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02-17-2008, 08:41 AM
I had something funny happen to me yesterday. I was at the local general store, which is also the post office, to ship off a couple of packages. I was filling out the shipping labels and forms, and was having a tough time with it. The "Fog" has been rather bad this weekend. The lady behind the counter asked if I was ok, I just passingly said I have trouble spelling sometimes. So I finally finish, and I'm walking out to my car when the lady behind the counter follows me and asks to talk. She pulls a card from her wallet with a phone# for "Literacy Volunteers", and says they might be able to help me with my "problem". Now, in Northern Maine, illiteracy is a sad fact of life, so this was not an unusual gesture on her part. I opened my wallet, and I'll be darned, my old Literacy Volunteers card was still buried in there. You see, I used to work part time for the organization tutoring people, and I am a voracious reader and writer. I explained to her that I have Lupus, and Cognitive Dysfunction "Fog" is a fairly common occurence. So then she says "Lupus? But You're A...." a 6'1" 220 pound man, I say. Well by now, this poor woman was blushing in embarassment, and then we both broke into a fit of laughter. She knew a bit about Lupus, but not about the fog, or that men can have Lupus too. I assured her that no apology was necessary, and to keep handing out the phone# for Literacy Volunteers. She gives me this huge hug, and runs back into the store to tend to the growing line of customers waiting. A year ago, I probably would have been hurt/angry over this. But now, I can see that she was trying to help me, even though she didn't know what the actual problem was. She was really nice, and it felt good to laugh.

02-17-2008, 09:15 AM
:lol: I think that's great! I read an earlier post you made about isolation...sounds like you've made a connection in your town! She learned that males can have lupus too and you didn't make her feel like an idiot, plus you met someone in your area who is nice and concerned for others. Win win situation.

I'm a terrible speller...always have been and I'm much worse when the brain fog kicks in. There are days I'm so spaced I cant remember how to put my socks on. It's okay to laugh about it here...but out there it could mean my job. :( There are alot of folks who dont understand.

02-17-2008, 11:49 AM
OO im glad someone else has moments like that to laugh at. I work for a major theme park as an improv actor in the morning we all are in the trailor getting ready and to function gotta have the coffee. So my friend who i will be working directly with is watching this whole thing. I get my cup go to pour the coffee then go ooo yea cream but our side is out so i go to get the kind i like and get stoped in conversation, forgot what i was doing and go to repour a cup of coffee then think ooo yea creamer open the refridge and remember we dont have any of the good creamer. So I start my walk talking to myself this time "creamer, creamer, creamer, creamer" i make it to the other side of the trailor and i get stoped again.... i forget again the go to pour coffee there but there isnt any (the youngins dont drink it lol) and i remember CREAMER!!! so i get 3 and put them in my cup closed then im talked to again. and i forget look down at my cup and go ooo yea CREAMER i look and i have some. COFFEE then start talking to myself again "coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee" i make it back and someone else wants to talk to me. I forget completely even with the cup in my hand and i look at my friend with the lost look on my face and he says nicely with a chuckle (from having watched all of this and knowing the story) coffee sweetie.... ooo yea COFFEE. I finally get my coffee.... i look like a true blonde there (having blonde hair doesnt help at all LOL) all i could do was laugh after i had my coffee. I guess i fit in as an excrentic actor!

02-17-2008, 01:12 PM
I know exactly what you mean jesseyleigh! Your job sounds interesting. Eccentric is word I've had applied to me more than a few times. I wear that label with pride. Sometimes when I'm driving, I suddenly forget how to shift, it's the darndest thing. Been driving the same vehicle for years, yet sometimes I just draw a blank. I used to be a pilot many years ago, and I've considered maybe trying to re-new my license, but I'm afraid I'd get up there and forget how to land! Oh well, safer, more earthbound hobbies are the way to go at this point in my life.

02-17-2008, 03:11 PM
Thanks, Rob and Jesseyleigh...your posts made me laugh!! We ALL have the 'fogs' from time to time, and you're right - you've just gotta' laugh.

Rob, the lady in your general store sounds like a 'keeper' - add her to your 'new-found friends' list. :D Jody

02-17-2008, 04:09 PM
:lol: Oh man do I resemble these posts!

We all get lupie fogged now and again. Sometimes more NOW than "again..."

Someone (Oluwa?) posted a website a while back for puzzles. I'm going to go find it - and add anothr link to it.

Playing mind games helps me a bit - keeps the fog at bay sometimes. If I can't find the original post, I'll start a new one.....shortly! :lol:

02-17-2008, 05:42 PM
What a great experience to share with us....thanks for making my day!!
It's great to have you here, Rob.

Much love,

02-18-2008, 12:41 AM
Hi Rob,

You are soo not alone with the fog. I once put the peanut butter in the fridge and the jelly in the cabinet.

I laughed; it sounds like you are getting about. This is good; maybe a trip to the post office or library once or twice a week??

Take care,


02-18-2008, 07:25 PM
Whenever I feel badly about being such a fog-head, I remember Edith. Edith worked in the same office as me many years ago. One morning, Edith came in to work and went straight downstairs to her office, which she shared with another woman. I heard the other woman screech: "EDITH!!! What in the world....!!" We all ran downstairs and there was Edith, standing in the middle of the room, her long trenchcoat (which she had just taken off) in her hand, dressed in a pretty blouse, a vest, and a pair of pantyhose - no skirt or pants! She had driven all the way into the office that way and wondered why she was so chilly! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: It was a good thing she didn't get in an accident - it would've been soooo embarrassing to explain the lack of pants to a police officer! :oops: Now THAT'S really brain-fog!

02-18-2008, 07:51 PM
Oh, Jody..

That is way too funny. I held my hand over my mouth and roared...chilly....

Thank you for the blood rush to my tummy, feels good now even if Gerdie is in there.


02-18-2008, 07:56 PM
Hey mnjodette,

That's hilarious. Now that, is SERIOUS fog. Wow. One morning I was in the bathroom to brush my teeth. I put the toothpaste on the brush and started brushing away. But, there was a problem. The tube I thought was toothpaste, was actually Preparation-H. Now toothpaste, and Prep-H are both useful products, but they are hardly interchangable. My visiting Father hears the spitting and YUCK sounds coming from the bathroom, so he comes to investigate. I show him my mix-up, and he's trying to keep his composure, when he says- "Look at the bright side, at least you didn't mix up your toothbrush and the toilet brush!" . We fall down laughing. I'll always be famous for that one.

02-18-2008, 09:10 PM
Either you would have a large grill or a small toilet...

02-19-2008, 10:03 AM
This thread gives me the biggest belly laugh every time I read it! These stories are hilarious!!! I'm loving this :lol:


02-20-2008, 03:25 PM
Rob, that's just a riot! Since Prep. H is supposed to 'shrink" things, you could've ended up with one 'puckered puss!'


sick n tired
02-20-2008, 04:26 PM
This thread has made my day. Thank you all....

Rob, How great that you were able to take that in stride. The best part is that there is someone who now understands the fog that didn't before and knows that men can get this, too. You and Jody made me laugh. that has not happened for a while. So Kudos to you both.

Jody, I will remember Edith for a long time. :lol:

Still chuckling,


Pretti in Pink
02-20-2008, 06:54 PM

I have had dreams like that and I hope that is not a sign of what's to come :oops: