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01-31-2008, 11:21 PM
So starting on tuesday evening i had a migraine, continuing to wednesday, my brain just felt "sore" like a muscle that had been worked to hard. On wednesday night i took an ambien and went to bed. Usually nothing can wake me up when i take ambien, but i woke up at 1am with the worst headache i've ever had. i took some ibuprofen but it was like eating candy, it did NOTHING for the pain. so i woke my boyfriend and we went to the ER.
Most of the first couple hours in the er are a blur to me cause the ambien was still strong, i just remember being in pain and wanting to throw up. they gave me some toradol and morphine to help the pain. they wanted to make sure that there wasn't something in my brain causing the pain, so they did a CT and everything came out ok. then the doc tells me that he wants to do a lumbar puncture (aka a spinal tap). I had one before and it wasn't so bad. i was still nervous, but i went through with it.
heres where it goes sour. the doc could not get past my bone. he did about 20 attempts, through about 9 holes... (i took a picture and counted when i got home). he never could get through to the fluid, and he said that it could be because of the lupus that he couldn't get through to the fluid? i have to say that i was a DREAM patient, i didn't complain or cry or anything, even when the lydocain wore off and i felt the needle go directly into my spine. i was just wondering if anyone had been through this before, any advice for controlling migraines or if they've ever experienced trouble w/ lumbar punctures. i don't want to go through this again. i also still have the "sore" headache feeling after two treatments of toradol and two of morphine. (someone asked me how i walked out of the place on my own and i said, "just fine, it didn't feel like i had any drugs at all.) Advice anyone? Please? :?

02-01-2008, 01:09 AM
Have you tried magnesium and b2 those were the first things that i was put on when i went to a migraine specialist... some swear by topamax but i was a test patient for it and my body has never recovered