principle to inform us that our 16 yr old( the one from above) was going to be suspended for things that he had said to a girl.(leave me alone or else is a threat) At least most has been straightened out now except I lost a friend(girl's mother) but it is calmer around here. Not sure if there will be any chuckles about this, though.

Suzique, I think that the three stooges moved us 5 years ago then decided to leave Texas and come your way. I agree it is nice to be able to look back and laugh later.

So here's to uneventful, painfree, kids helping us days......


Pretti in Pink
02-20-2008, 06:52 PM

I don't think Ihave any stories to match these unless I have buried them in my subconscious (LOL) but all I can say is, WHAT A WOMAN (really WOMEN).

02-20-2008, 07:03 PM
Suzique and Karen - you share the award (with Numpty) for incredible - truth is stranger than fiction - stories! My oh my...I don't know how I would've handled any of those experiences. We raised two boys and I spent many a sleepless night on their account - but I have NO stories to compare with yours. I agree with Saysusie - some of what you've shared is hilarious...now...not then. :lol: