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01-21-2008, 06:13 AM
Does Lupus give a person back pain? For two weeks now I have had constant low back pain, enough to keep me awake at night. I have the pain if I stand, sit , bend or lay down.

I just keep taking Advil or asprinin to dull the pain but it seems to never totally go away.

I am thinking that it could be arthritis.

I was trying to avoid a trip to the doctor

I have always had pain in my hip, ankles, wrists, knees and muscles but not the back. It is not pleasant and is making me depressed.


01-21-2008, 07:16 AM
Hi Mary,

Back pain, isn't it something awful. A pain I know well. It does wear the spirit out.

Is it from Lupus? Unsure. For me, mine is from being herniated. Three disks, three surgeries. Two lumbar and one cervical spine with hardware (titanium plates). My discs are drying up....

I would see a doctor. It could be anything. Pulled muscle, herniated disk, spine out of alignment, weak skeletal muscles. MRI, CT-SCAN and as something as little as a reflex hammer can tell alot.....

Had you injured yourself, slept crooked...lifted incorrectly. Where it hurts and if it radiates can determine what the cause is. Numbness, weakness in other areas?

Have you tried hot and cold therapy?
Staying in bed too long weakens the back muscles and can impair them further.

If it is in the lumbar have you tried putting pilows behind your knees to give you a neutral spine?

Cevica spinel, a pillow just for your neck?


Maybe....Try an ibuprophen if able to use for inflammation.

Something funny, after my lumbar surgeries my sciatic nerve remained damage leaving my right cheek oh about a half of a handful smaller. Looks deflated in the wrong kind of jeans...

Now make that call to the doctor, so you don't have this unnecessary worrying and pain, wondering what it is, Mary.
Let me know what the doctor says....

01-21-2008, 11:09 AM
Thank you Oluwa. I see the doctor later today.

I do not recall doing anything to the back but it just started hurting one day about two weeks ago.

I went off of my Plaquinal about one month ago so maybe that could be part of the problem.

I will soon find out. Thank you for the advice.

01-21-2008, 09:41 PM
Hi Johnniebopp,

I am sorry to hear you are having low back pain. Do you have pain in the upper back and neck? Any shooting pains down your low back to buttocks?

Once you have one autoimmune disease, especially Lupus, you will have a tendency to gain another (60%). I would ask your doctor if it is possibly Fibromyalgia?

Mine started out in the low back, moved to upper back and neck, sometimes pain shooting from low back to buttocks. Hot baths help temporarily, but do not remove the pain. If I have to drive a couple of hours to a dr's appt and back, low back pain is really bad. :oops:

If it is Fibromyalgia, most doctors prescribe a muscle relaxant, Flexeril, 10 mg. I cut the pill in half and take it at 7:00 and take the remainder at 8:30; it helps relax the muscles in your body and also puts you to sleep. I am not a doctor so I don't know if that is what it is or not, though I would definately talk to the rhuemy abou it.

Please update us and I hope you feel better soon.

Take care,

Faith 8)

01-22-2008, 06:45 AM
Hello friends,
Dr said that I might have a herniated disk. She gave me pain meds (Ultram) which I am not wanting to take. To me if you cover up the pain before you know what is causing it, then perhaphs you will do more harm to the area involved by overusing it.

She also gave Lodicane patches to try.

I have SLE and Fibromyalgia.

After blood work and urine test, if I still hurt then an mri.

mary :cry:

01-22-2008, 10:26 PM
Hi Johnniebopp,

I really hope you don't have a herniated disc. Have you had the MRI yet? Could it possibly be Fibromyalgia? Do you take any muscle relaxants? Just curious. Please keep us updated, and I hope you feel better soon.

Take care,

Faith 8)

sick n tired
01-22-2008, 11:21 PM
Hi Johnniebopp,

So you have already been diagnosed with sle and fibro. My goodness, if it is a herniated disk on top of fibro. I can only imaging what the pain is like.
the Lidocaine patches are nice, I understand what you are saying about the masking of pain, in most cases I agree. Just make sure that you get signed up for mri and any other test to tell what it is.

I really hope that you can find a good position, tonight and the patches afford you some relief.

Let us know what the doc says about further testing,