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01-29-2008, 07:41 AM
I was diagnosed about a month or so ago. I am still in some sort of denial or disbelief. Anyway, I woke up Saturday morning and my eyes were swollen shut. I self treated w/Benadryl, ice, and on Sunday they were worse. I went to my primary's office and saw a nurse practitioner, who thought that it was not part of my Lupus. She gave me ointment which took the swelling and purple down. This was yesterday. This morning the swelling is back again and my glands are swollen in my neck.

Question, am I being a big baby, or should I contact my Lupus specialist? I thought that I had a reaction to some fairly new mascara. I just do not want a full blown flare. I also do not want to waist my time or my specialist's time if it is a reaction to mascara.

Some of you are pros at spotting flares and I am not. What do you think? I do not want to become a hypochondriac.

Any replies would be of great assistance.

Thank you,

01-29-2008, 10:14 AM
Do you have a rash with your swelling? If so, this could be a result of Lupus. Generally, if it is lupus, the swelling is seen around the eyes with a rash. If not, it may be due to some sort of infection, and we are susceptible to infections.
Lupus is a connective tissue disease. You lymph node is a small, round or bean-shaped cluster of cells covered by a capsule of connective tissue. Lupus causes inflammation and often, this inflammation occurs in the lymph node. Lymphadenitis means inflammation of the lymph nodes. If a lymph node is overwhelmed by invading material, it may enlarge to 1 centimeter (cm) or more and become inflamed. In general, swollen lymph nodes that you can feel (palpate), such as the ones in your neck, are likely to be tender and painful. In addition, you may have the following signs and symptoms, depending on the cause of your swollen lymph nodes:
* Runny nose, sore throat, fever and other indications of an upper respiratory infection
* General swelling of lymph nodes throughout your body, indicative of infections such as HIV or mononucleosis, an infection of the glands, or immune disorders, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis
* Red, inflamed skin over the swollen lymph node
* Swollen limb, possibly indicating lymph system blockage caused by swelling in a lymph node too far under your skin to feel
* Hardened, fixed, rapidly growing nodes, possibly indicating a tumor (rare)

Whatever the case, it is probably a good idea for you to mention it to your rheumatologist, especially if the cream you were given is not being effective and especially with the swollen glands in your neck.

Peace and Blessings

01-31-2008, 10:01 AM
Thank You for your response.

My guess is that I am allergic to something which has switched my immune system in hyper mode. I do have swollen glands and felt like I was coming down with a cold. It hurt to swallow. I appear to be coming out of it by using the ointment w.a small amount of hydrocordosone in it as well as Benadryl. I am going back on Singulair and Zyrtec for allergies. Apparently, my allergies that had subsided are coming back with a vengeance.

I did not have a rash on my face, just around my eyes. It was not pink eye, but some kind of reaction. I am starting to feel better, less flu like. When I have an allergic reaction, it really kicks my butt. I have no energy and a fogged brain, then I get depressed. Fortunately, I am doing better.


02-10-2008, 10:25 AM
I am so happy that you are doing better :lol: It has been about 2 weeks since your last post. Are you still improving?

Peace and Blessings

02-11-2008, 06:56 AM
Hi everyone,

I can't seem to get better. I thought I was then the fever. It went away and now I have a fever of 101. I usually run on average of 97.8. I guess I have to call the specialist. My cough is keeping me up at night and I seem to have bronchial spasms.

Yuck I feel lousy,

02-11-2008, 03:55 PM
I am so sorry that you are not getting better :cry:
Lupus is an inflammatory disease and the inflammatory process is commonly associated with elevated temperature. The official definition of a fever is 99.6F or greater (healthy people have 98.6F as a normal temperature). Many lupus patients chronically run temperatures one to two degrees above normal without any symptoms (99.6 - 100.6).
Fever is often one of the early signs of lupus and, as I mentioned above, is chronic with us and occurs quite frequently. Our fever can be caused by an infection due to a complication of our lupus,or, more commonly, by an urinary tract infection, or a respiratory infection; inflammation of an organ such as the heart (pericarditis), or the lungs (pleurisy) can also contribute to our chronic fever.
Also, we are more vulnerable to certain infections than are other people without lupus. In addition, we are more prone to infection when we are taking any immunosuppressive drugs for our lupus.
Your temperature seems to be new or higher than normal for you, this could be a sign of a developing infection or a lupus flare. Dont hesitate to call your doctor, especially since your are not feeling well, particularly if you are taking aspirin, NSAIDs, or a corticosteroid. Signs of infection other than a fever include unusual pain, cramping or swelling, a headache with neck stiffness, cold or flu symptoms, trouble breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or changes in urine or stool. If you are also feeling any of these, contact your doctor right away.

I wish you the very best, please keep us posted!
Peace and Blessings

02-13-2008, 02:35 PM
Ann Marie,

Have you found out what your swollen eyes are? That is my problem also. I keep thinking I have become allergic to my moisture cream, cleanser, etc. but I look horrible and feel horrible. I see my doctor next week and need to find out if it is due to my newly-diagosed lupus.


02-27-2008, 01:08 PM
Ann Marie, Joan..

Could it be this...periorbital edema? Upon awakening from sleeping, patients can have swelling around the eyes....

I was searching about why my whole body swelling, with fluid and I recalled a topic, yours about facial swollening...

I also read Naproxen can cause edema...still finding my cause. I am, try to be a self diagnoser, then I make an appointment....

Hope you find your wellness...

04-09-2008, 05:01 AM
Hi Folks,
My specialist informed which was quite some time ago, that the swollen itchy eyes, should be treated as conjunctivitis. It is one of the odd things that happen to people w/auto immune disorders.

Sorry it took so long to answer. I just noticed the post way down the bottom of the page. The ointment that was given to me helped me immensely. Unlike conjunctivitis, you only put it around the eye in the affected areas. Since I have markers for 3 disorders, "good word, disorder", one being Sjordrens, this is suppose to be fairly common.

Since being treated for this "disorder(s)", I never know what is next on the menu of problems. I can, however tell you that I got quick relief form the conjunctivas ointment. If it happens to you again, try to get it, perhaps you will have the same benefits from the med. that I had.

Thanks all,

04-09-2008, 03:51 PM
I'm glad that you are getting relief and that the ointment worked. You are right about never knowing what's around the corner. We just do all that we can to avoid getting sicker and managing where we are now.

Glad you're doing better!
Peace and Blessings