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02-04-2008, 09:21 PM
Can auto-immune diseases cause other problems for skin than just rashes? See, being native american, I was blessed with soft golden brown skin that tanned so easily. Also I was extremely blessed and never sun burned, even if at the beach all day. Soon after all my joint problems began, I noticed my skin changing. Now my skin's pale, very dry (especially my shins and face), tough (even nurses complain about drawing blood), gets red tints instead of the old golden tints, itches and doesn't tan or hold much color long when I do get a little color. I didn't know if it could be this, or is this just a problem that comes with age (I'm 34). Is there any way to get some of this back? I know not the tanning, but what about the softness and moister. Will the dryness and toughness go away, I use creams and lotions. Something more can I do to help? Thanks in advance. :P

02-04-2008, 11:30 PM
Don't have any idea if it is specifically the Lupus, but my rheumy sent me to a derm guy for some of the things you mentioned. My skin has changed color and texture, become very dry, and I have tiny broken blood vessels all over - down my cheeks to my neck, on the backs of my hands, etc. - weird things that I have never heard mentioned, unitl you did. The dermatologist told me that the dry, coarse skin was due to the prednisone. He recommended using vasoline or baby oil on my feet and hands and wrapping them in socks before bedtime. I get hard, calloused areas on both my fingers and my toes, and my heels that crack, bleed and hurt. And I am not doing any activities to earn them! So I faithfully do anything I can to provide and hold in moisture. Never go around barefoot, always use gloves when doing any sort of work (water type, particularly), and I use a lot of baby oil after bath on my arms and legs. There are also good lotions that contain baby oil and other wonderful ingredients, but I am on a budget. The discolorations and the broken blood vessels are probably Lupus, itself, according to my rheumy, but he doesn't have other patients with quite the weird skin symptoms that I have, so I don't think he is even sure. haha Yours sounds a lot like mine, though.
Hope you find the answers you are looking for. I (and others, I feel sure) will always listen to you air your frustrations with it.


02-05-2008, 06:23 AM
I have the broken blood vessels all down both my legs. Its why I don't wear shorts any more. I don't take predisone though, so I don't think meds is causing mine. I also sun burn now, thats a new feeling for me. Last year was the first time, wow, I feel so sorry for people who burn easy. It hurt so much. My docs unsure why my skins changing, so not much help unfortunately. I didn't know that they had skin products with baby oil in them, have to try that. Thanks, once again I feel better knowing others too have had this problems. Sorry though that you too have this problem, hope you get some relief too. :smilecolros:

02-05-2008, 06:34 AM
Oh yeah forgot, I have severe dry cracked and bleeding heels too. If you find relief for that, please let me know. I hate the discomfort and pain it causes. I live in my socks now, trying to keep them covered at all times. Lotioned with foot cream too, wow the prices on some of these! Who can afford all these skin products? Not me, lol. Take care, once again may you get relief too. :D

02-05-2008, 04:38 PM
HI Cheryl,

Hey do you have Sjogren's Syndrome...that could be contributing to your dry skin and cracked heels. I have SS and those symptoms. I also have Lupus.

For the heels...There is a a tool called Credo, which can be purchased at a public beauty supply store. You can use that to remove the dead skin off your heels. Careful, it is a razor type tool and do it it wet, damp dried heels. Please be careful if you opt for this....Or...

The have pumice stones at the drug stores....and they have a file type gadet, flat to file the skin off. Both can be a long process to acheive softer heels. I do the Credo. Then I suave Vermonts Original Bag Balm on them...Sold in high end department stores, but I think I saw it in CVS or Walgreens too...

I also use a pumice stone when in the shower to keep the dry heels at bay. Always massage the Bag Balm after washing. When I don't the thickening starts. When around the house wear socks...

Don't ever have a pedicure...your heels sound too cracked, potential for fungi to bred.

For the skin, I would suggest Keri Lotion for Extra Dry skin and adjust as your skin becomes softer, Like Johnsons Baby Lotion....other products the molecules are so large they can't penetrate the skin, giving a false sense of being moisturized. The Bag Balm has big molecules, but the skin on the feet is different...

Also what type of soaps do you use? Are they strong, harsh like Dial, Palmolive...and etc. If so, look for products like Dove, Olay of Olay...Tone and Cetaphil. Cetaphil comes in bar and liquid form. I use Johnson and Johnson General Cleanser.

I also read along my trails, skin pigment changes associated with Lupus.

I also have broken capillaries, red dots on my skin...here and there, speckled from eyes to calves.

I have olive skin and today I look paste white. I never burned, loved the sun too.

And there you have it...my regime...Hope you find a recipe that works Cheryl.

Be well,

02-05-2008, 07:06 PM
Cheryl, I have Sjogren's Syndrome too, but my doctor said that what probably also contributes to making my hands (and feet) so dry is Raynauds. My fingers are so dry in the winter, and even in the summer when it's quite humid here. I keep super glue handy to glue serious splits in my fingertips (a tip my fire-fighter brother and nurse son gave me.) I use a paraffin bath for my hands (works for feet, too.) Bought it on Amazon pretty cheap. It helps to soften the skin. Oluwa's advice about pumice stones, and big emory 'paddles' for your heels is good - I use them in the shower, along with a good moisturizing foot scrub with pumice in it (I use Body Shop brand, but there are lots of others.) I don't touch water without gloves on - I keep a pair in the kitchen and in all the bathrooms. Absolutely NO cleaning without gloves. And I put a heavy cream on my hands before I put the gloves on - helps to soften them up while I'm cleaning. When my feet get dry and cracked I put gooey gobs of a good foot cream on at night and then put white cotton socks on (not very sexy, but....) Hope some of these ideas ease your symptoms.


02-06-2008, 09:47 AM
Try vanicream ! it works great. completley alergy free, you have to ask for it at the pharmacy it is behind the counter.

02-06-2008, 07:47 PM
Vanicream is great! I just saw it in Walgreens earlier today - not behind the counter, but with the other skin treatment creams. Be sure you get the cream, though, and not the lotion version of the stuff.

02-06-2008, 09:21 PM
Thanks everyone, I wrote the names of the stuff down in my tablet and put it in my purse. I always wash with dove soap and fragrent body washes, and lotion face daily. Body wise, I try to every day with lotions or creams. I have a puma stone I use almost every time I shower, but yes its a long process for getting results. My heels are stubborn, as well as side of big toes. The skin stays thick almost all the time, bleeds from the cracks if rub to long or hard. My shins always stay chapped, even right after lotioning. Although now I will pay more attenttion and get ones with smaller molecules, thanks Oluwa. Everyones advice seems so good to try, can't wait to try them out and find relief. Thanks again for sharing your problems and advice with me, its been realy helpful. :D