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01-24-2008, 11:32 AM
ANY advice on filling out long-term disability claims? I have been on short-term disability (which I am extremely thankful the company I work [worked?] for has), but my SLE is still flaring and I still can not go back to work.

The forms ask about my symptoms, when they began, etc, which I can answer easily enough (vomiting, nausea, migraines, muscle pain, muscle weakness, joint pain, fatigue, etc). But, things like - when I expect to go back to work.. I don't know. I hope soon, but how to know this? And what is best way to answer this? How might my answers affect the outcome of my claim? Also, the question - why am I unable to work? I'm too ill, how else can I answer that one?

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. The HR person at the company I work at made it sound like long-term disability may be difficult to get...

01-25-2008, 12:45 AM
Peilan -

I don't have any advice, but am going through similar struggles myself. I have an aunt who was on long term disability for almost twenty years so I get advice from her, but I did want to say you might want to consult your physician. They can often give great advice about filling out the forms because they didn't used to be electronically available.

I know that a lot of people have difficulty getting long term disability, but I have a friend who was on short term and moving to long term was an absolute cinch for her. She was approved immediately!

Good luck!

01-25-2008, 10:56 AM
Parts of the form will need to be filled out by your physician, if this is a "typical" claim form.

On your part - be honest. You don't know when you can return, just state "unknown." You're not dealing with a broken leg that the doc says will need 6 months rehab. Lupus and other autoimmune conditions are unpredictable. It could be you'll be off 6 months and then return with a smile on your face. it could be that, like our librarian's aunt, you'll be off a longer period of time.

After granting your leave (LTD is easier to get than Social Security Disability so I'm being positive!) the company will probably have you recertify every so often - possibly every couple months at first, then if your condition keeps you away from work for a longer period, they'll probably switch to yearly.

At some point, they may require you to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance - remember that the guidelines for SSDI are FAR more stringent than for long term disability.

Best wishes, and hope you'll get approved so you can get the rest you need - AND get back to work in a few months if that's your goal!